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Live talk shows that deliver everything you need to know about menopause with doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and other experts changing the narrative around women’s health

Tools for Finding Joy (or how to be less of a raging b*tch) with Dr. Julie Colwell

Dr. Julie Colwell is back!!  Leveraging the teachings of Gay and Katy Hendricks of The Big Leap, Julie is a game changer in the journey to thriving with our emotions.  This  show is filled with tools and frameworks to help us get out of our heads and into our bodies. We learn what creative brain is and how it’s the access point to true joy and connection.  We also discuss why the veil of hormones during perimenopause can block us from feeling like ourselves and how to get back to self more quickly.  

We can hon...

Perimenopause Gut Check with Dr. Fionnúla McHale

We dive deep into the fascinating world of Gastrointestinal health during perimenopause and menopause. Dr Fionnula speaks to a system-based approach to gut health how this system is effected by hormonal changes.

Explore the revolutionary world of functional medicine, where prevention is the key to a better life. No more treating the symptoms; it's all about early detection and proactive care to prevent chronic diseases and optimize our well-being.

Dr Fionnula  guides us through evidence-based nutrition protocols, supplements, and lifestyle changes that we can implement today, paving the way for a healthier gut tomorrow. 

The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Menopause with Dr. Mary Claire Haver

If you’re like us, you hear about inflammation everywhere and you are not quite sure what it is. Not anymore! Dr. Mary Claire Haver, founder of "The Galveston Diet" - an anti-inflammatory nutrition program designed for women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond, is here to answer all our questions.  

Together we’ll discover how Dr. Haver's perimenopause journey motivated her education beyond her OBGYN training and inspired her to share her knowledge on TikTok where she’s amassed nearly 2 million followers.  Dr. Haver is sharing invaluable advice and support to women navigating menopause.  Her fresh per...

Flipping Fifty with Debra Atkinson

Ditch the aging myths and reclaim your vitality! It's time to shatter those misconceptions holding countless women back from embracing our midlife bodies and well-being as we age. If you've ever felt trapped by the notion of a "slowing metabolism," we’ll break free from that mindset with the help of Debra Atkinson. Explaining the intricacies of midlife health and weight loss might not be a breeze, especially for those who haven't lived through it. For years, the mantra of "more exercise, less food" has echoed, but Debra is here to admit that's a colossal misstep we've all been le...

Making Babies: A Guide to Donor Egg Pregnancy with Dr. Aimee "the Egg Whisperer"

Dr. Aimee is back!! If you missed the first episode with Dr. Aimee, check your Hysterical listening and dive in.  In her signature style of love, kindness and honesty, Dr Aimee  shares everything we need to know about donor egg pregnancy during perimenopause.

In a world where people continually seek family ties, Dr Aimee highlights a profound truth: DNA does not define family. Delve into a powerful journey of inspiration as we empower women to break the silence surrounding fertility challenges. It's time to eradicate shame and stigma and forge a path of unwavering support together.


Why women need to strength train with Dr. Stacy Sims

Stacy is back!!!! Yes that deserves four exclamation points. If you missed our first sold-out show you might not know that Stacy Sims is an expert exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist specifically for women. Stacy shares the secrets to maintaining muscle and warding off sarcopenia beyond 40.

As hormonal fluctuations occur during perimenopause, the importance of a robust stimulus (heavy weight training) for preserving muscle cannot be overstated. Through ground breaking and exhaustive research, Stacy Sims has illuminated the significance of strength training in countering age-related muscle decline and enhancing cognitive function through improved neural pathways.


Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause with Omisade Burney-Scott

Omisade Burney-Scott is the visionary creator behind the sensational "Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause."

This multimedia project is an exquisite tapestry woven with the authentic experiences, stories, and realities of non-binary, Black women, and femmes over 50, exploring the delicate threads of aging, intimacy, body, spirituality, and transformation through the captivating medium of audio storytelling.

Omisade's work has taken the world by storm! With sold-out events gracing the vibrant cities of Washington, DC, and Durham, NC, and an unforgettable international conference in Kenya, her impact knows no boundaries. Her sensational project has garnered over 5K...

Whisper Culture Conversations: the Sisters and Mum O'Meara

Whisper Culture is created when stories are passed  from person to person and generation to generation.  We can be the generation that changes menopause forever by illuminating these conversations and learning from each others' lived experiences.  This show is a beautiful example of sisterhood, the power of shared memory and how HRT is a game changer in the experience of menopausal symptoms.  Hysterical co-founder Jenny O'Meara hosts a conversation with her sisters and mother.  They cover everything from the effect of a hysterectomy on menopause to what it feels like to have crippling anxiety and brain fog.  If you're intere...

