These Are Good Days

10 Episodes

By: Lee Ann Miller and Matt Beres

Welcome to 'These Are Good Days,' the podcast that celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary! Join us on a journey where we find the good in every twist and turn of life. From heartwarming relationships to the joy of savoring delicious food, we dive into the little things that make life remarkable. Grab a cup of your favorite frothy coffee and let's chat about mental health, share our favorite discoveries, and laugh till our sides hurt! Tune in for a dose of positivity and a celebration of life's simple joys. Subscribe now and make every day a good day...

89: Stuff We Love, Summer '24
Last Wednesday at 8:00 AM

We absolutely LOVE sharing things that we are loving. Maybe it's a snack, a product, a social media account, or a life hack - you just never know. Join us for one of our favorite recurring podcast episodes, Stuff We Love. We aren't lying, and we aren't paid to say this, we just truly LOVE these things!

88: Better Yourself

What does it mean to continuously better ourselves? In this episode we share ways we are continually growing, changing, and evolving. It's said that if we get better by 1%, over time we will have changed a ton! So, what are some habits we can put into place to keep growing, changing, and evolving?

87: Be a Helper

What does it really mean to help those around us? How can we put on a lens of becoming a helper? Let's talk lending a helping hand. Truthfully, this episode came about because a farm boy and booty shorts. You'll just have to listen and find out!

86: When Less is More

We've heard the old adage, "less is more," but what does that really mean? Is less more, or is less just less? In an age of minimalism and maximalism, how we we hone in on what really matters and what we need in our life? Join is in a conversation on less is more - it may just inspire you to evaluate all the things, literally.

85: Summer, Summer, Summertime

We're talking summer! There's no season like it! From cookouts to beach plans to sweet tea, you really can't beat summer! We're sharing our favorite parts of the summer season - soak it all in with us.

84: Life's transitions

Life is full of transitions; and it seems like just when you think the dust has settled, life throws you another curveball or shift. Sometimes our life shifts are voluntary and sometimes they aren't. Either way, we can learn to reframe our thinking around transitions in life and learn to do it well. Join in this conversation all about navigating life's twists and turns with integrity and excitement!

83: High, Low, Buffalo

We've all heard the phrase, "More is caught than taught," but how does that transfer into our daily lives? This week we are talking rhythms, habits, and systems that we can establish in life that can transfer into adulthood. What does it look like to set up a system of communication with our kids? How do we create rhythms and boundaries? How can we model habits that help our kids become successful adults? Join us in a chat all about intentionality.

Open Mic with Sharon McMahon

In this special bonus episode, we ditch deep dives and politics for a rapid-fire round of fun. Sharon answers all our burning questions about her coffee habits, cheese, bears at the White House, and even Disney! It's a lighthearted look into the life of the "America's Government Teacher," and you might just be surprised by her answers! You can follow Sharon on Instagram @sharonsaysso

82: Facts and Friendships with Sharon McMahon

The political climate can feel like a minefield for relationships. How do you navigate passionate beliefs with the people you care about? In this episode, we're joined by civic education powerhouse Sharon McMahon, also known as America's Government Teacher. We delve into the art of setting healthy boundaries around politics. Sharon shares strategies for prioritizing relationships, focusing on facts, and ensuring that our political views don't overshadow the people we love. Learn how to have meaningful conversations, even when you disagree, and walk away with actionable tips for keeping your connections strong in a divided world. Follow Sharon on...

81: Amish Values

This live episode is the second recording during our podcast weekend and we talk about the values and traditions of the Amish Community located in Holmes County, Ohio. Lee Ann has a particularly unique perspective as her husband was raised Amish. Our conversation centers around some of the wonderful values of the Amish, but we also talk about how important it is to humanize people from Amish communities.