The "Faily Tale" Show

14 Episodes

By: Aakash Mandhar

A smart person learns from their own failures, a wise person learns from other's failures! In this podcast, we learn from tales of failures of our very accomplished guests. Join Aakash as we together learn from the collective failures of humanity, because it’s story time!

You grow much faster with a failure than a win (Kris Treytl)
Last Wednesday at 2:00 PM

Join us for a candid conversation with Kris Treytl, a seasoned HR professional who's not afraid to share her tales of failure. From the differences between the written and practiced culture to the rat race of corporate climbing, Kris shares her unique perspective on the challenges faced in the workplace. She'll be talking about the disconnect between one's self-perceived value and the value they bring to the table. And she'll be doing it all in her own inimitable style. This is not your typical "lessons learned" podcast, it's a no-holds-barred look at the ups and downs of a career...

True learning happens when you are intellectually honest (Arun Rao)

Are you ready to learn the secrets of building a winning team? Look no further than our guest, Arun Rao, a seasoned game industry professional with a wealth of experience in building and leading successful teams. Arun shares his insights on the importance of hiring the right people for the job and fostering a culture of teamwork. Using the example of a game he built in college with his team mates, Arun illustrates the power of a strong team and the impact it can have on the success of a project. He also delves into the importance of intellectual...

Take some time to reflect on things (Gautham Pallapa)

In this episode, our guest Gautham shares insights on successful leadership and organizational transformation. Learn how to clearly articulate your 'why' and achieve desired business outcomes while empowering your teams to drive success. Gautham stresses the importance of introspection and taking the time to reflect before responding. He also talks about how failure can be a valuable learning opportunity for the entire organization. Embracing and celebrating failures is one of the key ways to transform an organization, according to Gautham. 

The Early Days: Setting the Foundation for Business Success (Curt Cullens)

In this episode our guest Curt Cullens delves into the importance of setting clear guidelines and expectations in the early stages of a company's formation, and how it can make tough conversations down the road easier. We also discuss the role of failure in entrepreneurship and the value of understanding risks and knowing when to call it quits. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on the keys to business success.

Why are the fruit flies dead in the International Space Station? (Hassan Ali)

In this week's episode as we chat with Hassan Ali about the ups and downs of a NASA mission to ISS. From the unexpected death of fruit flies on the mission to the importance of understanding both success and failure, Hassan shares insights on the unpredictable nature of failure in orbit. But it's not all doom and gloom - Hassan also discusses the concept of "real luck" and the role it plays in his work. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation about what it takes to thrive in the unknown.

How Success Can Lead to Failures Too (Roopa Kumar)

In this episode, Roopa Kumar discusses the importance of failure and self care in achieving success. She argues that successes can lead to failure if we become too focused on our past achievements and fail to continue pushing ourselves forward.  She also emphasizes the importance of humility, which she believes can come through experiencing failure. Additionally, Roopa emphasizes the importance of self care and investing in ourselves in order to maintain the energy and focus needed to continue striving for success.

The Power of Knowing When to Quit (Subramanyan Murali)

In this episode, Subramanyan Murali shares valuable lessons he has learned throughout his career as a manager. He talks about the importance of knowing when to get hands-on and when to delegate, how to make a lasting impression as a leader, and why it's sometimes necessary to know when to give up. Tune in for valuable insights on balancing multiple tasks and being a successful manager.

Failure to delegate: Perpinder Singh Patrola

Perpinder Singh Patrola (CEO of Patrola law) shares his "Failure to Delegate" and "Failure to recognize and double down on opportunities" in this episode of The "Faily Tale" Show.

He also elaborates on his quote "Nothing changes if nothing changes!"

Brian Rayfield

Akshatha Shetty

Raja Mawad

"Go look at yourself in the mirror. See who you are looking for and not just who you are looking at. Go find yourself!"

Raja Mawad , CEO of Thrv Health, explains lessons he learnt from failures over the years.

Victor Hurdugaci

"You have to find a way to ignore your ego and do what is needed by your customers"

Victor Hurdugaci, VP of PlayerWon, explains lessons he has learnt from failures over the years.

Junaili Lie

"Until you break your back bending backwards, you honor your commitment."

Junaili Lie , CEO of AccelByte Inc, explains lessons he learnt from failures over the years.

Giridhar KN

Unless you want to only play catchup, one has to design for where the world is going and not where it is today. Giridhar KN, an experienced technology leader, explains lessons he learnt from failures over the years.