Musings of the Sacred

14 Episodes

By: William Catling

Each week, this podcast will engage in thoughtful aspects of a life that engages with the natural world, creativity, and God. Catling teaches integrative classes in art and faith to both undergrad and graduate students while he chairs the Departments of Art and Design at Azusa Pacific University.

Life and Clay
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

This episode we introduce  the wonderful Tess McVaugh and have a conversation about Life and Clay, and the fragility and the tension of both.

The Sacred Path of Life

This episode marks the start of our second season, where we talk about the Sacred Path of Life and think about both the fragility of life and the endless possibility life brings. Thank you for your support into this second season, we hope you continue to listen. 

The Closeness of God

This episode is about the ways we find God in the everyday, in the common, and how we protect the sacredness we find in Him. We mark the new season with this episode, and our release date is now Sundays, 2 pst. We hope you continue to listen along.

Becoming An Artist

This episode is a special interview with our very own producer, Jilette Cervantes. She details what it was like becoming an artist, her recent exhibition, and her love of adventure time. 

The Beauty of Stillness

This episode is about letting go and listening to the spirit of silence

Becoming Our Sacred Selves

This episode talks about what it means to become the person we were always meant to be: our sacred self. 

The Moment Just Before

This episode talks about how the moment just before gratification should be treasured just as much as the awaited experience itself; that we should practice hesitating, pausing, and waiting. 

C. S. Lewis and Relationships

This episode is a little different than what we have done on here before. Today we have a very special interview with recent APU graduate, Hannah Labnow.  She has worked all semester in a team writing a book about practical advice from the letters of C. S. Lewis, and I interview her on her research and its connection to the sacred. 

Love: Advent Week 4

In this episode we talk about our greatest commandment - to love; and the importance in prioritizing love. 

Peace : Advent Week 3

In this episode we focus on peace and well-being, and the contentment that comes with just being. 

Waiting: Advent Week 2

This episode marks the second week of advent, and we will cover waiting, and what we can learn from the time it takes to  prepare our hearts

Hope: Advent Week 1

This episode is the first week of advent, where we will be discussing the awareness of the light that hope brings. 

The Descent of Grief

This episode is about loss and love; the ways we suffer and learn how to dance with a limp. 

The Sacred Spring

This episode is about the exploration of the idea of the Sacred Spring and it's place in peace, and it's mysterious connection to God.