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Welcome to Tangents by Out of Architecture, hosted by Silvia Lee. We’re highlighting some of our favorite stories from the amazing people we’ve met along our journey. We will hear how they created a unique career path for themselves from the variety of skills and talents they developed in and out of architecture. Out of Architecture is a career consulting firm started by two Harvard-educated professionals interested in exploring the value of their skills both in and out of the architectural profession. We’re here to help you maximize all of the expertise you have honed as a design...

Making Your Own Path In Architecture with Matter's Erin Pellegrino

On this episode of Tangents, Erin Pellegrino, Principal at Matter, and Co-Founder of Out of Architecture, shares her journey of balancing making and thinking in architecture, leading to a fulfilling and impactful career. From rebellious tomboy to successful architect, she discusses her approach to challenging the status quo and overcoming roadblocks by adopting a mindset of perseverance and continuous improvement. 

Erin's stories of building an Alpine shelter in the Alps and transforming a mid-century modern house's kitchen highlight the power of architecture to create meaningful spaces. From starting her own practice to co-founding Out of Architecture, Erin's e...

Having Confidence in Your Skills and Experiences with Adidas's Jake Rudin

Our guest today is Jake Rudin, Senior Manager Digital Technologies at Adidas, and Co-Founder of Out of Architecture. 

In this episode, Jake Rudin discusses his journey from architecture to leading digital innovation at Adidas, emphasizing the importance of confidence in showcasing one's skills in job interviews. He shares insights on translating architectural skills into various industries, the power of visual representation in presentations, and the significance of treating your career like a design problem. Jake also delves into the founding of Out of Architecture and the impact it has had on helping individuals navigate career transitions.

Embracing Passion and Flexibility in Career Choices with your Tangents Host Silvia Lee

This week, we switch things up a little bit where where our host Silvia Lee is interviewed by Out of Architecture's very own Jake Rudin!

Silvia Lee is the Director of Customer Success at Layer, an adjunct instructor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the host of this Tangents podcast by Out of Architecture. With a background in architecture and a passion for enabling others to achieve their dreams, Silvia brings a unique perspective to her various roles. Her ability to communicate effectively and create connections with people has led to successful collaborations and a...

The Power of Architects as Change Makers with SOM’s Ellen Abraham

In this Tangents episode, we speak with ELLEN ABRAHAM, Chief Pin Officer at Architect Pins, one of our amazing OOA Advisors and Senior Project Manager and Co-Founder of Equity Design Lab @ SOM.

In this episode, Ellen Abraham discusses the power of architects as change makers and the importance of thinking beyond traditional roles in the industry. She shares her background in architecture, from growing up in Dominica to pursuing her education and career in New York. Ellen also highlights her current role as a Senior Project Manager at SOM and the founding of the Equity Design Lab...

Transforming Passion Into Career Growth with OnePlan's Chi Bhatia

Our guest today is Chi Bhatia, VP of Strategy & Growth at One Plan, a SaaS start-up that builds 2D & 3D technology for events & venues. Chi is also part of the amazing career consultant team at Out of Architecture.

Hear Chi share his journey from international student to completing LA’s first NFL stadium to now working at a tech startup providing support to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

On this episode of Tangents, Chi Bhatia of OnePlan, and Out of Architecture Career Consultant, shares his experiences transitioning from an Senior Designer to VP Strategy and Growth. Hear ho...

Building a Career on Kindness and Positive Connections with Studio Ladder's Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson is an architectural visualization specialist who has carved out a unique career path beyond traditional practice. Sam shares her journey from pursuing architecture at the University of Texas to realizing her true passion lies in visualization. She discusses her experiences working in various roles, including at architecture firms, Epic Games, and ultimately starting her own visualization studio.

Sam emphasizes the importance of storytelling and using real-time rendering technology to showcase designs in more immersive ways. She highlights the potential of these tools to empower architects and democratize design by giving a voice...

Reconstructing Histories through Craft and Community with Jeffrey Yoo Warren

Jeffrey Yoo Warren, is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and crafter whose work explores themes of cultural heritage, identity, and community. Jeffrey shares his unique journey from studying architecture to finding his calling in artistic practices deeply rooted in historical research and traditional craftsmanship.

Through his residency at the Library of Congress, Jeffrey talks about the reconstruction of early Asian American communities and neighbourhoods, creating immersive virtual and physical models that invite viewers to experience and connect with these often-overlooked histories. 

He also shares his passion for woodworking, papermaking, and learning traditional Korean crafts, allowing him t...

Transitioning from Architecture to Experience Design in Advertising with Edelman's Lauren Kimball

Our guest today, Lauren Kimball, Experience Design Director @ Edelman, shares her journey from architecture to advertising. She emphasizes the importance of being honest and open in client meetings and offers advice for architecture students looking to explore alternative career paths. Lauren also discusses her platform, Find by Design, which showcases black designers across various disciplines. Through her experiences, she highlights the power of collaboration and the value of pursuing work that you are passionate about.


Architecture students have an amazing foundation in human-centered design thinking that is applicable across industries.Having a diverse range of...

What It Means When Everybody Wins with William Dodge of p-u-b-l-i-c & A Gang of Three

William Dodge shares his unique career journey, from applying to architecture school multiple times, working as a janitor, and eventually becoming a managing principal at a major architecture firm.He discusses his approach to architecture - creating community-focused spaces rather than just facilitating buildings. William talks about starting his own practice, Public, to do great work with wonderful people while getting paid his value. He also runs a public art firm called A Gang of Three. Throughout the conversation, William offers advice on being fearless, hustling, and doing your best work with what you have. He emphasizes the importance...

The Journey from Architecture to Experiential Design with Future Colossal's Jill Shah

Our guest today, Jill Shah, Production Designer at Future Colossal, shares how she capitalizes on her abilities as a generalist, asserts herself to create opportunities, and harnesses the power of storytelling in design.


Leverage spatial design skills from architecture in experience design by focusing on technology integration and storytelling instead of just function.As a generalist, talk confidently about your broad skillset and give examples of how you've tackled challenging, multidisciplinary projects.Be assertive in asking for opportunities to expand your role and prove yourself; people appreciate self-starters.Storytelling is key in experience design...