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Welcome to Tangents by Out of Architecture, hosted by Silvia Lee. We’re highlighting some of our favorite stories from the amazing people we’ve met along our journey. We will hear how they created a unique career path for themselves from the variety of skills and talents they developed in and out of architecture. Out of Architecture is a career consulting firm started by two Harvard-educated professionals interested in exploring the value of their skills both in and out of the architectural profession. We’re here to help you maximize all of the expertise you have honed as a design...

Choosing To Follow Happiness with Joyful's Eric Riggsbee
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

In this Tangents episode, Eric Riggsbee, a project manager at Joyful, shares his unique career path from architecture to the tech industry and back again. He discusses the transferable skills he gained from architecture, such as problem-solving and attention to detail, and how they have helped him succeed in his current role. Eric emphasizes the importance of following happiness rather than sticking to a specific career path, and how architects can bring their creativity and strategic thinking to other industries. He also highlights the need for a strong work-life balance and the value of creating a positive company culture.<...

Connecting the Dots Through Your Career with Adidas' Jody Broccoli-Hickey

Jody Broccoli Hickey is a 3D computational designer at Adidas. Jody shares how he leveled up his skills and understanding when making a career switch, and the joy of the creative process strengthened from pursuing opportunities that aligned strongly with his interests. 

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From Architecture to Exhibit Design, Exploring New Career Paths with Upswell's Ben Feicht

Our guest today is Ben Feicht, Architect and Exhibit Designer at Upswell. Ben shares how and why he transitioned from architecture to exhibit design, the impact of journaling as a tool for exploration, and the exciting future of technology in design.

How journaling can help explore ideas, identify interests and find the right career path Networking and using LinkedIn can lead to job opportunities in different industries Offering ideas and showcasing skills during the application process can make you stand out Working in a small design agency allows for skill-building and collaboration across different disciplines


The Value Architects Bring Beyond Design 
with Professor of Earth Sciences Akshay Mehra

In this Tangents episode we speak with AKSHAY MEHRA, Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington. Akshay's journey from architecture to geosciences highlights the value of curiosity, mentorship, and interdisciplinary collaboration. His experience demonstrates the potential for architects to contribute to scientific research and engage with complex issues in a rigorous and impactful manner. 


How a background in architecture led to a PhD in geosciences How the skills learned in architecture, such as spatial thinking and communication, proved to be valuable in other fields. Reaching out to e...

Embracing Chaos and Authenticity with Architecture Social’s Stephen Drew

In this Tangents episode we speak with STEPHEN DREW, Founder of the Architecture Social. Through his candid and authentic perspective, we explore the importance of embracing change, selling oneself, and the untapped potential architects possess in various industries.


The importance of selling oneself and leveraging architectural expertise in different industries Acknowledge the self-doubt and fear that often accompany career transitions. but take control of your professional life Embrace sales and marketing skills to better promote yourself and your work Explore different career paths and do not be afraid to deviate from traditional architecture if it d...

The Power of Architects as Change Makers with SOM’s Ellen Abraham

In this Tangents episode, we speak with ELLEN ABRAHAM, Chief Pin Officer at Architect Pins, one of our amazing OOA Advisors and Senior Project Manger and Co-Founder of Equity Design Lab @ SOM. We cover: 


SOM’s Equity Design Lab, which focuses on creating equitable and community-focused designs How architects have the power to be change-makers and make a positive impact on communities “Always Be Pitching” and how an entrepreneurial spirit embraces risk and failing forward Creating Architect Pins as a way for architects and designers to express   and celebrate their unique journeys and values Staying true to y...

At The Intersection of Architecture and Food Systems with Stone Barns’ Caitlin Taylor

On this episode of Tangents, Caitlin Taylor, Architect, Farmer, Food Systems Designer and Managing Director at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, shares her experiences developing a passion and career exploring food systems through an architectural lens. 

Hear Caitlin’s insights into exploring her interests deeply, finding equally passionate and driven people to work with, and the power that architects have to redesign and rebuild food systems. She describes how she looks at everything from all scales, and views everything she does as an act of love.

Listen to the end to hear our highlight on...

Finding Happy & Healthy Career Paths in Architecture with Riley Projects’ Anamika Goyal

On this episode of Tangents, Anamika Goyal, Director of Operations for Architecture & Construction at Riley Projects and OOA advisor, shares her experiences from working in more traditional architecture firms to innovative startups in the AEC industry (WeWork, Cottage, Riley Projects). Hear Anamika’s insights into leadership, management, and finding a career that fulfills a passion for building without leaving architecture.

