Don't Wait 'Til Monday

10 Episodes

By: Kirstin Quigley

Inspired by my Mom, I started this podcast to encourage her, and the rest of the world to stop waiting until Monday... Why wait until Monday when you can do it RIGHT NOW? Join me as we dive into the nitty gritty of go-getting, hardships, and all things that life will throw at us. Through the obstacles, tribulations, and success stories, this podcast covers it all.

Movement IS The Movement
Last Wednesday at 8:15 PM

Inspired by Earthy Energy to find movement in life's every day agendas, I wanted to create this episode to discuss a few thoughts I have had about movement, and to dedicate this time to Earthy Energy! I've connected with the people behind this brand and love what they stand for. Their movement IS movement and that is what I absolutely love it! Let go of the pressure to pump in the gym and find FUN in your fitness! Let your body move in ways that you enjoy and stay energized while doing it.


Mastering the Miles & Rediscovering Motivation

This past Fall, Makayla and I both took on our first Half Marathon Races! Join us in this episode as we explore the journey of training for and running a half marathon, and how it filled the void of no longer being a collegiate athlete. Hear persona stories, tips, and insights on finding purpose and fulfillment through this 14-week process, and how we got through the harder times. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out, this episode offers inspiration and practical advice for embracing the runner's high and reclaiming your athletic identity.

Connecting the Dots: Navigating Current Events, Sharing Personal Stories, and Empowering Activism

Join me in another episode with guest, Danyah Dahbour, as we further discuss Israel and Palestine. In the last episode, we learned the history and how things got to where they are today. In this one, we compare the situation to other historical and current events, Danyah shares her experience in Palestine from 2006, and we share different ways of activism. Tune in now to keep the discussion going.

Palestinian Accounts on Social Media mentioned by Danyah

IG: @sbeih.jpg @motaz_azaiza @wizard_bisan1 @key48return

X (twitter): @Omar_Gaza @TimesOfGaza @MaramGaza @palestineLL


Roots and Realities: A Palestinian-American's Insight

In this episode, a good friend of mine, Danyah Dahbour, joins me to discuss what is happening overseas between Palestine and Israel. As a Palestinian-American, Danyah has mounds of knowledge that she shares with us about the history of Palestine and Israel, and how the two have gotten to where they are today. We touch on some major topics in this episode with the key purpose of being educational and resourceful. If you have been wondering what has been going on, or are looking to hear things from a truthful point of view, this is the episode to listen to...

What Was I Made For? - The Podcast Episode

Have you ever listened to a song on repeat because of the way it made you feel? Well, I know I sure have. Specifically, with this Billie Eillish song, “What Was I Made For”. Growing up, finding your why, and your purpose can be challenging, especially when your plans don’t match up with what the universe has in store. That’s how I was feeling and that’s exactly why I decided to share this story. Click play now to hear the full thing!

How We Went From Pogues to Professionals

College besties…intern roommates…obx pogues…yeah, we did it all! In the summer of 2021, Ellie and I did the same internship and shared a lot of the same experiences during this post(ish)-covid summer. We talk about what life was like as a local, a worker on the island, and life in general as a college intern, and how we can look back on who we were then to who we have become now. Tune in to hear all about it!

Finally Seeing The Light

NEW SEASON BABY!!!! SEASON 2 IN FULL SWING JUST LIKE THE SUMMATIME!!! In this episode, I tell you all about my life updates (new job +, new city), how these past months have been since season 1 ended, AND how to respect yourself and your space.

The F Bomb

Dropping the F bomb on this one... the FAILURE bomb... Failure sucks, but it comes with life. I've experienced it, you experienced it. We ALL experience it. I have always felt though, that there has been a gray area between failure and success. Listen in to learn more, understand this gray area, and how to get out of it.

Pressure & Perfectionism

"nO oNe WaNtS tO wOrK tHeSe DaYs" ... ok boomers... A recent conversation with my grandmother sparked my interest to discuss pressure. How we feel it from life, work, relationships, social media, and anything else making us think twice about our own decisions in life. We can only set ourselves up for success, which also means doing what's best for us and not what we see work for other people. Tune in now to listen!

In A World So Big

On my plane ride from NC to CA, all I could think of was how small we ACTUALLY are in a world so big. In a world so big, why do we let our little worries weigh us down so much? In a world SO BIG, why do we stay in one spot instead of exploring the thousands of others? Tune in to hear my thoughts and what went through my mind as I flew over the US.