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The Fair Parenting Podcast looks at people's stories and ideas on family law and covers the progress towards fair parenting around the world.

40: Review: A Look Back at Episodes 31 to 39
Last Sunday at 6:00 AM

Episode 40 is a look back at episodes 31 to 39. Thanks to all the fantastic guests and listeners. The podcast would be nothing without you. 

As I often say, if someone wants to take over presenting this podcast let me know and I will be glad to go back behind the scenes. 

This episode is a compilation of episode clips rather than a ‘best of’ clips as that is individual choice. It is for regular listeners and also a taster for people new to the podcast. Here is a list of the episodes with their time points:


39: Comparison: Are Good Parents And Children Treated Worse Than Criminals?

In the family court many good and innocent parents and children suffer more and are treated worse than criminals found guilty of crimes. Considering in Britain all cases come under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice I discuss this in today's episode.

38: Messaging: Touching The Future With Alienated Children

In today’s episode I want to revisit an idea we spoke about way back in episode 5, which was about parental separation in the movie Interstellar and other movies. It’s a great episode, thanks to Derick McDuff. 

It is a simple idea but one I have found useful over the years. The idea is using email, photos or other online ways to send messages to a child you are alienated from. Those messages may only be read years in the future, when your child has grown up, but they can help and I discuss practical ways to do thi...

37: Incentives: How Incentives Work Against Good Outcomes

Many of us have seen incentives play out badly in family court, with solicitors milking Legal Aid, milking parents, parents making false allegations to get Legal Aid,  prolonging cases and taking a case that could resolve amicably and blowing it out of the water to the detriment of parents and children.

In this episode I discuss how incentives in other industries, and disruption to them, could improve things for parents and children if applied to family law. To illustrate this I make reference to episodes from Peter Diamandis' Moonshots podcast, which is fantastic and I highly recommend.

36: Annual: Looking at 2024

Welcome to the podcast. In this first episode of 2024 I have some thoughts on the new year, my own case and much wider topics.


Peter Diamandis and Emad Mostaque Clip 

Episode 28 - Summary of My Story (2018-2022)

Episode 7 - Mike Bell of the Family Court Reform Coalition

Episode 35 - Can Artificial Intelligence Fix Family Law?

35: AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Fix Family Law?

I love podcasts and I listen to many, two of which are Exponential Wisdom with @DanSullivanSC and @PeterDiamandis and Moonshots with @PeterDiamandis. I highly recommend listening to both.

They cover many things, including AI, which is one of the hot topics of 2023.

Those podcasts are not directly connected to our struggles for justice in family law but they are full of forward thinking developments and perspectives. 

They also talk about the idea of a moonshot. I believe our goal of a fair family law system that supports targeted parents and children can be seen a...

34: Rewind: Coping - Simple Ideas For Christmas and Beyond

Christmas can be a difficult time whether you are a targeted parent or not.

This episode first aired last Christmas and it highlights 12 ways to help you cope with #ParentalAlienation or #FamilyCourt

We have episodes published and planned with experts in their fields to go into depth in specific areas but for now I wanted to give a quick list of many things you can try.

In my experience nothing works all the time but many things work at different times and that's fine. As John Lennon said 'Whatever gets you through the night'.<...

33: Reform: Transcripts And Bundles

In this episode I discuss the current state of transcripts and bundles in the court system and how it hampers justice and reflects the prehistoric condition of family law. 

I give many ways things can be improved. We need a modern system not a Jurassic one because parents and children deserve better. 

I gave some other simple reform examples in episodes 2 and 32. 

32: Reform: Should Interviews In Family Law Cases Be Recorded?

Episode 2 had 6 simple low and no cost ideas for effective reform of family law. In this episode I wanted to give one more in answer to the question: should interviews with family law experts be recorded? The answer is 'Yes'.

To not have them recorded represents a serious problem in the robustness and integrity of family law in England and Wales. To have recordings is good practise and protection for the truth, good parents and children. 

31: Review: 30 Episodes In 60 Minutes. Bitesized Clips For Newcomers To The Show

This episode is for those new to the podcast.

Every 10 episodes there is a clips episode. We've had 3 so far (episodes 10, 20 and 30). Listening to all 3 clips episodes would take a long time.

The guests content is great but, as a shorter introduction episode for anyone just discovering the podcast, I wanted a bitesize clips episode so people can quickly hear parts from all the shows and choose which episodes they want to listen to in full.

This episode possibly took the most amount of work to put together because, in making it, I re-listened...