Check out our show notes below where you’ll find recommended resources from Anamika! And listen to the end to hear Luis Velez, from the OOA community!


Leader, Problem Solver, Connector Getting Started in Ar...

Building a Fulfilling Creative Career with BTTR Agency’s Ana Barros

On this episode of Tangents, Ana Barros, Creative Director @ BTTR Agency and Architectural Photographer, shares her experiences of building a fulfilling career from her passions and details the skills that enabled her to get there. She talks about the importance of being adaptable and curious and how she used tools to her advantage to further her creative process.

Listen to the end to hear from a part of the OOA team and community, Jasmine Hwang!


Finding something to fulfill your creative needs when your day job is not enough Building a career from t...

Embracing Change and Creating Opportunity with SOM's Iben Falconer

On this episode of Tangents, Iben Falconer, Global Marketing & Business Development Leader and Senior Associate Principal @ SOM shares advice from her own experiences changing roles throughout her career and how not being afraid of change has opened up new opportunities for her.

Listen to the end to hear from a part of the OOA team and community, Noura Alhariri!


Curious, Driven, Empathetic Not being afraid to change roles and careers Finding purpose in your role Make a list of what you want in your career Business Development as everything that brings in work S...

Understanding What You’re All About with TestFit and Women Architects Collective's Joann Lui

On this episode of Tangents, Joann Lui, Content Marketing Manager at TestFit and the founder of Women Architects Collective shares her experiences transitioning her interests and passions into a unplanned career switch and how personal branding helped create opportunities and time for reflection.

Listen to the end to hear from a part of the OOA team and community, Cristy Fedelai!

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Disrupting the Building Industry with Layer's Zach Soflin

On this episode of Tangents, Zach Soflin, CEO at Layer shares his journey which began with creating a solution as an architect for one of his project’s to sharing that solution with the rest of the AEC industry as CEO of a tech startup.


Tinkerer, Designer, Divergent How the solution to a project led to running a company Stepping away from a traditional path in architecture The brave steps that an Architecture Firm took Progression of a CEO’s day to day Rely on data and trusting your gut Being a CEO is actually less...

Creating Space for Inclusion & Belonging with Anti-Racist Hot Dog's Wandile Mthiyane

On this episode of Tangents, Wandile Mthiyane, Founder & CEO of Anti-Racist Hot Dog & CEO of Ubuntu Design Group shares his experiences using architecture as a way to build spaces and places of belonging for folks within the workplace and the community.


Resilient, Faith, Optimistic Architecture as a Vehicle for Dignified Housing Home as an Economic Space Going Back To Your Roots to Drive Your Passions Forward Advice for When You’re In The Middle of Your Process Finding Different Mentors From Houses to Hot Dogs Anti-Racism in the Workplace ★ Support this podcast ★

Creating Authenticity and Happiness in Your Career with Disrupt Symposium's Sara Kolata

On this episode of Tangents, Sara Kolata, Founder of Disrupt Symposium, shares her experiences on how she took the challenges she experienced as a business owner to create a life that truly aligns with her strengths and passions.


Adventurous, Curious, Daring Not fitting in as expected Turning failures into opportunities for growth The point at which you decide to do something Getting closer to who you are Combining your passion with architecture Creating a life you want to live What’s coming up soon with Disrupt ★ Support this podcast ★

Bringing Studio Pedagogy into K-12 Education with NuVu's Saba Ghole

On this episode of Tangents, Saba Ghole, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director at NuVu shares her experiences on how she brings the studio model of learning that we are familiar from our architectural studies and applies it to k-12 learning.


Creative, Optimist, Listener The architecture studio as a model for education and learning Creating a space for critique, feedback and a process oriented approach in education The periods of growth and reflection as an entrepreneur  Learning how to scale an atypical educational model The benefits of using your skills and talents in a different context Holding o...

Connecting A Community Of Creatives with If Not Now, Then When's Rachael Hymas

On this episode of Tangents, Rachael Hymas, Founder of If Not Now, Then When (INNTW) shares her experiences stemming from her background in architecture that led her to meet so many amazing people along the way. Hear Rachael speak honestly about finding your path, even as it’s evolving as you grow.