Rock Your Middle-Aged Bod with with The Wonder Women Coach Michelle MacDonald and her Mom Train with Joan

Discover the groundbreaking secrets behind coach Michelle MacDonald's macro-based nutrition, dynamic strength training, and empowered coaching programs. 

You will hear from Joan, Michelle's incredible mother, who embodies the true essence of her mission. She has shattered age-related barriers and completely transformed her body and lifestyle, defying expectations and achieving jaw-dropping results. Her story alone will inspire and motivate you to take charge of your own life.

During this talk show, you'll learn how to embrace a training and eating method that improves your health and supercharges your lifestyle. These two powerhouses will guide you through t...

Transforming Anxiety into Power with Dr. Luana Marques

Imagine a life filled with anxious moments, where worries and concerns cloud your thoughts. After years of dedicated research, teaching, and clinical practice, Dr. Luana Marques made a ground-breaking discovery. She realized that the coping techniques she learned from her mother and grandmother during her humble upbringing in Brazil closely mirrored the scientifically-proven methods of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It was an epiphany that ignited her quest to help others battling anxiety.

Many women going through menopause experience anxiety. While we often focus on physical symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, and night sweats, the psychological struggles—lo...

Menopause in the Workplace; Whisper Culture spotlight on Hong Kong and Singapore

In this episode we're joined by four women living and working in Asia. From the former CEO of Visa to three women who are pioneering work in menopause and FemTech in Asia, these leaders have a lot to say when it comes to being the change for the change.  We're joined by Lindsay Davis, Founder & Co-CEO, FemTech Association Asia, Maaike Steinebach, Co-CEO, FemTech Association Asia, Lisa Tarquini, Founder, The Menopause Space and Valery Tan, Co-Founder, Surety. 

The stigma around menopause in the workplace is real.  This article from Harvard Business Review illuminates some fascinating research that we sho...

Estrogen REALLY Matters! with Dr. Avrum Bluming and Dr. Carol Tavris

We’re diving head first into a necessary and energetic discussion about a topic that has stirred the medical world: hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  HRT is both a medical and feminist issue and we’re creating a call to action for all women to educate ourselves in order to advocate for ourselves.

As with many of the experts we’ve connected with in our menopause community, Avrum Bluming and Carol Tavris didn’t set out to be activists.  These leaders were compelled by the shift in culture around treating women with symptoms of perimenopause as a result of the gro...

Menopause Whisper Culture - Mom & Me: Amanda & Susanne Casgar

In this new series from Hysterical, we listen in to personal interviews designed to stoke the whisper culture around menopause, and let's face it, this complicated thing we call being human.  In this show, Hysterical co-founder Amanda Casgar sits down with her mom to talk about everything from menopause to what it's supposed to feel like at 77.  This intimate and special conversation is the first of many we hope to share on our platform.  If you want to support the whisper culture for menopause, please email hello@thisishysterical.com 

Unlocking the Mystery of Brain Fog with Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton

Join us as we explore the fascinating connection between estrogen and brain health, and discover what you can do to maintain a healthy brain as you age. 

With Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton w delve into the latest research on Alzheimer's prevention and discuss practical tips to keep your brain sharp. 

Dr Roberta Diaz Brinton is a powerhouse pioneer in Alzheimer's research, revolutionizing our understanding of the role of estrogen as a risk factor for women. 

As the head of the Centre for Innovation in Brain Science at the University of Arizona, she has bec...

Why we built this with Hysterical Co-Founders Amanda Casgar, Jenny O'Meara and Carolyn Manning

Meet the founders in this quick take on the insights and conversations that led to creating Hysterical, a community and whisper culture for menopause.  Join these Gen-Xers who had a wake up call that we are the generation that can change menopause forever.  

Testosterone in Women with Dr. Susan Davis

Get ready to dive into a topic often shrouded in mystery: TESTOSTERONE. 

It's not just for men! In fact, this hormone plays a crucial role in a woman's body too. Join us for a talk show where we'll explore how testosterone affects women's health and well-being and how to determine if it's something you should consider as part of your Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy. Don't miss out on this exciting and informative discussion that could improve your life for the better.

Professor Susan Davis is a true powerhouse and trailblazer in the world o...

Finding the right practitioner with Julia Knoke and Mona Holmes

In this community roundtable discussion we're joined by two women who remind us that if we are not feeling cared for by our doctor, we need to find another one!  Julia Knoke and Mona Holmes share different and related stories of feeling desperate for help as they were bombarded by various symptoms of perimenopause.  We learn how being hit on by a hottie might indicate something is going on with our libido and how great pharmacists are truly life changing.  Listen in to this deep talk and join the community at https://thisishysterical.com/  Enjoy!

