The Flamingo Advantage® with Katie Hornor

10 Episodes

By: Katie Hornor

You are unique for a purpose and Christian Business coach and bestselling author Katie Hornor leads you to leverage it through your business to change the world. She believe your message matters, entrepreneurship is a calling, the marketplace is a modern day mission field, and doing business with God can be an act of worship. With unique marketing nuggets and intriguing guest interviews interspersed with Katie's practical content on how to grow your business without compromising your faith, family or values, The Flamingo Advantage just became your new favorite business podcast! New episodes every Thursday morning. Rather watch? Check out...

74. Think on Truth
Last Thursday at 9:00 AM

Dive into a transformative discussion on The Flamingo Advantage podcast with host Katie Hornor in the episode titled "Think on Truth." 

Explore the profound impact of aligning your thoughts with truth and biblical principles for personal and business success. Discover how embracing truth can shape your mindset, decisions, and actions, leading to greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment in life and entrepreneurship. 

Join us as we uncover the power of thinking on truth and its transformative potential in every aspect of your journey. 

Tune in now for insights, inspiration, and practical strategies to integrate tru...

73. Anything is Possible: The Power of Faith in Business

Discover the transformative power of faith in business on the latest episode of The Flamingo Advantage with host Katie Hornor. Explore how aligning your beliefs, thoughts, and actions with God's promises can lead to true success. 

Join us as we delve into the importance of community, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share your faith and values. 

Plus, learn about the Business With God membership, a supportive community of Christian entrepreneurs grounded in biblical truth. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation!

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72. The New Economy of Authenticity: Insights from Roland Cochrun's Marketing Journey

Join host Katie Hornor in an insightful branding and marketing conversation with Roland Cochrun, as they delve into Roland's remarkable journey from physical therapy to coaching others to a new level of success. Discover how Roland's pursuit of personal growth attracted an audience interested in his self-actualization path and learn valuable insights about personal branding in the evolving economy.

Gain actionable strategies for integrating authenticity, purpose, and self-expression into your marketing approach.

Don't miss this episode of The Flamingo Advantage Podcast!

About Roland:
Dr. Roland received his Doctorate of Physiotherapy...

71. Stitching Connections: Building Community in Your Online World with Ellen Johnson

Join host Katie Hornor in an enlightening conversation with Ellen Johnson, the creative force behind Serendipity Needleworks, as they delve into the fascinating journey of transitioning from a brick-and-mortar needlepoint store to a thriving online business.

 Discover how Ellen has successfully built a vibrant community, offered a blend of digital and physical products, and mastered the art of online marketing while keeping service and connection at the forefront of her business philosophy.

Tune in for invaluable insights and actionable strategies to elevate your own entrepreneurial endeavors!

About Ellen:

My n...

70. The Connection Between Physical Health and Business Success with Bernadette Giorgi Crisafulli

Join host Katie Hornor and special guest Bernadette Giorgi Crisafulli in this enlightening episode of The Flamingo Advantage Podcast.

Bernadette, a seasoned Pilates and wellness instructor, shares her transformative journey from injured dancer to thriving fitness professional. Dive into discussions on the holistic benefits of movement, the power of proper breathing, and the importance of authentic self-care practices for business owners.

Discover actionable insights to keep your message authentic, prioritize self-care, and harness the restorative nature of breathwork for enhanced well-being and success in both life and entrepreneurship.

Connect with Bernadette here: studiojustb...

69. It's Never Too Late - Reinventing Your Business and Life after 50 with Anne LaFollette

Join host Katie Hornor as she sits down with special guest Anne LaFollette to explore her remarkable journey from corporate job loss to entrepreneurial success in the world of art.

Discover how Anne reignited her passion for creativity, leveraged her corporate skills, and built a thriving online business teaching surface pattern design. Through candid conversations and valuable insights, Anne inspires listeners, especially women over 50, to embrace reinvention and unleash their artistic potential.

Tune in now to be empowered and inspired!

About Anne:
Anne had to re-invent herself in her 50s...

68. Blameless Business: Navigating the Secular World with Biblical Values

Join host Katie Hornor on The Flamingo Advantage Podcast as she delves into navigating the secular world without compromising biblical values. Discover actionable strategies on how to shine light, remain blameless, and point people to Jesus through excellence and authentic storytelling.

Explore insights from scripture and real-life examples, and learn practical action items for assessing practices, avoiding complaining, and filtering opportunities through a Kingdom values lens.

Tune in to empower your business with integrity and purpose!

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67. Turning Addiction Into a Mission and Business with Kate Bee

Join host Katie Hornor on The Flamingo Advantage podcast for an inspiring interview with Kate Bee, the founder of The Sober School. In this episode, Kate candidly shares her personal struggles with alcohol addiction and how she turned her experience into a thriving online community and resource hub for individuals seeking alternatives to traditional recovery programs.

From overcoming feelings of isolation to building accountability and belief in herself as an entrepreneur, Kate's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Tune in to discover how Kate is empowering others to break free from addiction...

66. Being a Light in Business: Embracing Faith Without Compromise

Join host Katie Hornor on The Flamingo Advantage as she delves into the intersection of faith and business. In this episode, Katie shares invaluable insights on living out one's faith without compromising values in the marketplace. 

From seeking God's truth to renewing our minds to godly thinking, this episode is filled with practical wisdom and inspiring anecdotes. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, this episode offers actionable steps to align your business with biblical principles and shine the light of Jesus in the world. 

Tune in now and embark on a...

65. Branding with Custom Music and Songs with Mark & Cindy Alewine

Join host Katie Hornor in another unique episode as she sits down with the talented musician couple Mark and Cindy Alewine. You'll hear their inspiring journey from Christian ministry to crafting custom songs for gifts, brands, and memorials.

Discover their unique songwriting process, spousal collaboration, and the heartwarming custom song they created for the Flamingo Advantage brand. Tune in to learn how music can capture hearts, voices, and memories in the most meaningful way.

About Mark Alewine:
Mark Alewine Music skillfully crafts personalized songs for individuals and businesses seeking a unique and...