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Nutraceutical Benefits of Silver with Dr. Robert Scott Bell
Today at 12:59 AM

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – You would be amazed by the amount of information about healing that is kept secret from you and what you can do to learn more about it! Remember, ‘We don’t have a deficiency in any pharmaceutical drug.” RSB. Based on his knowledge of homeopathy, he learned he could preclude...

Standing Firm! Legal Options to Covid Lies
Last Thursday at 3:12 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – What I witnessed during the pandemic will forever haunt me. I knew I couldn’t remain silent. I did this for all of my patients lost due to these deadly hospital protocols and the complete and total medical mismanagement of Covid-19. Dr. Christiane Northrup and Registered Nurse Gail McRae join me...

Have Drag Queens Replaced Feminists?
Last Wednesday at 7:43 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – Men, biological men, are calling themselves women and assuming womanhood, all from putting on a dress and makeup. They are creating character-like personas of what they believe to be how it is to live and act as a woman. They are entering beauty pageants and women's athletics, and snatching trophies out of the hands of...

As FedNow Rolls Out in July 2023, What’s the Impact on Our Financial Freedom?
Last Tuesday at 9:30 PM

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – With the US banking system experiencing a long-anticipated meltdown, the conspiracy theorists who proposed that the US government was coordinating a multitude of disasters in order to usher in a new Central Bank Digital Currency seem to have been right again!

Hey Christians! I’m Talking to You!
Last Sunday at 5:14 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Three years ago this month, I had a great shaking while I was sitting at the nurse's station in the ER when I learned that the whole world was getting on board with the lockdowns, and fear blanketed this earth overnight. I literally looked up to the heavens and said, “I’m supposed to pay attention to this part, right?”

Even the Airlines Tried To Stop Her; Senator Lora Reinbold Talks About Medical Freedom

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Senator Reinbold was politically targeted and was banned from Alaska Airlines based on a false narrative. For a year, she had to take a ferry down to Washington state, drive to Seattle and take Delta 3.5 hours back to Anchorage or drive 2-3 days thru Alaska and Canada and take a ferry to get to...

Becoming VAERS Aware

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – In less than a year following the initial rollout, there had been more reported deaths in injuries from the COVID shots than from all of the vaccines on the CDC schedule combined over the past 30 years. What is even more frightening about this is the fact that there has been a multitude of...

How Desensitized Have We Become to Government Corruption?

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – The constant efforts to ensnare President Trump have come with relentless force while simultaneously ignoring the blatant corruption on the left. We seem to be so ingrained in the left/right, Republican/Democrat paradigm that we are failing to take a step back and examine corruption as a whole, independent of party...

As Cardiac Arrests and Medical Emergencies Rise, CPR Training Is Vital

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – With the sudden rise in cardiac arrests and medical emergencies, I decided to revisit the effectiveness of CPR and whether or not the average person is prepared to stop and render aid if they witnessed someone in need. My guest today is Shannon Enos, an emergency room nurse...

How to B Happy with Amelia Love

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Amelia's mission is to equip people with the tools to be happy while putting Jesus above it all. She has created a movement with her Sunday church service, Wellness Wednesdays, and Wow Unite Community. Check out her free electronic book "How to B Happy" and join the...

Love, Inspiration & Hope Are Free

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – 1st Female owned media broadcasting network NGC Network. The flagship show "Dr. Nancy Knows" is in its 3rd season. A Champion for CPR it's not just for first responders and medical personnel everyone should be CPR certified. CPR Saves Lives - 1,000 people certified is her target for 2023...

The Dangers of Miralax

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – So many of us really don't pay attention to the toxic load we are putting on ourselves on a daily basis. I'm slowly awakening more and more every day. Today, interestingly enough, I decided to look at the label of the dishwasher detergent I use...what a novel idea?! It contained Polyethylene Glycol...

Lessons Learned From the 3-Year COVID Stain on Humanity

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – The pandemic and the explanation for how and where it started is how we have gotten here. Would we be three years in if the public knew it started in a lab? Would we have asked more questions earlier on? Would we have taken a different position as a collective if we had known the truth from the onset?

