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Bootie and Bossy are two sisters who share a love of cooking and crafting. Please join us in our adventures and misadventures! We'll share our best recipes and make you feel better about your craft projects. Whatever you do, don't knit like my sister! For show notes and more, please visit

Episode 13: Inclusion is Lucky
Last Saturday at 5:57 PM

Is 13 a lucky or unlucky number? Bootie and Bossy discuss various lore about the number 13 and discover that the overriding message is "be inclusive!" You can definitely do that with Ina Garten's pork posole recipe, which is sure to feed a hungry and diverse crowd. As always, family stories are shared (Hi Mom!) and updates on our knitting projects. Show notes can be found at

Episode 12 Three Great Books: Vegetarian Salads, Animals, and Hats

In this episode, Bootie and Bossy have three book recommendations. First, we discuss the cookbook Community by Hetty McKinnon. She approaches salads like a good novel: with tantalizing characters and delicious plot twists. She has excellent advise for what to put in your larder so that you're ready when 5PM rolls around to put together something nutritious and satisfying. In fact, it's so satisfying that you might not even mind that it's vegetarian! Next, we discuss Knitted Animal Friends by Louise Crowther. Bossy gave this book to Bootie for her birthday and we got to see one of the animals...

Episode 11 Vacation gone a-rye

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Bootie and Bossy were very excited about all the excellent adventures they had planned for Bossy's visit to Washington. Three days in, our Mom fell and fractured her pelvis. Spending time at the hospital was definitely not what any of us had in mind, most especially Mom, but we did manage to salvage what we could and were glad just to be spending time together. We love you Mom and we wish you a very speedy recovery so you can enjoy our cocktail, the Blackberry Ginger Rye for this episode!! Show notes can be...

Episode 10

Bootie presents a delicious jell-o recipe similar to one from her childhood. Bootie and Bossy reminisce about April Fool's jokes of the past and discuss ideas for this year. Vintage craft projects that need a come back, such as toilet paper covers and beer can hats are presented. Show notes can be found at

Episode 9 Michelle Obama's book

For this episode, Bootie and Bossy interviewed Michelle Obama', The Light We Carry The entire first chapter is devoted to knitting and how learning to knit helped Michelle get through the pandemic. Michelle speaks openly and honestly about parenting (we really appreciated her honestly about the less than stellar parenting moments), marriage, overcoming fear, and remaining positive during the most trying of times. Even if we wouldn't be invited to Michelle's "retreats" with no alcohol, no dessert and lots of rigorous exercise, we still love you, Michelle! The recipe for this episode is a classic, just like Michelle: Chicken...

Episode 8 Interview with Layla Pujol

Bootie and Bossy had the honor of interviewing Layla Pujol, the creator of, an Ecuadorian food blog and one of the contributors to the cookbook Yo Cocino Latino. Bootie has had the pleasure of tasting many of Layla's dishes and they are all wonderful. You can find more information by checking out the Show Notes at

Episode 7 Interview with Mom

This is the episode where pretty much everyone gets thrown under the bus! Our amazing mom shares her wonderful recipe for brownies, along with many family stories of "camouflage and subterfuge." We have updates on the Knitalong Bootie is doing with Marie Greene and Bossy's Arpeggio poncho.

Episode 6 Chili and January Projects

In this episode, we share our tried and true recipe for chili, along with our childhood memories of eating it. We present our (insert trumpet sound here) January knitting projects.

Episode 5 Marshmallows, Looking Back and Looking Forward

In this episode, we discuss the merits of homemade marshmallows. Who knew this delicious treat was so easy to make and so much better than store bought? In terms of knitting, we take a look at projects we completed for the holidays and projects we are making in the new year.

Episode 4 Pumpkin Bread and Hats, Hats, Hats

In this episode, we have pumpkin bread, a remembrance of Pussy hats past, hats for the present, and hats to work up to in the future, such as brioche (knitting, not bread). For more information , check out our website:

Special Christmas Bonus

Bossy reads the Christmas letter she wrote in 2011, the year she gave us each a stocking made out of our dad's old ski sweater.

Instructions for felting an old sweater and turning it into a Christmas stocking can be found on our website, along with a picture of our dad skiing in Colorado.

Episode 3 Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!! Aunt Betty's famous dinner rolls and great small knits, plus memories of Christmas Joys.

Episode 2 Mom's OK

First off, Mom's OK! Bootie shares her recipe for Tarte Tatin. Bootie and Bossy talk about their current projects which include a cowl, toys and a baby blanket. Gender and color are discussed. The recipe and patterns discussed are in the show notes.

Mom's OK!

First off, Mom's OK! Bootie shares her recipe for Tarte Tatin. Bootie and Bossy talk about their current projects which include a cowl, toys and a baby blanket. Gender and color are discussed. The recipe and patterns discussed are in the show notes.

Bootie and Bossy Trailer

Welcome to Bootie and Bossy, the podcast where we share our favorite recipes and make you feel better about your own crafting projects! Check out our show notes and more at

Episode 1: Beginnings

"The beginning is more than half the whole and sheds its light on all the rest"--Aristotle

Bossy shares her favorite Fall cocktail. Bootie and Bossy discuss their beginnings and new beginnings in crafting. Check out our website for show notes and more: