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A light hearted look at Welsh Regional Rugby from a fans point of view - with presenters from each of the regions.

The one with David Buttress
Last Tuesday at 10:07 AM

We welcomed David Buttress, Chairman of the Dragons to this weeks pod where we discussed the state of the game in Wales, finances, the WRU and the future of the game in Wales.  David gives an open and honest account of where the game is today and what he would like changed.

Then we move on to the usual stuff with possibly the strangest beer to ever make drink of the week - and a moment of history when we come to predictions!

Bonus pod - The Wales squad!

A quick bonus pod to talk through the Wales squad announcement, including Ken as Captain, the type of game we can expect from this squad, the interesting inclusions and what it means for those left out.

The one where everyone wins - not often you can say that

In a rare episode - we have victories for all four regions to discuss!  Plenty of positives to be taken from each game so maybe - just maybe, Welsh rugby is starting to turn  corner?

All the normal stuff is also in there including our predictions for the week ahead.

The one with our #6Nations selections and a Scarlets win

We talk through the weekends actions, starting with the Dragons and Bulls, moving on to Cardiff v Scarlets and finishing with Ospreys v Leinster. Plenty to discuss and a few beers to get the chat going!

As always we make our predictions for this weeks games and we finish off with our Wales squad predictions for the upcoming six nations.

Your comments and feedback are welcome as always. 

The one with two new year derbies and some off field stuff

We have a very civilised conversation about rugby matters, including the Cardiff v Ospreys game and the Scarlets v Dragons game, Thankfully we could talk mainly about the rugby!

We also discuss the Dean Ryan announcement and Iuean Evans new year message.

The one where Lee has a rant

The boxing day derbies were over shadowed by referee's - so is this weeks pod.

The one where everyone wins (apart from the Dragons)>

We talk through a cracking weekend of European rugby and the joy of watching Welsh regions performing well, unless of course you are a Dragon - in which case, Jamie has another classic rant for you.

We also take a look ahead at the Christmas derbies and hope that the standard of performance remains high.

The one with Luke Upton and European rugby

Our guest this week is renowned author Luke Upton who joins us for drink of the week and a chat about his book 'Rugby's greatest mavericks' which is a cracking read. Luke talks us through researching the book and some of the amazing people he spoke plus a couple of others that he couldn't and a few that wouldn't.   Keep an eye out on our socials for a competition to win a copy of the book as well.

We also discuss a bit of rugby and rugby related stuff.

The one with lots going on!

Rugby in South Africa, predictions for europe, Pivac, Gatland, Garcia, De Niro, Regions agreement with WRU and other stuff.

The one with Rupert Moon and THAT celebration

The one and only Rupert Moon joined us to chat through the Wales Australia game and the difficulties that Wales now face.

Rupert gave us his advice on how ordinary fans can affect change within the WRU and just how difficult that is to do.

Most importantly, we talk through the Llanelli v Australia game in November 92 and where THAT celebration came from.

We all agreed that Rupert is a bloody nice bloke - we need more people like him in the game. 

The one where Rhys mentioned the Cardiff win a couple of times.

We begin with a chat about Doddie Weir, a great man that will be sorely missed.

Then, Rhys wanted to talk about the Cardiff and Sharks game - regardless of what everyone else was talking about, so we humoured him for a while - but he kept going on!  To be fair, we were all quite complimentary about each others performances from last weekend - it all felt a little unusual!

We discussed all the Welsh regional games from the first weekend in South Africa and made our predictions for next week - and we s...

The one with Mark Ring and the fall out from the Georgia game

This weeks guest is a creative legend from the 80s and 90s, Mark Ring. 

We talk through the Georgia game and the fall out from that one, plus Mark gives us his thoughts on how to begin to solve the problems in our game and he offers his predictions for the Australia game.

If you are a coach or a parent of young players, you will want to hear what Mark has to say about developing creativity and skills in young players.

