Red Wolf CrossFit - Pack Mentality

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By: Matt Banwart

A Red Wolf CrossFit edition focusing on mindsets, proper CrossFit training techniques, nutrition tips, and how we go about handling tough situations on a daily basis and more.To Join our CrossFit Family visit or workout with us at 7362 Edinger Ave STE A, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Ep. 72 Andrea's Brave Battle: Victory Over Cancer
Yesterday at 7:03 PM

In this episode we talk to Andrea, who loves fitness and has fought a tough battle against cancer. Andrea tells us how CrossFit helped her get back on track after her battle with breast cancer. She shares how keeping fit and having friends at Red Wolf, helped her through her journey. If you or someone you know is facing a big challenge, Andrea's story and tips can inspire you to keep going. Listen to how Andrea fought her battles and won, one day at a time!

Ep. 71 Stop Being Consistent

In this episode Matt (@redwolfmatt) talks about how people often say "be consistent" like it's always a good thing. But he thinks it's not enough just to do something over and over. He tells a story about someone who thought they were doing everything right but wasn’t getting better. Matt explains that just doing things a lot doesn't mean you're doing them well.He introduces a new word, "cadence," which means doing the right things, the right way, at the right time, and for the right amount of time. It's like having a good rhythm in what you do...

Ep. 70 Shredding 50 Pounds at Red Wolf: Chris’s Story

Dive into Chris's journey where he sheds 50 pounds and transforms his life at Red Wolf. From the initial spark that ignited his fitness journey to overcoming daunting challenges and breaking through plateaus, Chris shares the story behind his success. Discover the mindset shifts that moved him forward, the power of community support, and his advice for fitness newcomers.

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Shannon's Story: Teaching, Mom Life, and Fitness Fun | Episode 69

In this episode we chat with Shannon, who teaches high school math, is a mom to two kids, and has been part of Red Wolf CrossFit for 12 years. Shannon shares how she keeps up with teaching, being a mom, and staying fit all at the same time. She talks about how the gym helps her life, a big challenge she faced in staying fit, and how she keeps going even when it's tough. Plus, she has a special piece of advice for anyone just starting to get fit.

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Ep. 68 Sculpt Your Abs in 60 Days: A Scientific Approach

We're tackling body fat and why it matters more than your weight, debunking those ab workout myths, and highlighting the exercises that actually work. We'll also cut through the noise on cardio, give you the lowdown on the perfect six-pack diet, and how to calculate and track your fat loss effectively. Plus, we're sorting out which supplements can actually help you on your quest for visible abs. It's all the info you need, packed into one episode, designed to get you closer to your dream abs without the fluff.

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Ep. 67 400 Pounds to Fit: Chris's Triumph

In this episode, we chat with Chris Williams of CFT Fitness in Tracy, California. Chris shares his incredible transformation, losing over 80 pounds, gaining 20 pounds of muscle, and cutting 15% body fat in 10 months. His journey goes beyond physical change, highlighting resilience and determination. From overcoming GBS to thriving in gym and real estate ventures, Chris reveals key moments and actionable steps for starting a fitness journey. He also discusses reshaping his gym's culture, reigniting his CrossFit passion, and focusing on quality sleep. Discover Chris's story of transformation and get inspired.

Ep.66 10 Big No-Nos: Don't Be the Client Coaches Dread

Caitlin and Matt chat about why showing up, working hard, and listening to your coach really matters. If you skip workouts, ignore advice, or keep looking for quick fixes, it's going to be tough to get fit and healthy. We'll share tips on how to be a superstar client and get awesome results from your training. Plus, we'll talk about why trusting your coach and staying positive can make a huge difference in getting fit and feeling great. Join us to learn how to avoid these mistakes and be the best at getting fit.

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Ep.65 Jenell's Journey: From Struggle to Strength

Join us for a heart-to-heart with Jenell, a five-year member at Red Wolf CrossFit, as she shares her deeply personal journey of overcoming eating disorders through the power and community of CrossFit.Jenell takes us back to where it all began, revealing what drew her into the CrossFit world and how it became her ally in the fight for recovery. She doesn't shy away from the tough parts – the initial challenges, the fears, and the hard work it took to weave CrossFit into her life against the backdrop of her eating disorder.Jenell's story is about finding a family in...

Ep. 64 Vanessa's Journey: Red Wolf Beginnings to Mastering the Family-Fitness Balance

In this episode we sit down with Vanessa, one of the original coaches from Red Wolf CrossFit, to uncover the impact of her early experiences on her coaching style and fitness philosophy.Vanessa shares pivotal moments from the Red Wolf days that have shaped her approach to fitness and coaching. Balancing a demanding schedule with four kids, she reveals how she integrates fitness into her daily life, offering quick, effective strategies for maintaining a baseline of fitness.Vanessa also dives into the art of juggling family, fitness, and personal time, delivering practical advice for those striving to find balance.<...

Ep. 63 Supplements for Success: Our Personal Picks & Tips

In this episode Matt and Caitlin Banwart dive into the supplements that fuel their fitness journeys and how these can enhance yours too. They start by discussing the crucial role supplements play in providing targeted nutritional support, enhancing performance, ensuring convenience, and optimizing overall health.They cover their personal supplement picks, detailing the benefits and how these choices fit into their fitness and nutrition strategies, along with tips for selecting quality products. They dig into the science behind their selections, covering the benefits of fish oil, creatine, multivitamins, protein, and magnesium, and how these supplements support heart health, energy...