Two Birds, One Stoned

4 Episodes

By: Gary Fertile and Amanda Will

TBOS WILL RETURN DECEMBER 9, 2022. IT'S COLD AND FLU SEASON AND WE AREN'T WELL Two crazy friends who get together, smoke some weed and make a podcast together. What happens?? Heck, we don't even know!

Our Very Fourth Episode

It's game night! Today, we got super toasted and played two games together. "Dad Joke Face-off" and "Poetry for Neanderthals" are played in this fun episode of Two Birds, One Stoned!

Our Very Third Episode

We're back with another episode of Two Birds, One Stoned! We were a little extra toasted in this episode, so you should be too!

Our Very Second Episode

We're back with another chaotic episode

Our Very First Episode

We finally did it! We finally got together, got stoned and made our very first unplanned chaotic episode of Two Birds, One Stoned! We hope you enjoy it!