Musings of the Sacred

10 Episodes

By: William Catling

Each week, this podcast will engage in thoughtful aspects of a life that engages with the natural world, creativity, and God. Catling teaches integrative classes in art and faith to both undergrad and graduate students while he chairs the Departments of Art and Design at Azusa Pacific University.

Life Stories: The Kingdom of Food

In this episode, we talk about using our true eyes and what real living is in the kingdom of God.
Thank you for all of your support in the making of this podcast so far, we are so grateful to have an opportunity to create and reach others. We hope you find your space here and continue to listen. 

Life Stories: Mystery of the Kingdom, A Little Levin

This episode is a continuation of our topic on the mystery of the kingdom, dissecting biblical stories. This episode is about levin.

Life Stories: Mystery of the Kingdom, A Little Seed

This episode of Musings of the Sacred discusses the well known concept of the mustard seed, and what those stories mean to us.

Life Stories: Nowhere and Nothing

This episode is a continuation into the topic of Life Stories. Here, we use Pooh once again to explore what it is to truly do nothing.

Life Stories: Our Best Intentions

In this episode, we discuss what it means to act with our best intentions, doing so through the nostalgic story of Pooh bear. 

True Life

This episode is an exploration on the theme of truth that we have been covering in our Musings. Today we discuss what it means to lead a true life.

True Self

In this episode, our host talks about what it means to find and become our true self.

True Food

This episode is an exploration of the concept of true food, and that which nourishes the body in an honest way.

True Home

This episode explores the concept of what home truly is, and what makes up a true home in our hearts.

Life and Clay

This episode we introduce  the wonderful Tess McVaugh and have a conversation about Life and Clay, and the fragility and the tension of both.