10 Episodes

By: Paige Neuman

Welcome to IRL! Tune in to hear how Paige navigates the wild experiences of being a 20-something in the city. Packed with pop culture, throwbacks, and humour, join her in this monumental era, both online and In Real Life.

That’s TMI
Last Saturday at 5:49 AM

It’s season four and maybe it’s time for you to get to know Paige on a deeper level. Maybe a little too deep.

pAIge Flirts Online

Hang out with your host, Paige, as she kicks back, chats, and maybe even flirts a little with some of your favorite characters, all thanks to the terrifying progress in AI tech. Get ready for a wild ride!

Sleepy Girl

Feel the burnout blues with Paige as she spills the tea on her own experiences. Get ready for some real talk and hopefully find a bit of your own story in the mix.


Join us as we wrap up the IRL season three HIGHlights. Paige reminisces on all the episodes this season, discusses hot takes on the best of Disney Channel originals and holiday festivities!


Paige is ready to reveal her fangirl past obsession of fan fiction. Join us as we explore the stories she read and even possibly wrote during her childhood, featuring her favourite fandoms like Janoskians, Magcon, One Direction, Teen Wolf, and more.

The D Word Pt.2

Join Paige for a journey through the world of dating as she serves up her latest hot takes on romance, relationships, and everything in between. From the last time you heard ‘The D Word’ to now, she’s got the juicy updates you’ve been waiting for.

I’m Tyler Durder

Prepare for a spine-tingling adventure in our latest episode! Join us as we delve into the world of Halloween costumes and unveil all the updates for this season of IRL!

Drizzy Talk With For Ex-Sample

IRL talks all things music with the members of Spirit Live radio show For Ex-Sample


Paige talks with friends Sara and Colton about a script written in their media writing class and they reflect on the funny moments that were shared inside and outside the class room

We Get Parasocial

This week, Idy and Paige talk parasocial relationships and more social media.