Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth

10 Episodes

By: Nik Toth

Beyond Beauty Podcast invites you to join life-changing conversations for women who want to stop their endless pursuit of controlling their bodies and appearance in order to feel worthy, and discover how to value themselves from within. ⁣⁣Along the way, Nik Toth, NLP Mindset Coach, Somatic Educator & Healer, will share her own vulnerable transformation from a weight-loss-obsessed young woman secretly struggling with an eating disorder, through her holistic fitness journey, to discovering her worth from within. ⁣⁣Her engaging guest speakers will guide you to discover your value from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Learn to embody your aut...

33. SOLO Defying Infertility: My Protocol For a Miracle Conception

In this intimate episode, I share the shocking moment I was told I'd likely never be able to have a baby, which marked the beginning of my transformative journey towards becoming a mother. 

Faced with a diagnosis of infertility, my partner and I chose not to accept this as our reality. Using my background in natural therapies and a refusal to give into a ‘diagnosis’, I embarked on a holistic mind-body-spirit journey to prove the medical prognosis wrong. 

From specific dietary changes, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments to powerful subconscious reprogramming, I explored every avenue to enhanc...

32. Unveiling Tantra, Transforming Insecurities, and Initiating Men in the Bedroom | Arja Hendrikx

In this episode of the Beyond Beauty podcast, we welcome Arja Hendrix, a renowned facilitator of transformative tantra workshops and retreats. Arja reveals her journey from battling insecurities about her skin, body, and sexuality to finding empowerment through acceptance and tantric practices. 

She shares insights into the true meaning of beauty, which she believes radiates from within, and the transformative power of seeing the body as a temple. 

Arja also debunks the topic of initiating men in the bedroom, emphasizing the importance of communication and establishing a sacred connection wi...

31: Unlocking the Power of the Womb Healing And Sacred Body Work | Joy Maziar

This episode of the Beyond Beauty podcast welcomes special guest Joy Maziar, a multi-dimensional healer, and an expert in womb healing and integrative somatic healing with over 18 years of experience in the field. Joy shares the importance of reconnecting with our bodies, specifically the womb, to achieve better overall well-being. 

She also shares her deep understanding of the womb as the center of a woman's belief system and energy, holding imprints and traumas requiring liberation. She offers insights into different techniques such as yoni steaming, de-armoring of the womb, and Mayan abdominal massage. 


30. How Men & Women Differ: Cracking The Code For Thriving Relationships | Justine Baruch

The journey of thriving romantic relationships between men and women begins with understanding the key differences between them.

Join guest Justine Baruch, a coach and speaker who helps people find exceptional love in life. In the conversation, Justine speaks about her journey of embracing her femininity and how it changed her well-being and relationships. 

She discusses the different approaches men and women have to emotions, stress, communication, and relationship dynamics, and offers advice on understanding and navigating these differences. 

We give you valuable insights into masculine and fe...

29: Using Human Design To Unlock Your Potential And Live Authentically | Sofia Mellano

Welcome to Beyond Beauty, where we go beyond skin deep to explore what makes us truly beautiful. In this episode, we're joined by the amazing Sofia Mellano, who takes us on a journey of self-discovery through human design.

Get ready to break free from conditioning and societal norms, and embrace your authentic self, as we dive into the five different energy types in human design. Sofia reminds us that we are all unique and encourages us to celebrate our individuality.

But wait, there's more! We also discuss the transformative...

28: Unlocking the Secrets To Pleasure and Feminine Embodiment | Amanda Biccum

Prepare to be enchanted as we enter the realm of sensual discovery with Amanda Biccum. We peel back the layers to reveal the secrets of pleasure and the profound connection between beauty and your body.

Dive deep into the heart of femininity as Amanda unravels the concept of beauty and its intricacies, emphasizing the transformative journey of authentically connecting with one's body and emotions. Discover the untold importance of prioritizing oneself in the pursuit of genuine pleasure and satisfaction.

Amanda offers a treasure trove of practical embodiment practices designed...

27: Cultivating Happy And Fulfilling Relationships Through Connecting Deeper | Joe Tandle

Join me in this transformative episode of the Beyond Beauty podcast as guest Joe Tandle shares his inspiring journey of personal growth and the importance of effective communication skills in cultivating stronger relationships. 

From overcoming defensiveness and aggression to discovering the power of active listening, responding, and repeating, Joe emphasizes the significance of equipping oneself with learnable skills for healthier connections. 

Together, they uncover the transformative power of curiosity, vulnerability, and regular check-ins that create a safe and thriving space for both partners. 

Ready for...

26: How to Tap Into Your Feminine Magnetism And Come Back To Wholeness | Connie Chapman

Welcome to an enchanting episode of The Beyond Beauty Podcast. I’m your host, Nik Toth. Today, I have the honor of welcoming a remarkable guest, Connie Chapman, a highly sought-after life coach, speaker, and host of the Awaken Radio podcast. Connie is a leading authority in personal growth, feminine empowerment, and spiritual expansion, specializing in guiding individuals toward embodying their authentic selves and embracing their innate feminine magnetism.

In this captivating episode, we embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery, feminine magnetism, and coming back to wholeness with Connie as our guide. She in...

25: Overcoming Trauma, Reclaiming Your Power, And Embracing Personal Growth | Magida Ezzat

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses childhood abuse and trauma. Listener discretion is advised.

Host Nik Toth and guest Magida Ezzat ignite a conversation on healing from trauma and abuse. They explore trauma's wide-reaching impact, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging all forms of it.

Magida shares her unique approach to healing, drawing from NLP and hypnotic therapy to address trauma's subconscious aspects. Somatic work emerges as a key element in unlocking the body-spirit connection.

Nik and Magida delve into emotional regulation's essence, its profound effect on well-being and relationships, and its role in breaking...

24: The Most Powerful Tools For Cultivating Self-Awareness And Inner Healing | Ksenia Bloom

Are you feeling stuck in your personal growth journey? Do you long to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns? 

Join us on Beyond Beauty as we explore the transformative power of breath work, self-awareness, forgiveness, and embodiment with our special guest, Ksenia Bloom. With over 30 mind-body detoxification retreats worldwide, Ksenia shares her insights and experiences on how these practices can lead to true liberation. 

She recommends various tools and modalities for cultivating self-awareness and healing. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical tips for your ow...