Creating a Whisper Culture with Annie Parr and Lysa Cooper

Annie Parr and Lysa Cooper are here to lay it bare.  Listen in to their personal stories that cover all sorts of midlife transitions - career, menopause and identity.  These women are honest, fun and pretty f*cking direct when it comes to how they feel about themselves, our culture and their bodies.  Get ready to feel something because it's impossible not to respond to this kind of candor.  

Be the Change, for the Change with MP Carolyn Harris

We spoke to MP Carolyn Harris who shares her experience advocating for women's menopause health needs and how she incited a UK Menopause Revolution. From a personal story that's as heartbreaking as it is inspiring, she shares the strategies that helped her first become an MP for her district in Swansea, Wales, to confidently navigating government policies and improving legislation and access.  This show is like a slap in the face to help us choose our menopause journey and take control of our lives.  At 64, Carolyn has never felt better and she's on fire to help us all do th...

Why we need sleep AND sex with Dr. Karen Adams

Join us to explore the complex interplay between these crucial aspects of life during perimenopause. Our expert guest Dr Karen Adams will reveal the latest insights into how sleep and sex can impact your overall quality of life and share practical tips for optimizing both. Find out what a wham bam is and how the best thing we can do is have an erotic relationship with ourselves.  Turn on the Bridgerton and pass the magic wand!

Sex matters. A deep dive into sex and aging with Dr. Leah Millheiser


When you throw fluctuating hormones, the stressors of
midlife, thinning tissue, and the pressure we put on ourselves to perform (in all roles)
you can imagine the impact. And yet, no one seems to be talking about it? We’re
thrilled to be joined by the Chief Medical Officer of Evernow in this candid conversation.

Did you know beforeplay was a thing? We didn’t either! Come learn with us.
We’re also excited to introduce you to a new...

What happens when women want to have babies during perimenopause? with "Egg Whisperer" Dr. Aimee

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), women aged 45 and over have a less than 5% chance of getting pregnant naturally within a year of trying .What is possible, and what is realistic? This show will give you a step-by-step guide to what an IVF journey looks like for a woman post-forty. Can she use her eggs? What are donor eggs? Can women carry children post-menopause? What about adoption? What about diet and lifestyle interventions? How are celebrities having babies at 47 or 50, and is this possible for the average woman? 

Dr Aimee Eyvazzadeh Graduated f...

Choosing Menopause with Dr. Daisy Robinton

What is up with the precocious nature of ovaries and how could a deeper understanding of this organ help women lead longer, more fun lives?

The ovaries age two and a half times faster than any other organ in the body, yet we know nothing about why this happens. We will speak to Daisy about the work Oviva is doing to extend the health span of women by developing novel therapeutics that support and hopefully extend the life and function of the ovaries. If she's successful, it could give women the choice of experiencing menopause. With more...

Treat Yo' Self with Dr. Julie Colwell


As women in perimenopause, we are still very much in the veil of hormones and feeling ALL the feelings. The problem with that is that we live in a culture that expects (demands?) us to push anything perceived as negative, challenging, or hysterical down and present happy to the world. In the thick of the most wonderful time of year, how can we access more peace?

During times of upheaval, people need powerful tools and support based in wisdom and expansiveness in order to thrive...

How did we get here? Dr. Kristen Hawkes and Jennifer Nadel

In our first live talk show, we welcome you to consider two alternative lenses to view menopause: the anthropical and the psycho-societal.

There’s a reason why no one we know is talking about menopause.  With more context around why menopause happens to humans with ovaries and the culture that stigmatizes women’s aging, we can reclaim choice and power in our own lives. 


Kristen Hawkes is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the University of Utah. Her primary areas of expertise are Cultural Anthropology, Life History, Sociobiology.

Jennifer Nadel i...

Women are not small men with Dr. Stacy Sims


When it comes to exercise, nutrition and medicine, it has long been assumed that women are just smaller versions of men. Very little research has been done specifically on women in these areas and during menopause specifically. This seems crazy given that women make up about 50% of the population and 50% of the population will experience menopause.! This lack of science-based information often means women are doing the wrong training, eating the wrong food, not reaching their full...

The Mystery of the Ovaries with Dr. Jennifer Garrison and Dr. Deena Emera from the Buck Institute

In this talk show we're pulling back the curtain on one of the great mysteries in women's health.  Menopause doesn't have to be scary if we understand everything we can about one of our most vital  organs - the Ovaries. 

Please join our friends Jennifer Garrison and Deena Emera from the Buck Institute for our live talk show this Wednesday.  

Jennifer Garrison is an assistant professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and also holds appointments in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the Davi...