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Full Show 07-15-2024
Yesterday at 3:31 PM

Mojo Didn't Even Notice
Yesterday at 2:20 PM

Dirty 4: Trump Shooter Bought 50 Rounds of Ammunition Hours Before Shooting
Yesterday at 1:59 PM

Kev Offered Cash App as a Gift
Yesterday at 1:58 PM

It Was so Hot Zack Almost Passed Out!
Yesterday at 1:27 PM

Sh*t on Shannon's Dad
Yesterday at 1:23 PM

Dirty 3: Alec Baldwin Involuntary Manslaughter Charges Dismissed
Yesterday at 1:23 PM

Second Date Update: Stuck Up Rich Guy
Yesterday at 12:47 PM

Lydia's Mom Does Everything for Her!
Yesterday at 12:27 PM

The Uninvited Guest
Yesterday at 12:14 PM