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By: Francis Rose

Veteran host Francis Rose gives Federal government decision-makers news and information about management, workforce, IT, and acquisition, to help those leaders do their jobs better.

4/10/24: Budget liftoff for fiscal ’25; the people problems for the sea services; binding the Navy and Marine Corps together from the top
Last Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Today, a special program. Monday I hosted the Chiefs Panel, the opening event of the Sea Air Space conference. My thanks to the Navy League of the United States, the hosts of Sea Air Space, for inviting me to moderate the Chiefs Panel. You’ll hear that event on the program today, with the Chief of Naval Operations… Admiral Lisa Franchetti; the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Christopher Mahoney; the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Linda Fagan; and the Administrator of the Maritime Administration, Rear Admiral Ann Phillips (USN ret.)

The first question I as...

4/3/24: The secret to success for shared services might be semantic; a supply chain solution for the heart of warfighting systems; the next key to your TSP could be on your person

The President’s Management Agenda doesn’t include an explicit mention of shared services. But one leader says there are plenty of references that imply agencies should use shared services. Chad Clifford is Executive Director of the Grants Quality Service Management Office at the Department of Health and Human Services. At ACT-IAC’s Shared Services Summit at the Carahsoft Conference Center in Reston recently, he tells me why he thinks that is.

Eight hubs around the country will be the buildi...

3/27/24: The Pentagon’s strategy to become a cyber employer of choice; making your agency’s efforts “human by design”; DIU’s evolution hits a milestone

Accenture Federal Services sponsors this edition of the Fed Gov Today podcast.

The Defense Department says its Cyber Workforce Framework will be a key tool in developing the team that will implement the department’s cyber strategy. That framework comes out of a directive called 8140.01. Matthew Isnor is Program Lead for Cyberspace Workforce Development in the office of the Chief Information Officer at the Department of Defense. At West 2024 recently, he says the goal is to make the Defense Department an employer of choice, and he tells me how the department will do it.

3/20/24: A new cloud trio from ONI; the road ahead for America’s Warfighting Navy; securing space today and tomorrow

The Navy League sponsors this edition of the Fed Gov Today podcast.

The Office of Naval Intelligence is delivering three new cloud-based capabilities that it says will “revolutionize the delivery of critical ONI intelligence, data and development tools to the fleet.Zeke Maldonado is Chief Information Officer and Director of Technology and Innovation at the Office of Naval Intelligence. At West 2024 recently, I ask him what the duties are that come with his extra title, and his role in delivering new capabilities.


3/13/24: Smoothing travel turbulence at TSA; a new playbook for the workforce of the future; adding some Fellows to the digital mix at USDA

The Transportation Security Administration is testing touchless ID at several airports across the country. The goal is to make clearing security easier and faster for travelers. Kristin Ruiz is Deputy Chief Information Officer at TSA. At the ACT-IAC Digital Transformation Summit recently, she tells me why the project is a good example of TSA’s approach to digital transformation.

The Office of Personnel Management says its
Workforce of the Future initiative “lays the foundation for the Federal government to be recognized as a model employer.” The newest element of tha...

3/6/24: How to win the digital transformation/customer experience mash-up; the Marine Corps network plan to support the Commandant’s priorities; the dashboard dozen risks for your TSP

Agency leaders tell me the digital transformation efforts they’re undertaking are focused on mission and not just better technology. One mission outcome that’s becoming - or already is - important to agencies is customer experience. Beth Martin is a digital services expert at the Office of Personnel Management. At the ACT-IAC Digital Transformation Summit recently, she tells me how OPM is merging customer experience and digital transformation, both tactically and strategically.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps,
Gen. Eric Smith

2/28/24: 5 deadly sins of digital transformation; a new AI infusion at DHS; digital transformation success includes these key ingredients

The Air Force Research Lab digital transformation strategy has four key components: faster research, streamlined transitions, better decisions, and low-friction business and operations. The leader of that transformation at AFRL says she sees five deadly sins for digital transformation. Alexis Bonnell is CIO and Director of the Digital Capabilities Directorate at AFRL. At the ACT IAC Digital Transformation Summit recently, she tells me what those five deadly sins are.

The Department of Homeland Security will bring more than 50 artificial intelligence experts into

2/21/24: Government can deliver, with the right blueprint; CNO’s 3-pronged priority list; the DIA’s to-do list for ‘24

Government Can Deliver” is a rallying cry of technologists and program leaders all across government. It’s also the title of the new book from the former Chief Information Officer at the IRS and DHS, Richard Spires. My thanks to Richard for the invitation to MC a book signing event at the headquarters of the Partnership For Public Service yesterday. At that event, I ask Richard what prompted him to put the book together and what he wants people to learn from it.

The new Ch...

2/14/24: Taking AI for acquisition government-wide; solving people problems in the acquisition workforce

The General Services Administration is rolling out several artificial intelligence projects to make the jobs of its contracting officers easier. Several of those projects revolve around automating tasks. Jeff Koses is Senior Procurement Executive at GSA. At ACT IAC’s AI Procurement Forum at Carahsoft headquarters in Reston, he says his agency has a lot going on in the acquisition AI space.

The kinds of AI acquisition projects Jeff talked about are  happening all over government. The Office of Federal Procurement Policy keeps tabs on all of those programs. Joanie Newhart is Associate Administrator of Acquisition Wor...

2/7/24: the AI advantage coming for acquisition; innovation ahead for the acquisition workforce

The artificial intelligence executive order the White House released in October calls for agencies to “improve A-I procurement.” Agencies may soon actually start to use AI to do that. Polly Hall is Senior Advisor to the Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. At ACT IAC’s AI Procurement Forum recently at Carahsoft headquarters in Reston, she says the use cases for AI in acquisition are exploding.

The questions at hand for AI in acquisition include both sides of the procur...