Just Friends

18 Episodes

By: Jude Sack & Lula Talenfeld

Listen to two college friends — and only friends — chat about anything & everything on their minds. From rehashing their favorite lectures, complaining about hookup culture, and discussing the glitches in the simulation, Jude and Lula will share it all! Join two Yale students as they try to figure out this whole crazy life thing. Unwind with us every Sunday... and make sure to brew yourself some tea :)

Art and academia: to be or not to be? w/ Esmé & Natalia
Last Sunday at 6:00 AM

On today's episode, Jude and Lula are joined by Lula's young sister Esmé and her girlfriend Natalia — in other words, the smartest people they know. The four of them dive deep into everything college: the draining application process, the growing gap year craze, and how different types of colleges can help cultivate your art. Also, Esmé won't wear shoes, and Jude loves the common app!?

Is good art better than my therapist?

Jude and Lula are finally on spring break! In this episode, the duo rehashes Lorraine Hansberry’s The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window and the intricacies that made the play so impactful (Lula wept). They rant about the endless therapeutic effects of art and wonder why they feel the need to analyze it at all. And, as always, they end with a hilariously bad game of Mind Meld that will leave you concerned for both of them.

A talk with an Ivy League drug dealer

This week, Jude and Lula are joined by “Walter White” to discuss the ins and outs of weed in the Ivy Leagues. From exploring the role weed plays in college students' lives to discussing the origins of his drug dealing days and the communities weed can create, this episode is sure to be a lit one. 

Growing pains

It's finally March! The duo (try and) celebrate the end of a challenging month as well as Jude's birthday – spoiler alert, he's not too thrilled about it. In this week's episode, Jude and Lula open up about why they hate their birthdays and their complex feelings about growing up. We hope you join us in rediscovering your inner child and remembering to thank your younger self.

Soul sweating with Courtney Brooks

Jude and Lula are joined by Courtney Brooks, the founder and owner of Soul Sweat New Haven, to share their experiences with yoga. The three discuss breathing through your lowest moments, escaping perfectionism, and turning passion into a career. Was her journey all just luck or mindset? Maybe both. 

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Insta: @soulsweat.ct

Web: soulsweathotyoga.com

Dump them, date us

Jude and Lula celebrate this Valentine's Day by digging deep into their views on monogamy (wow they’re single). Whether it’s the constant pressure to defend your relationships or the nominal probability of a successful marriage, the two discuss the absurdity of a monogamous label being the given. Plus, Lula talks about her band’s first performance and Jude went go-karting.

Inquisitive sheep with William Deresiewicz

Best-selling author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life and a former professor at Yale University, William Deresiewicz offers powerful insight into the drawbacks of an Ivy League education. From the ceasless compulsion to jump through hoops, to the paradox of possibility becoming limitation, to the vitality of solitude, Jude and Lula compare their experiences at Yale to what Deresiewicz has witnessed for decades. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation about higher education!

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Dear diary … I think Lula's gone mad

In this week's episode of Just Friends, Jude and Lula chat about why society is so obsessed with monogamy, the intricacies behind the art of bullet journaling, and the battle between journaling for the present or future self. Plus, Jude predicts which grandparent you're closer to and Lula — of course — is sick again!!

Leaving Yale and trusting your art with Samuel Getachew

The time has finally come!!! In today's episode, Jude and Lula welcome their first guest, Samuel Getachew, to the pod. The three friends discuss gap years and transferring from Yale, the inability to hide behind your art, the poetry and modeling worlds of NYC, and why Samuel didn't talk for ten days.

Check out Samuel and his work!!
Instagram: @samuelgd
Twitter: @samuel_sgd
Web: samuelgetachew.com

Let's catch up

Jude and Lula are determined to start the semester off strong with positive mindsets, exciting new classes, and aspiring crushes (?!). It's been a month since the dynamic duo have seen each other, so cozy up with them as they rehash their breaks and catch up on everything from crashing New Year's parties to bungee jumping. 

new year, same us

3… 2… 1… Happy new year!! On this special episode, Jude and Lula prepare for 2023 by sharing the 23 things they plan to bring into it. With eating more Haven Hot, not apologizing for yourself, and hot yoga for dayz, their lists are sure to get you reflecting on this funny little thing called life. We hope you laugh with us looking back at 2022 and are inspired to make your own list for the new year!

It's a match! Not.

Dating apps? Oy vey. Jude and Lula reckon with dating and hookup culture in the 21st century and the perils of existing behind a screen. Oh, and it’s way past Jude’s bedtime; good luck listeners.

Are you on the list?

On today's episode, Jude and Lula share their hot takes on greek life and exclusivity at Yale. Should parties be listed? Are coed frats the answer? Do humans just need exclusivity? Lula is brain dead from the countless shows she's in, and Jude recites an apology haiku for being a gaslighter.

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Are you on the list?

On today's episode, Jude and Lula share their hot takes on greek life and exclusivity at Yale. Should parties be listed? Are coed frats the answer? Do humans just need exclusivity?  Lula is brain dead from the  countless shows she's in, and Jude recites an apology haiku for being a gaslighter.

Oh, and Notion, please sponsor us!

The drug we're all addicted to

Phones. Jude, the kid who lived 18 years without one, is addicted just like the rest of us. Lula shares her free-reign experience with social media, posting music and editing bikini pics as young as 12 (yikes). And the two scream about how we're all doomed.

A is not for effort

Jude and Lula are at it again but this time ranting about secret gradens, student flims,  and being stuck in the never-ending cycle of dread (grades). Can anyone ever escape? We sure tried ... but something about them just keeps calling us back. 

To love art is to fear it…?

Wow, Jude and Lula already manage to open the floodgates of insecurity as they discuss the intricacies of being young performance artists with complex creative processes.  With Lula's never-released childhood album "12" and Jude's Magic Castle act "Unplugged," vulnerability is the through-line. But what does it mean to be vulnerable in art? What are the costs? How do we know when to stop?

Oh... and Lula has a cough :( 

Introductions: a meet-cute story

Welcome to Just Friends! Lula and Jude hope you’re cozied up as they introduce themselves, their antics, and everything in between. From creepy stuffed monkeys to hot takes on fall break, there’s certainly a lot to unpack here… Some say it was friendship at first sight, or maybe first fight, but either way, we look forward to spending every Sunday with you :)