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America Out Loud Network © – We are in a war for truth, in a war to fight against propaganda, in a war to defend and advocate for the patient. Nurses Out Loud shine the light toward the darkness.

Unraveling antidepressant’s effects on sexuality
Last Sunday at 2:28 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Exploring the impact of antidepressants, this we delve into the seldom-discussed realm of sexual dysfunction, urging the medical community to prioritize informed consent and holistic patient education. It highlights the critical balance between treating depression and preserving sexual health, advocating for a deeper understanding of medication side effects.

Spike Protein insights, ethical dilemmas, and nebulizer know-how
Last Friday at 3:23 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Join us as we dive into nursing school admissions, unravel the complexities of the spike protein, explore ethical dilemmas, and master nebulizer use. Hosts Nurse Jodi O'Malley and Melissa Schreibfeder guide you through the nursing profession, offering insights for both aspiring and seasoned nurses. Tune in for transformative...

Living with intention, when passion meets purpose
Last Thursday at 3:09 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – In a world facing division and suffering, we explore the sacred duty to heal and unify through compassion, love, and action. Highlighting the journey and conversations with Lance Schuttler of Ascent Nutrition, we delve into the power of intentional living, the transformative role of health and wellness, and the collective shift towards...

Looking at your life: Whatever doesn’t sharpen you dulls you

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – We reflect on our resolutions and the journey through life, I share insights on breaking habits that dull our spirit. Embracing self-reflection, I encourage you to listen to the whispers guiding you towards fulfillment. Let's seek clarity on God's will, pursuing a purposeful existence beyond mere comfort, for growth lies in discomfort...

Beware of the art of deception: Love Bombing!

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – What does love bombing look like? Its other name, flattery, is an accurate description. It is over the top. Excessive. A flood of words, gifts, praise, and promises that looks like the product of a heart truly smitten with romantic love. It can also go by the name of bribery. One who bribes is a person whose “gift” is given to blind the recipient’s eyes, and this is still another aspect of love-bombing...

Nurses revolutionizing to restore trust in healthcare; How to exit the sick care system

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Discover Functional Nurse training program, Remnant Healthcare, and The Truth Movement reshaping healthcare. These pathways empower nurses with critical thinking, allowing them to make impactful differences in lives. By aligning with the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners, we're challenging outdated practices and embracing innovative, value-driven approaches in nursing.

Empowering families, restoring hope: Coping with a PANS/PANDAS diagnosis

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – Unravel the challenges of PANS and PANDAS, disorders that impact a child's behavior and cognitive abilities. Witnessing a sudden transformation in your child can be heartbreaking. As a parent, I share my journey of frustration and confusion, seeking answers for my child's struggles. Discover the financial burdens, lack of support, and emotional toll on families. Despite the challenges...

DEI, Ozempic, Zantac, & dieting alternatives, Q&A

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – We delve into the drawbacks of Ozempic for weight loss and its potential long-term health impacts. We also explore the recent interview by Tucker Carlson with the Florida Surgeon General regarding COVID-19 vaccine concerns. Additionally, we expose pharmaceutical corruption, including the Zantac scandal, and discusses DEI solutions in the workplace. Tune in for these critical health...

Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness: Holistically prevent and recover from heart disease

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Mary Yuter, RN, founder of Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, worked as a cardiac ICU nurse at Bellevue Hospital in New York City for over 13 years. Her Cardiac Wellness Program was created from her study, certifications, clinical knowledge, client beta testing, and medical and holistic doctor endorsements. With Mary, you are not treated like a number; you have built-in coaching...

Alaska Sen Lora Reinbold talks about the long-term impact of battling COVID injustice

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Senator Lora Reinbold of Alaska gained attention when she was banned from Alaska Airlines for repeatedly informing the staff that she had a medical mask exemption regarding the mask mandates during flights. Her bold stance to fight for herself and for the rights of other Alaskans who also had medical and religious accommodations sparked controversy, with Reinbold arguing against the...