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By: Hudson Institute

China Insider is a weekly podcast project from Hudson Institute's China Center, hosted by Miles Yu, who provides weekly news that mainstream American outlets often miss, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis on the China challenge and the free world’s future.

BONUS Episode: The Taiwan Relations Act at 45
Last Wednesday at 4:00 PM

The landmark Taiwan Relations Act, signed into law 45 year ago today, has become the most pivotal guideline for the complex U.S.-Taiwan and U.S.-China relations. It's a cornerstone and foundational document that demonstrates America's institutional resilience and balanced approach to diplomacy. In this in-depth conversation with Shane Leary, Dr. Miles Yu, director of China Center at Hudson Institute, shares his critical analysis of the Act's legal and military protections of Taiwan, its historical context, far-reaching impact, salient limitations, and the need to revise or even redraft a new legislative act to reflect new geopolitical reality. in...

Taiwan Earthquake and Japan-Philippines Security Pact
Last Tuesday at 9:00 AM

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss the recent earthquake in Taiwan of 7.4 magnitude, the largest quake the Island nation has suffered since 1999. They then discuss security developments in the South China Sea, most notably that Japan is in talks to sign a Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) with the Philippines in an effort to deter Chinese aggression in the region.  

XI Meets with Western Business Leaders, Boao Forum, and CCP Hacking

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss Xi Jinping's recent meeting with western business leaders and academics, the first high-profile meeting of this nature since his meeting with American executives in San Francisco in November of 2023. They then discuss the decreasing relevance of the annual Boao forum, and China's recent cyber espionage and hacking attempts on Western nations. 

Article 23 Cracks Down in Hong Kong, Foreign Investment Drops, "The Three Body Problem" Controversy

Phil Hegseth steps in to join Miles Yu to discuss Article 23's passing in Hong Kong and its implications for human rights and freedoms in the city, the continued decline of foreign direct investment in China despite charm efforts from the Chinese Communist Party, and the rise and controversy of Netflix's adaptation of "Three Body Problem." 

US TikTok Battle, India Border Tension, Russia Commemorates Battle with China

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss the pending legislation to ban TikTok, and the broader picture of Chinese Communist Party influence on American domestic politics. They then turn to a recent flare-up in tensions between India and China, caused by Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh, and discuss the root cause of China’s antagonism toward its neighbors. Finally, they discuss a curious development in Russia-China relations, in which Russia nationally commemorated the Damansky Island conflict, a military confrontation with China that occurred fifty-five years ago.  

CCP Foreign Minister's Failed Challenges to the US, Ukraine Mediation, New Laws of Repression

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss Wang Yi’s “Four Challenges” to the United States during a recent press conference, China’s attempted role as mediator in the ongoing Ukraine war, and the wave of national security laws in China that emerged out of the annual Two Sessions.

Chinese Crossings at US Border Spike, Two Sessions, and Electric Vehicle Probes

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss the surge in Chinese nationals entering the United States illegally, what's driving this phenomenon, and how policymakers ought to respond. They then turn to the upcoming "two sessions" in which the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress will convene, and what makes this year's rubber stamping sessions so peculiar. Finally, they discuss the U.S. Department of Commerce's recent probe into the importation of Chinese electric vehicles, and its national security implications.

Private Hacking Exposed, Quemoy Islands Drowning, G20 Fallout

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss a massive document leak from Chinese cybersecurity firm I-Soon, which sheds light on the CCP's global surveillance and hacking regime and destroys the illusion of safety around Chinese private sector companies. They then turn to a little-covered spat between the Taiwan Coast Guard and a Chinese fishing vessel which resulted in the drowning of the two Chinese nationals near the island of Quemoy. Finally, they discuss Wang Yi's absence at the G20 Ministerial meeting, and its implications for broader trends in the PRC's foreign policy.





Title: The life of Dr. Henry Kissinger; Taiwan's historic elections; and One-China Principle vs. One-China Policy

Description: In the latest Chinese language review episode of the key issues discussed in Hudson Institute's weekly China Insider podcast, Miles Yu analyzes the childhood, accomplishments, legacy of Dr. Henry Kissinger, and the historic 2024 Taiwan elections, the fundamental differences between China's One-China Principle and America's One-China Policy.  


Wang Yi in Munich, Democracy Index Rankings, and Forced Labor Backlash

Shane Leary joins Miles Yu to discuss Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's statements during the 2024 Munich Security Conference, and the broader landscape of European Union–China relations. They then turn to the 2023 Democracy Index, which ranks China #148 globally and Taiwan #1 in Asia. Lastly, they discuss the thousands of German automobiles impounded by United States Customs and Border Protection under the 2021 Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, after their electrical components were found to be sourced from western China.