Then your usual crew, minus Babysham boy, get stuck in to t...

The one with Mike Ruddock - and a Jamie rant

Possibly the nicest rugby bloke you could talk to - Mike Rudduck gives us his thoughts on the Argentina game and his expectations for the Georgia game, we ramble through his thoughts on the game today, the future, the effect of Welsh fans and his thoughts on the state of the game today.

If you listen carefully, you will discover how two men jumping naked into a duck pond is connected to an awkward incident at a funeral.

Plus we do the other stuff as you would expect.

Wales v New Zealand - so much to discuss

As well as all the important bits such as a decent front row, picking players on form, older players who need to retire and the back row balance, we also tackle key issues such as 'drink of the week', how to keep your dog quiet, wearing your lucky pants and why Carwyn missed the recording!

Your comments and questions are always welcome.

Why do Dragons supporters feel nervous when they win? And our drinking game for the Autumn series

The less said about the performance of Welsh teams in the URC last weekend the better - apart from Jamie who could have done the whole show on  his own about the Dragons!

TMO's and ref's get a going over - the worst part of the URC this season.

We preview the #WalvNZL game for this weekend and introduce our first drinking game.

Finally, we do a serious bit about the WRU election of an independent chair and why it is important.

The one where we talk about some great rugby being played again!

We discuss all the important rugby related stuff from last weekend including the Scarlets against Connacht, Cardiff v The Stormers and Dragons v Ospreys.

We also discuss the choice of Tipuric as captain of the Wales team and the implications for team selection.

Finally and most importantly, we pull together our Ginger XV after Bradley Roberts got called up to the national squad.

The one when the Wales squad got announced

As always we discuss last weeks Welsh Regions performances - two wins, a draw and a second place to go through.

We also venture off into what the game means to people, Welsh weather, connecting with supporters and then we head down the rabbit hole that is the Welsh squad for the autumn internationals.

Enjoy listening coz we really enjoyed recording this one - then tell your mates!

S1 Ep5 - The one where Jamie lets go with both barrels

We aim to discuss the games of all four Welsh Regions but sometimes we get stuck in one place and we drift around it a little! This week we discussed - Scarlets v Cardiff, where do both teams go now and is it as bad as some people are saying;

Ospreys v Ulster and then we had a chat about club v country;

We have a little run through of some of our selections for the Autumn Internationals and then we try to discuss the Dragons Benetton game;

We have a crack at...

Week 3 of th URC - Dragons only speak when they are winning!

Your family of hosts is now complete, Lee, Carwyn, Rhys and now Jamie from the Dragons!

We can't promise that everyone will be here every week - or even that everyone will have a strong enough broadband connection to stay for every episode but it is great to finally have everyone here.

We show the usual levels of disrespect for each others teams and their performances last weekend, plus we have a little chat about referee's in the URC and how good we feel the WRU are at running the game in...

URC week 2 - it was all going so well and then we kicked off!

Lee and Rhys discuss Carwyn's inability to cope with a bit of a cold,

the Dragons win and the supporters reactions

Cardiff's performance and the ref

the Ospreys desire to shoot their feet

the Scarlets lack of defence and the ref!

And we touch on the sensitive subject of the Gallagher Premiership


URC Week 1 - BANG!

A belting first week of the URC - we discuss all the interesting bits including Dean Ryans comments, Cardiffs revival and the West Wales derby.

Plus we start the Flag Challenge but can find anyone from the Dragons to do anything?

Week 1 preview - is mainly Scarlets v Ospreys

We pay tribute to Eddie Butler - discuss the WRU's handling of last weekends fixtures - and we preview the URC week 1 fixtures for week 1 - and we manage to squeeze in our end of season league predictions. 

Plus, we introduce a way for you to get involved with future podcasts.

Pre-season 2022

We take a look at the off season activities of the Welsh regions and what we expect to happen in the coming season - including our predictions for end of season finishing places.