The journey of a multi-disciplinary creative that gets bored easily Helping individuals and companies get down to who they are How networking and mentors can change the direction of your career Creating INNTW to provide access for those looking to move into creative ro...

Having Confidence in Your Skills and Experiences with Adidas's Jake Rudin

On this episode of Tangents, Jake Rudin, Senior Manager Digital Technologies at Adidas shares his experiences and advice on how to translate your architectural experience to your future career path. 

Designer, Educator, Maker
Following A Passion for Architecture
Not Being Limited by Job Descriptions
Communicating Your Abilities in Resumes and Interviews
Confidence is Key
Treat Your Career Like a Design Problem
Demand for Out of Architecture Advice
The Power of Visual Representation
Get Started with Out of Architecture
Defining An Architect and Redefining Yourself

★ Support thi...

Exploring the Intersection Between Architecture, Technology & Strategy with Google's Chrisoula Kapelonis

On this episode of Tangents, Chrisoula Kapelonis, Design Strategist at Google shares her experiences asking questions about what the intersection between architecture and technology is and can be. 


Architect, Technologist, Strategist The Intersection of Architecture & Technology Deciding to Pursue Architecture or Not How Explorations Can Guide Your Path and Moving Beyond Academia Choosing to Be Uncomfortable Building A Home As A Technologist Programming Space Independent of the Physical Building 4D Simulations of Space With Time The Greatest Impact With Technology During Post Occupancy What Does Success Look Like Working with Translations Between Mediums Architects Are T...

Making Your Own Path In Architecture with Matter's Erin Pellegrino

On this episode of Tangents, Erin Pellegrino, Principal at Matter, and Co-Founder of Out of Architecture, shares her experiences creating her own path for herself in Architecture. Hear how never taking no for an answer helped shape her career as an educator, a business owner, and creating Out of Architecture where she helps guide others on their career journeys.


Ambitious, Curious, Striving to be an Optimist Eri Berry Woman Drink Recipe Falling in Love with the Folk Art Museum Doing It All: From Teaching, To Practicing and More Professional Practice: Expectations Vs. Reality Creating Out...

Transforming Passion Into Career Growth with OnePlan's Chi Bhatia

On this episode of Tangents, Chi Bhatia of OnePlan, and Out of Architecture Career Consultant, shares his experiences transitioning from an Senior Designer to VP Strategy and Growth. Hear how being in Los Angeles, California impacted the trajectory of Chi’s career, and how he systematically approached each step of his journey, using his passion of sports as a driver for his success. 

Curious, Systematic, Calm
Taking advantage of your environment
Impact of studying architecture in LA
Being focused on finding work as an international student
How software proficiency matters in you...

The Journey from Architectural Design to Product Design with Airtable's Adrianne Ngam

On this episode of Tangents, Adrianne Ngam of Airtable shares her experiences transitioning from an architectural designer to a product designer. Hear the similarities and differences between the two industries and how Adrianne’s background in architecture led her to designing low code tools today. Adrianne shares why she doesn’t believe in imposter syndrome and how to find work where you can make an impact.


Adaptable, Discerning, Very Ready To Be Wrong Recognizing When and Why to Switch Shedding Your Identity How to Have the Most Impact Embracing Changing Interests Over Time Courage to Mean...

Design a Life You Love with Monograph's Helen Lummis

On this episode of Tangents, Helen Lummis of Monograph shares her experiences transitioning from architecture to tech. Learn from her lessons and discover all the communication and people skills you already have as an architect. Hear Helen share how important it is to have an outside perspective on your career journey, people rooting for you in your corner, and how to create a balanced life for yourself. 


Honest, Friendly, A Thinker From Art to Architecture to Tech Making Things Better A Cabin In the Woods Blood, Sweat & Tears Don't Do What I Did ★ Support this podc...

Understanding the Value of An Architect with Cottage's Manon Paquet

On this episode of Tangents, architect Manon Paquet shares her experiences transitioning from a traditional architecture office to a tech startup. Discover what can and cannot be challenged and changed when architecture meets tech, and how technology can be part of the answer to the housing crisis. If you ever felt like you wanted to improve parts of the profession but hit a wall, this episode is for you. Hear Manon share how she defends the craft but also when you know it's time to get out of architecture. 


Determined, Honest, Observant Getting a Foot in...

TANGENTS: Beyond the Bounds of Traditional Practice

Hear unique stories from those that created a unique career path for themselves from the variety of skills and talents they developed in and out of architecture.

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