Farming on Purpose

10 Episodes

By: Lexi Wright

A podcast for producers ready to shift for a stronger future. For farmers and ranchers who know that somewhere in between the extreme ideals preached in food, there is room for innovation that benefits both our food system and the lifestyle of the American farmer.

Getting Started with Stockdogs
Today at 9:04 AM

“It’s a lot easier to start a dog with a clean slate than erase a bunch of bad habits.” 

Join us in this stimulating episode of Farming on Purpose and get up and close with Randall Walker, a renowned stock dog expert from Satus Stockdogs. Taking us through his fascinating journey of employing dogs in rotational grazing, Randall presents an eye-opening narrative on how stock dogs can significantly enhance farming efficiency. Perfectly tailored for those considering incorporating stock dogs into their operations, this podcast is loaded with critical analogues and recommendations. Listen in as we delve deep in...

From Off-Farm Income Podcast: Episode 1912: A Million Open Doors | Lexi Wright | The Farming On Purpose Podcast

“I wish there were more opportunities for people to see the day-to-day of it, not just the ‘you want to teach about agriculture, you must want to be a teacher’. There’s other options to do that, especially now that I’ve gotten into the world of entrepreneurship…”  

This week we are mixing things up a bit! I had the pleasure of being on the Off-Farm Income podcast hosted by Matt Brechwald back in December. We had such a great conversation about many different topics and I wanted to highlight that episode and share it! We talked about my FFA jou...

Market Shifts in Direct-to-Consumer Marketing in the Beef Industry with Linnea Langusch

“Video is such a powerful tool when it comes to communicating about agriculture with consumers because it’s not a big Hollywood production that’s getting edited. It’s just somebody in their field talking about their cattle. It’s just real and authentic.”  

In this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Linnea Langusch. Linnea dives into her research she performed while working on her Master’s degree. Linnea shares how COVID-19 made her shift her research and how it affected the beef industry.  She then explains what obstacles the beef industry faced during the peak times of...

Diversifying Your Cattle Income for Operation Growth with Neilson Beef

“Stuff that we don’t necessarily think is unique actually is unique. Our lifestyle is unique. There’s not a big percentage of us doing this in the world.”  

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Lance Neilson. Lance owns and operates a cow/calf business and he shared how he and his wife started growing their herd shortly after they graduated college and got married. Having both grown up in agriculture, they knew they wanted to raise their children in the lifestyle as well. Lance dove into some of the things he does to diversi...

A Legacy of Direct to Consumer Beef with Callison Ranch

“Sometimes when things feel like it’s the worst day, it may turn out to be one of the best experiences in your interest.” 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Nikki Callison of Callison Ranch. Nikki shared about how she got back into agriculture after being a teacher for ten years. Nikki and her husband, Roger started their direct to consumer beef operation and Nikki talked about her family history in the selling of beef business. Nikki also shared her experience raising three kids on the ranch and noted some of the lasting memorie...

The Power of Small Farms and Slow Growth with Lane's End Farm Creamery

“One of our favorite quotes of all time is, ‘The answer to America’s food problem is not one or two big answers, it’s many small answers.’ And we couldn’t agree more.” 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Jesse and Lisa Vivian. Jesse and Lisa shared how they started  Lane’s End Farm + Creamery. The original plan for the creamery was to make cheese but then Covid hit and like many others their plans had to adapt to the new demand of their community. Once their community got a taste of their milk, they h...

From Homesteading to Backgrounding Beef and Meat Business Expansion

“It’s not something that happens overnight, it’s a gradual transition. We started making our own bars of soap, I started making my own tallow, I started doing all these little things gradually that are creating a more holistic home, but it definitely takes time and you appreciate everything you have a whole lot more.”  

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Kerissa Payne of Covey Rise Farms. Kerissa shared about her journey building her farm operation with her husband in Ohio and then moving their operation to Kansas. As you can imagine, that proce...

Processing the Good and the Hard of Farm Life & Motherhood

“What you feel like in the moments when it is a hard season is real and even in your mind you know in a few years it’s going to be easier but that’s a few years away. I feel like I try to let myself feel those feelings and for me, writing is how I process a lot of that and remembering that it’s ok to feel hard but just know it’s not going to last forever.” 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Stacy Bronec. While not having an ag background...

Your Life's Bingo Card and Flower Farming with Liz Fiedler of Sunny Mary Meadow Farms

“The mindset of I do belong here. I belong here. Never underestimate your roots and where you came from and just try to find your place.”    

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Liz Fiedler of Sunny Mary Meadow Farms. Liz shared how her flower farm got started as a farm stand and the many different ag operations were run on her late husband’s family farm. Liz also opened up with us about losing her husband unexpectedly and her grief journey so far. Liz is more than just a flower farmer and business owner, Liz...

Strategies to Calm the Chaos and Balance "It All"

“Recognizing the season and what actually is important in that season, I think, is the most important thing you can do.”  

In this episode, I wanted to talk about a topic that many followers have asked me about, time management and how to manage all the irons in the fire as a wife, mother, farmer, and business owner. Sometimes it is hard to adjust your expectations to the season you are in, but once you do and set realistic, achievable goals, it will help you stay on track. I use tools like Google calendar to help me with t...