Arizona School District Violates Christian’s Rights To Appease the LGBTQ Movement

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – The school board members believe Christian values are a danger to the LGBTQ student population and staff in the district. This assault on the religious community is one of many attacks on Christians occurring across the country. As a Christian, I want to push back against this movement...

‘Just Think’ …A Life Without Tribalism

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – In a world where social media is becoming increasingly influential, it can be hard to find a platform to share meaningful conversations. Three friends, who came from different political backgrounds, had a common goal - to bridge the gap between their political differences and get to the truth...

A Nurses’ COVID Preparedness Basket

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Is it any wonder, so many people are now struggling with Long Haul Covid Syndrome? Failing to provide replication-impeding treatment modalities during the replication phase, has left us with a population of COVID-injured people. But, it did not have to be so. If only our public health authorities had provided...

Remdesivir, Ventilator, Death, Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – These patients didn’t die from a disease, and they didn’t die from a virus. These patients died from the complete and total medical mismanagement of COVID-19 or perhaps from something far more sinister than that. During this episode, I was joined by Dwayne Downes...

$250K Recruiting Bonus for Military Nurses & Is Dr. Malone a Friend or Foe?

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – The US Military is actively recruiting nurses through a mailing campaign that entices the reader to join in order to qualify for up to $250,000 in signing bonuses. Is this enough money to entice people to join the Navy, knowing there is a high likelihood that the US government is courting us into World War 3?

Kurtis Bay Tells his Wife Tammy’s Death in the Hospital

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Today, widower Kurtis Bay, tells his story of his wife Tammy's horrific 15-day hospital stay that ended in death in detail and how he became involved in If this story resembles yours with your loved one, please reach out to them...

Canadian Nurse Crisis Hits Home for Nurse Svetlana

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – She lost her marriage to her doctor husband, who opposed her on these issues, and would later lose custody of her two children, because the court would side with her husband’s right to vaccinate the children. Nurse Svetlana grieves that her children have been harmed beyond measure by...

The Charge Towards Accountability in Crimes Against Humanity

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – They are serious violations of international law, and those who commit them must be held accountable. They involve acts committed against individuals or groups on a large scale and with the intention to cause severe physical or mental harm. Such crimes include genocide...

Candid Interview With International Truther Joel Rafidi

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – There is a good chance you saw and heard of the outrageous rules and regulations placed on those living in Australia. Having been raised in Australia and living there during the Pandemic, Joel Rafidi shares first-hand stories and experiences that we only witnessed via phone or computer screens...

How Black Conservatives Are Made

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – The social programming and heavy cultural influence make it very difficult for black people to leave the cult of the left and align their political views with their professed values. When you talk to most black people, you may be shocked to find that they actually hold far more conservative views than...

Fox, CNN, HHS Project Veritas Whistleblowers Speak Out on James O’Keefe

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – The story of what happened with James O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Project Veritas, is still unfolding. There are always three sides to a story, the two individual sides and the truth. The insiders, aka, whistleblowers, are a unique group, and we share a courageous heart to do what is right, no matter...

Save a Generation, A Call To Homeschool Your Children

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Homeschooling – home education or home-based education – has grown from nearly extinct in the United States in the 1970s to over 2.5 million school-age students. NHERI focuses on homeschooling research, homeschool facts, homeschool fast facts, and in-depth scholarly articles...

Escaping the Matrix: Taking a Root-Cause Approach with Dr. Krishna Doniparthi

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – Over these past three years, I had begun questioning everything. At first, I was very angry. I was angry that after all of my hard work, all of this now seemed to be a waste of my efforts and resources. I would now have to invest even more time, and more money to now unlearn what I had long believed to be true...

Government Narrative Grows Weaker With Each Passing Crisis

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – There are some incredibly large and sinister agendas taking place around the world being spearheaded by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. Agenda 2030 from the UN seems to be in full swing, with the global partners of the WEF cheering them on every step of the way and offering up their...

The FDA’s Role in US Blood Supply Contamination

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – Could the push for continued hypersexualization of our youth, and relaxation of our safety guidelines surrounding blood donors be a part of a greater plan to create a bigger resource pool for the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to profit off of?

Another Failed Response From A Government Agency. What Happened in Ohio?

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Two weeks after a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, toxic chemicals spilled out into the ground, fish are dying, chickens and pets are dying, and people are complaining their water tastes like metal, eyes burning, and rashes on their skin. With me today are two Industrial Hygienists, who are exposure scientists...

Nurse News Analysis & Treating Respiratory Viruses at Home

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Had our government and public health authorities focused on mitigating atmospheric pathogens in the hospitals, Covid units, nursing homes,s and even in the American people’s homes, just think of the improved outcomes that could’ve occurred. Whether it be flu, Covid, or RSV striking your family at...

Bringing The Power To Heal Back Where It Belongs with Robert Scott Bell

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – We may have felt for a long time that there was a better way, but there had to be a better way than this “sick-care” system we have been trapped in for so long. As we begin to navigate this new territory, we realize very quickly that it isn’t unchartered. In fact, there have been many nurses, doctors, and...

Rare Courage With Nurse Jodi O’Malley

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – Nurse Jodi O'Malley joins me to share her story. Leaning on the Lord for guidance, Jodi was shown the path that she needed to take, and ultimately recorded compelling conversations in an attempt to lift the veil on the corruption she was experiencing firsthand. Jodi found an outlet for her story in Project Veritas...

Nurse Lindsay Clancy Kills Her 3 Children; Why Big Pharma Should Be On Trial!

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – Lindsay’s defense attorney Reddington “alleged that she was ‘thoroughly destroyed’ by several medications - including Valium, Prozac, Klonopin, and Zoloft- which he claimed masked her symptoms rather than treated them.” Her symptoms were misdiagnosed and inadequately treated by multiple practitioners which led to the death of her three children, and her permanent disability...

Against the Grain with Mike Yoder, Esq

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – After I blew the whistle on the federal government, I had a hard time finding an attorney who felt as passionate about seeking justice as I did. Most talked a good talk but did not have the grit to back it up. Then I found Mike Yoder, a constitutional, whistleblower attorney, and asked him to...

VAERS Education and How Anti-VAXXERs Are Made!

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – The majority of Anti-VAXXERs are made by simply being faithful vaccinating parents who obediently follow the schedule and allow countless antigens to be injected into their child, according to the CDC guidebook. Then something happens. Their child suddenly becomes ill, experiences an injury, or permanently handicapped, or dead...

The Shocking Rise in Fetal Demise Following the Covid Vaccine Rollout

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – Of all the things that I have witnessed during these past nearly three years, none have been more disturbing to me than the atrocities that have been committed against our most vulnerable populations, including pregnant women, lactating mothers, and women of reproductive age...

A Raw Conversation About Real Vaccine Injuries

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – Blood clots, strokes, neurological issues, and even death. Some people have even shared multiple stories from multiple people they know. As if these reports of significant health complications arising post-vaccination aren’t bad enough, there is still a large percentage of people who fail to recognize that...

The Emotional Toll of Advocacy

Nurses Out Loud with April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR – Having firsthand experience with the emotional, physical, and spiritual burden of caring for someone who is sick has revealed another side of the equation that isn’t always discussed, and that is the emotional toll it takes on you, the caregiver. For those who have to carry the weight of the battle alone...

Help Us and Support Arizona SB 1250 to Protect Healthcare Workers from Coerced Vaccine Mandates

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – As it stands now, health workers at Medicare and Medicaid-certified facilities are required to have at least their first dose in a primary series of coronavirus vaccinations in order to provide care, treatment, or services. What sense does this make when they’re not considered fully injected, and we know the injection is a failed experiment that doesn’t stop transmission or infection?

1000 Widows and There Are Thousands More in Covid’s Wake

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – What has transpired and continues to this day, is the malfeasance, negligence, and violations of the oath and ethical principles healthcare workers take. Aggrieved widows are demanding answers... Who issued these protocols that every single hospital system in the country implemented overnight, and how do we hold them accountable?