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Rugby podcast "covering" MLR and Texas club rugby.

Episode 13: Special Guest/ USA Eagle & Utah Warrior, Paul Mullen
Last Friday at 1:25 PM

The guys are joined by US Eagle & Utah Warrior Paul Mullena as they talk about D3 rugby, Paul's rugby carrerpath, and the fans of MLR.

Episode 12: Uh-Oh, Somebody was Wrong

The guys recap last weekends games, NCR Allstars tournament, and make the upcoming predictions for D3 games.

Episode 11: MLR Jerseys Rankings & D3 South Picks of the Week

The guys discuss MLR Jerseys for 2023, upcoming TRU matches, condiments debate, and the start of our weekly TRU picks

Episode 10: MLR Homegrown vs Outsourcing Debate and Yellowstone Beth Hate

The guys go over the Freetail 7s results, College All-Star Matches, MLR debate of homegrown vs outsourcing for building rugby, and Yellowstone Beth hate along with some Top 5 TV shows discussion.

The Fantastic Adventures of Billy and Where to Find Him

Episode 9: The guys have on their first guest, infamous Texas rugby whore Billy Hoya, discuss upcoming Freetail 7s tournament, and a history lesson on the Austin Huns.

Deck the Halls With Rugby Balls

The guys recap last weeks cup matches, Eddie Jones coaching the Barbarians, and the gerbil search has ended. Merry Chrysler!

Double Rivalries With a Side of Poor Choice Fries

The guys discuss the past weekends club matches, the upcoming weekends abundance of rugby, MLR name changes, and US rugby's future.

D3 Massacre Match & MLR Jersey Releases

The guys discuss D3 & D2 match results, barracks life, bidets, MLR Jersey Releases, Fammigos, and post match snacks.

D3's and Gerbil Glizzy's

The guys discuss upcoming D3 matches, this weeks red cards, and the Richard Gere rodent research continues

*Short and Sweet

The guys recap this weekend's club matches, USvPortugal game, and endure through some technical difficulties.

Chicago Glizzy Rugby Club

The guys recap the Lone Survivor Tournament, MLR's schedule announcement, Chicago's future team, and the US v Hong Kong World Cup Qualifier.

Ooo-LaLa's and Deary Me's

The guys recap the US v Kenya world cup qualifier, Arrows v HARC, and the shady dealing of the MLR

We're awkward and ok with that

The guys inaugural episode for the Two Guys One Pitch Podcast. Introductions, recent MLR Gildrama, and a short recap to Texas Rugby Union's first D3 cup match.