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Sex, BDSM, fetish, bondage, dominance, submission, kink.. It's all covered in the Masocast. Conversations with real and intelligent people who just happen to be kinkier than average.

Fables in the Key of Kink

A chat with Emilie P Bush author of Fables in the Key of Kink: An Inappropriate Picture Book. We talk about her experience in non-monogamy, the kink community, her experience as a parent of an LGBTQIA+ child while living in a traditionally conservative part of the world, the organization she started to support families like hers ( and of course her book Fables in the Key of Kink, her life experiences behind the book and more. You can buy book now here

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Goddess Ashley and Singapore BDSM

A chat with Goddess Ashley about growing up and discovering kink in singapore, what it’s like exploring for the first time as a sub and her evolution into domination. Kinks from around the world and what it’s like when she’s on tour.

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Goddess Coko is Back!

Our first conversation was in 2009 so we have a lot of catching up to do. We talk about the changes in the NYC scene pre and post pandemic, inclusive spaces, dealing with health issues, submissive men and so much more.

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TES (She’s back on the board of TES since this recording can be found here )

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Madam Director

A great conversation with Madam Director where we talk about her process of making kink videos, what she looks for in play parnters depending on her mood, trends in the NYC kink scene post pandemic and so much more.

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Peaches jumps on the show (been way too long since a fellow submissive guy was on the show) to talk about how he got his nickname, spaking and impact play, humiliation, chastity and a lot more.

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Mistress Kayla and Sorceress Bebe

Mistress Kayla and Sorceress Bebe jump on the podcast to talk about their early kink experiences, the kink scene in California, walking the fine line of having a personal sub to something more romantic, their experiences during covid and their new female run multipurpose kink space Venus In Bells.

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Therapy and Service-oriented Submission

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In this episode a conversation with a service-oriented sub who decided to dive into exploring decades into his marriage. We talk about therapy, seeking a pro domme, communication and the nature of service-oriented submission and how it look for him.

Part 2 With Bruce and Shermie

The conversation continues

Part 1 with Bruce and Shermie

Part 1 of a conversation with Bruce and Shermie, two people who have been in the kink community in NYC for decades.   They talk about how they met in the scene, the changes they’ve seen over the years, how the internet changed things and more

Stephen Elliott is back

Stephen Elliott is back and we talk about covid, motivations for working out and getting in shape for kink reasons, poly relationships, lessons learned from getting older, being objectified and more