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The Fungus Among Us: The Last of Us and American Politics & Culture
Last Wednesday at 10:00 PM

In this episode of The Spectacle podcast, what’s planned to be a regular discussion of American politics quickly turns into something else altogether. Melissa Mackenzie begins with a discussion of a YouGov poll covering political orientation and how we see different religious denominations, and then Scott McKay mentions the new post-apocalyptic HBO series The Last Of Us and off it goes. If you’re not aware, The Last Of Us launches from a premise that an invasive and deadly fungal infection spreads across the globe turning humans into monsters and wrecks civilization, and in the ruins is a poss...

It Starts At The State Level

In this episode of The Spectacle, Melissa Mackenzie returns from the inauguration of Texas’ governor Greg Abbott and other officials impressed by the state’s Republican officials and their determination to engage the fight on cultural and political topics as well as economic. That starts a discussion about red states like Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and maybe even soon, Louisiana, also going on offense to save America under leaders like Ron DeSantis and Bill Lee.

The Good News Episode

Scott and Melissa discuss only good news in this episode of The Spectacle. In praise of the new rules in the GOP-run house, positive data on the COVID front and much, much more!


Chaos In Congress, Chaos Everywhere!

Ballot after ballot in the House of Representatives has failed to produce a Speaker, and that’s the lead topic in the latest Spectacle Podcast episode. Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay also discuss the Damar Hamlin tragedy and our national winter of discontent.

Culture Trumps Politics

The rise of alternative, really great media and there’s hope!

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Why are the elites always pedophiles?

Exploring the many conspiracy theories that all end in killing the innocence or life of a child.

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Midterm Mess

What Republicans should focus on to win!

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The Spectacle of the Spectacular 2022 Midterm Election

Who is winning, what does this mean for Republican leadership, and much, much more!

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No COVID Amnesty

Finding forgiveness for unrepented Covid crimes and finding justice for the criminals in San Francisco. Also available to watch on YouTube

Armageddon and Catastrophic Debates

Scott McKay and Melissa Mackenzie discuss Democrats and their catastrophic debates, red waves, and no-big-deal Apocalypses.

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Red wave?

A look at Senate races, what’s motivating voters, Trump and DeSantis, and the purposeful destruction of cities by Democrats.

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