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The Fair Parenting Podcast looks at people's stories and ideas on family law and covers the progress towards fair parenting around the world.

Suicide: Lawrence Sprung Discusses The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

I wanted to do some shows on how to cope with abuse and alienation. In recent episodes began that by discussing trauma and meditation. Today we talk about suicide and suicide prevention. 

The websites and have links to helplines and suicide prevention links in many countries. Please take a look if you are suffering or suicidal or you are concerned for someone else. 

Our children need us to stay around for them, whether we are seeing them now or whether we are being alienated and will see them when they are ol...

Stories: Telling Your Story

Way back in episode 1 I mentioned that listeners could use the podcast to tell their own stories. 

Some guests have done that and it would also be good for listeners, who want to share, to be able to. So, if you want to do that consider this episode an open invitation.

Sharing our stories is powerful and increases awareness. I believe raising awareness is a key to change. As Mike Bell described in episode 7, often politicians just aren’t aware of how bad a problem is until they see the details.

Some people have con...

Parenthood: Burt Bacharach and Joni Mitchell

This is a change to the scheduled episode. I recorded this to mark the death last week of the great Burt Bacharach. RIP.

We sometimes do offshoot episodes, such as our discussion of parenting and separation in movies. I wanted to discuss music and parenting today and talk briefly about a parenting story I read about Burt. I also briefly mention another of my musical heroes, Joni Mitchell. 

We can sometimes think that celebrities have an easy time of it but they have the same parenting problems as anyone else. 

Both Burt and Joni ar...

Meditation: Orsi Discusses Using Meditation And Yoga To Help Cope

Today we talk with Orsi, a meditation and yoga teacher about using them to help cope with trauma.

There is lots of content out there but I want to discuss meditation and yoga in the context of parents going through hell and how it can help. Some parents may not have considered meditation due to lack of time or stress so, for our listeners, I wanted to raise it as a tool to try. 

The family court is brutal for parents and children. It shouldn’t be but it is. 

Children and parents can be i...

Trauma: Jodee Gibson MA PCC Discusses Trauma and Coping

Our guest today is Jodee Gibson, a human behaviour expert and master coach.

Jodee is based in Michigan. Her work is deeply layered in developmental psychology, NLP, neuroscience, consciousness, trauma, levels of energy and intention. The intersection she created between these is fascinating. Being a Detroit native, her approach is always practical and conversational.

Jodee coaches and speaks worldwide.

Jodee's book "Healing Your Map: A Guide to Understanding Discernment, Trauma and Human Behavior" is available now ( with an audiobook available early 2023.

Many parents suffer trauma through...

Review: A Look Back at Episodes 1 to 9

Episode 10 already. We have covered a lot of ground so I wanted to do a look back at play a few highlights from the shows. It isn’t a ‘best of’ as that would be individual choice. This episode is more a taster for people new to the podcast. 

We’ve had some fantastic guests. A big thank you to all of the guests and listeners. OK let’s go... 

Episode 1: was a welcome to the podcast. I spoke a a bit about suicide prevention.

Episode 2: described 6 simple and cheap ways to massively improve the family l...

Coping: Simple Ideas For Christmas and Beyond

Christmas can be a difficult time whether you are a targeted parent or not. 

In this episode I give 12 ways to help you cope with #ParentalAlienation or #FamilyCourt

We have episodes planned next year with experts in their fields. We will go in depth on specific areas but for now I wanted to give a quick list of many things you can try. 

In my experience nothing works all the time but many things work at different times and that's fine. As John Lennon said 'Whatever gets you through the night'.

This is...

Books: Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro Discusses Alienation

In this episode we welcome Dr Marni Hill Foderaro and talk about her alienation story, path to growth and book series “True Deceit False Love” which addresses domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, parental alienation and intergenerational family trauma.

Dr Marni earned her doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard during a very successful and rewarding 35-year career as a high school special education teacher, with 12 years as a university adjunct graduate school professor.

Many alienation cases involve young children but Dr Marni’s children were in their 20s when alienation occurred and we...

Coalition: Mike Bell of Discusses Reform

In this episode we speak with Mike Bell of the Family Court Reform Coalition.

This episode was recorded in October and was originally due to be released on November 13. It was postponed for reasons explained in the episode 6 audio and show notes.

Many people, including judges and MPs, have described flaws in the family law system. The flaws seem well know but they persist and harm parents and children.  

Mike brought some people together to produce a report of solid proposals suggesting ways to reform to the system.

In a short space o...

Reflection: Podcasting During Proceedings

This short episode replaces the planned episode. 

The other side raised the Fair Parenting Podcast in court this week but could not show anything improper. They also added more false allegations which were very upsetting. 

The podcast release schedule is planned weeks ahead and today we were due to release an episode with the Family Court Reform Coalition. I have postponed it as this week’s events leave me in a state of worry. 

Four years of false allegations, alienation & gaslighting has left me treading on eggshells. 

The Family Court Reform Coalition is a s...

Interstellar: Derick McDuff on Parenting and Child Separation in the Movies

This is the second episode discussing parenting in Christopher Nolan films with @DerickMcduff from the Underrated podcast (@undercastco). 

This was a meandering hoot with lots of offshoots! We discuss @Interstellar and also talk music: @Trevor_Horn_, Steve Lipson and @HansZimmer. We also discuss @mrbobodenkirk, @BetterCallSaul and other movies and TV shows. 

It was very enjoyable talking with Derick about parenting themes in Christopher Nolan films. I hope you enjoy listening!

Two quick corrections to things I said in this episode: 

1. I mentioned Steve Lipson produced Hans Zimmer’s James Bond soundtrack. He co-pr...

Support: Ros Barton of

In this episode we speak with Ros Barton of 

Ros also works with @MyCAFCASS advising them on change and she is also part of Recover Our Kids.

We hear about the positive support available from They support mums and ALL women separated from children, so if you are an aunt, grandmother, sister, etc. please contact them for support.

Women are sometimes overlooked in terms of alienation awareness but parental alienation does happen to them and it was great to speak with Ros about this. We learn about the story of t...

Inception: Derick McDuff on Parenting and Child Separation in the Movies

In this episode we talk movies with Derick McDuff from the Underrated podcast. We discuss Inception as well as E.T., A.I., Minority Report and more. 

You may be wondering why we are talking movies on a parenting podcast. In some episodes I want to discuss parenting and parental alienation themes in movies, books and music. 

Art is one of the most beautiful and powerful things in life and revisiting art can help us get through the dark times of abuse and parental alienation. 

Over 2 episodes we discuss 2 Christopher Nolan films. In this epi...

Reform: Six Simple Ways to Improve the System

In this episode I give six simple ways to massively improve the family law system.

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Welcome to the Fair Parenting Podcast, where we cover people’s stories, ideas and the progress towards fair parenting.

In this episode we talk about at the aims of the show and what we want to cover in the future. We also touch on suicide prevention and the need for alienated parents to look after themselves for their children. 

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