Moser, Lombardi and Kane

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Mornings they're talking about the sports stories you'll be talking about all day - It's Marc Moser, Vic Lombardi and Brett Kane weekdays 7am-10am.

4/12/24 Hour 3 - Nuggets and Spurs tonight/LIV v PGA guys/Drunk Takes
Last Friday at 4:21 PM

4/12/24 Hour 2 - Avs implications from Jets game/Vic brings up the Golden Bachelor/Master update
Last Friday at 4:20 PM

4/12/24 Hour 1 - Playoff expectations for Avs and Nuggets/Masters update/Tom Brady saying he could eventually come back
Last Friday at 3:36 PM

4/11/24 Hour 3 - NFL Mock Draft pick #2/Masters update/Avs and Nuggets playoff push
Last Thursday at 4:14 PM

4/11/24 Hour 2 - Jeff Legwold joins the program/More Nuggets domination/OJ Simpson passes away
Last Thursday at 3:29 PM

4/11/24 Hour 1 - Nuggets close out Tpups at Ball/MVP Races in both NBA and NHL/NHL Player Poll
Last Thursday at 3:28 PM

4/10/24 Hour 3 - 1st pick of our NFL Mock Draft/Just how big the Nuggets game is tonight/Fact Checker
Last Wednesday at 4:10 PM

Jared Bednar joins the show to discuss MacKinnon MVP case and how to deal with the last 3 games of the season
Last Wednesday at 4:09 PM

4/10/24 Hour 2 - Spencer Smith of DNVR joins to break down the Masters/Nuggets crush the Jazz/Jared Bednar joins the show
Last Wednesday at 4:06 PM

4/10/24 Hour 1 - MacKinnon is the best player/Nuggets crush listless Jazz/last 20 years of #12 picks in NFL
Last Wednesday at 2:28 PM