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By: Alarm

The podcast series Crossroads invites social scientists, whose research addresses important topics and issues of our globalizing world. It is created in a collaboration with Alarm and the research programme Global Conflicts and Local Interactions, which is funded by the AV21 Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Sylvia Tamale - The organizing principle of coloniality is structural gendered racism

In the latest episode of the podcast series Crossroads, we invited Sylvia Tamale who is a Professor of Law at Makerere University, where she was the first female Dean of the School of Law. She founded and served as a coordinator of the Gender, Law & Sexuality Research Project at the School of Law. She is a leading African feminist lawyer, scholar, and feminist activist. She has won several awards for her academic work and for defending the human rights of marginalized groups. She is a co-editor of the journal Feminist Africa. She has been a visiting professor at academic...

Chandraiah Gopani - Indian music and art needs to be understood from below

Why can we find hardly any members of the lowest castes neither in Indian music academies nor in the juries of singing talent shows? Why do Dalit musicians write lyrics not only about their caste heroes but even about the Indian Constitution? How do traditional and modern musical styles come together in the struggle against historical injustices? And how do the privileged higher castes respond to all this? In the new episode of the Crossroads podcast series, Indian political scientist Chandraiah Gopani discusses why the caste system remains an important element of Indian society and how inequalities manifest themselves...

Kristine Krause - We cannot afford to not care about care

In the latest episode of the podcast Crossroads we invite dr Kristine Krause. Dr Krause is an anthropologist working at the intersections of political and medical anthropology, interested in subjectivities and health, citizenship and care. At the University of Amsterdam she is a member of the Health, Care and the Body Programme and the Long-term Care and Dementia Research Group. Together with Jeannette Pols she runs the Anthropology of Care Network. In her current, ERC founded research ReloCare, she looks at care outsourcing within Europe, where geographic discrepancies in cost, access and salaries are played out. She analyses care...

Brigitte Aulenbacher - Live-in care markets provide decent care under poor working conditions

In the latest episode of the podcast Crossroads we invite professor Brigitte Aulenbacher. She is a Professor of Sociological Theory and Social Analysis, the Head of the Department of the Theory of Society and Social Analyses at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz in Austria and a co-editor of Global Dialogue – the Magazine of the International Sociological Association. In addition, she is the vice-president of the International Karl Polanyi Society. Her fields of research include social inequalities and justice, and theoretical and empirical work on labour, care, marketization and science. She is a distinguished scholar and author of many ac...

Oksana Dutchak - Peace does not only concern security, but also economic and social rights

The podcast Crossroads invites Oksana Dutchak who is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Social and Labour Research (Kyiv) and a co-editor of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism. She is an activist of Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational or E.A.S.T. and one of the initiators of the manifesto ‘“The right to resist”: A feminist manifesto’. She holds a PhD in sociology from the Department of Sociology in Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Kyiv) and an MA in sociology and social anthropology from the Central European University. She is now a Fellow at the Berlin Institute for Empirica...

Mariya Ivancheva - Men without care responsibilities are on top in academia

Mariya Ivancheva is a British-Bulgarian anthropologist and sociologist, currently based at the University of Strathclyde. Her longterm research interest is the precarity in academic work. She is currently the president of European Association of Social Anthropologists and she co-founded the Precanthro iniative focused on working conditions of European anthropologists. In the new episode of the Crossroads podcast, she talks about precarity in British academia and elsewhere as well as about her career beginnings in post socialist Bulgaria and how it impacted her career.

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Christophe Jaffrelot - India is inventing an ethnic democracy

Christophe Jaffrelot is the guest of the new episode of the Crossroads podcast. Christophe Jaffrelot is a Professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at King’s College London and Research Director at the Centre d'études et de recherches internationales (CERI) at Sciences Po (Paris) and at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS). He is also president of the French Association of Political Science. His research focuses on Hindu nationalism and the role of caste and religion in politics of contemporary South Asia. In 2021, he published a new book Modi’s India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Et...

Alessandar Mezzadri - Neoliberalism limits our ability to cope with societal challenges

In the podcast Crossroads, we welcome Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri. She is Associate Professor of Development Studies at SOAS University of London. In her research and teaching, she focuses mainly on inequalities and trade, global supply chains and production networks, informal work and work regimes, global labour standards, modern forms of slavery, feminism in development, gender and globalization, social reproduction and reproductive work, or political economy of India. Alessandra actively works with international non-profit organizations such as the ILO, Action Aid, Labor Behind the Label, and War on Want, which focus on gender issues, global labour standards, anti-sweat campaigns, and...

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni - Decolonization means re-creating the world

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gathseni is a professor and Chair of Epistemologies of the Global South with a focus on Africa at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Originally trained as a Historian in Zimbabwe he held various prestigious research positions and directorships at universities in South Africa. In this podcast he is speaking about the unfinished process of Decolonization, what is meant by the concepts of epistemic violence and of coloniality of power. He explains that it is important to question how and from where we acquire knowledge and how this is linked to our identities and also, how we can...

Martin Lemberg Pedersen - Border control is a lucrative business

Our first guest in the podcast series Crossroads is Martin Lemberg-Pedersen who is an associate professor at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) at the University of Copenhagen and a research fellow in the Horizon 2020 project “Advancing Alternative Migration Governance” (AdMiGov). In his research he focuses on geopolitical and political economic analyses of actors and networks involved in EU border management. In particular, he studies border control technologies, the dynamics of securitization and externalisation of border control and the influence of private industrial actors on EU migration policies and institutions involved in border control. His work combines different disc...