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By: Thomas Willding & Zoƫ Price

Welcome to Report Back with Zoƫ and Tom! We are best friends, teachers, and recent dog acquirers and we froth some quality banter. Tune in to listen to us offer our insights, anecdotes and wonderings about this wild world we find ourselves in each day.

Celebrations and Celebrity Status

Hi friends!

Welcome back to another instalment of Tom and Zoƫ doing some reporting on all things celebrations! Strap in for out first guest/not guest @jesswildthing for her 1 line debut! We've also had pancakes on the brain and Zoƫ gets flowers from a man who isn't Tom. Importantly, we'll be introducing the "Shania Shower".

We've also got reports on:

Partying in your 90sHousing complex gatherings with lethal adviceDogs at housewarming partiesStar signs and celebrity status

There's also a quick check-in re: red, green and beige flags.

Report Back Insta - Dr...

Boyfriends and Break Ups PART TWO !

Huzzah! The much anticipated sequel to our episode on love (And loss) is here for your ears! In it, we will treat you to a dramatic reading of some love letters once sent to Z, compare the advice men and women are given when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, consider the benefits of the 'dead to me' approach and argue over wether or not we should be using BODMAS when it comes to calculating the time taken to get over a broken heart.


Yagoda, M. (2018) How Long Does It Take to...

Boyfriends and Break Ups Part 1

We accidentally banged on for three hours so after some HECTIC editing, we've still had to cut this in two. Tom can't tell if a date is going well or if the other party is just too polite to leave. Zoƫ does a stock take of past relationships and somehow draws a distinction between boyfriends and relationships. Both reflect on the weird early 20s denial you do when you're stuck in a dead end situation-ship and ask the big questions like "at what point is their taste in decor a deal breaker?".

Bonus points if you can g...

Workplace Fumigation: how do you know when it's time to go?

Just when you thought maybe we'd thrown in the towel, we're back! The title of this episode makes it sound like the kind of juicy that could get us fired but we promise it's not THAT kind of tea. In this ep, Zoƫ reflects on how you know when it's time to go (from a job), and Tom once again wonders if he is a psychopath. Did Zoƫ make the right call jumping ship? Is Tom the friendly sociopath next door? We'll let you decide.


Fallon, James. The psychopath inside: A neuroscientist's personal journey in...

Accidental Hiatus

Welcome back to the show for Season 2 of Report Back! In a fun/not fun plot twist, the first episode of the new season is the season finalƩ of the last season. Join us while we unpack how this happened due to the universe being a spiteful beast; feining/not feigning anger about the patriarchy; and mid-high life meltdowns. We're back and ready to rumble! Thanks for the support, love and vibes while we've been away! xx

Fibonacci Queers: The Cabaret Episode

We're back to old habits hitting up raunchy theatrical shows on random weekdays. In this episode, everything is queer and nothing is sacred. Glue on your best lashes and dig out your highest heels for a review of the at once most poignant, filthy and fabulous cabaret we've seen yet. Full credits to Reuben Kaye for an indescribably good show.

The world is your Valencia filter: boho-luxe-vegan-psychic episode

It's a perilous start to the recording session that prompts some fond stench-related memories. Then, Tom has secrets from his mum and a psychic has SHOCKING revelations for Zoƫ about her romantic life (and her nan's life expectancy). They both enter the alternate universe of the boho-luxe-vegan-psychic fair, where there are insta-van-life-vans and floor cushions as far as the (third) eye can see. Will their inner children be healed?

Bonus points if you catch the lie Zoƫ tells Tom in this episode.

Communication is Sexy

Join us in Zoƫ's dining room where the soda stream has its maiden spritz and the dogs don't interrupt us for once! In this latest report, Zoƫ goes environmental speed dating and Tom goes regular-online dating but only one of them comes out with a brand new beau. Who will it be? And what is the secret to their first date success?

Lack of Vampires Doth Butter No Parsnips

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Hi friends! Join us in Zoƫ's dining room with her noisy fish tank while we discuss grandparents falling into drop toilets, Tom misses a vampire show that was apparently lacking in vampires, Zoƫ's has ideas about terrible birthday parties, and we both agree a family g-string is an inappropriate purchase. Special shout-out to Rhiannon B

Birthday Edition Special

Join us for a magnificent afternoon party at Zoƫ's while we celebrate another lap around the sun for her! Today we are reporting on bogan food/things; Zoƫ has a party thrown for her and it was a raging success in the shape of an 8 hour afternoon tea; we explore a new aspect of our adulthood involving sharing your MRI scans with each other at an event; Tom is on the apps by accident.