9 Episodes

By: Idy Barry & Paige Neuman

Welcome to IRL! Join Paige and Idy as they navigate a rapidly changing world; from hookup culture and moving out, to TikTok and current obsessions. Listen as our hosts unpack the changes they’re facing in this monumental era of their lives.

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Last Sunday at 9:00 AM

Welcome back to IRL! This week, we are joined by Paige’s roommate, Lauren.

THe IRLcademy Awards

Happy Oscar day to the annoying people who also celebrate

Cassie Coded

Idy and Paige dive into a mature subject matter including sensitive topics surrounding the overall theme of mental health. Listen as they discuss television series, social media, etc. and how it has impacted their growth and resulted in evaluation surrounding mental health.

We’re Old

With Idy turning 20 the day after upload, the girls reflect on being in their 20s and getting “old”

The D Word

This week, Paige and Idy talk about the D word… DATING. Listen to their dating hot takes and horror stories as they break down this not-so-hot topic.

Let’s BeReal…

This week, we’re getting real about social media: the good AND the bad.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In this weeks episode meet guests Lydia and Valentina, some of the production team behind IRL as we share a lot of laughs and a few history lessons

Jesse’s Ghouls

This week, Paige and Idy get spooky for Halloween. Join them in reminiscing their past costumes, movies, and more.

Phil Dunphy’s Digital Footprint

Our first episode couldn’t be more off-the-rails as the girls introduce themselves, their partying habits, Paige dives in to her (totally normal) Phil Dunphy obsession.