It Takes A Village

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By: First Baptist Church Arlington

Welcome to It Takes a Village, a podcast for parents of teenagers. This podcast is hosted by the Youth Ministry staff at First Baptist Arlington. You're not alone in this parenting journey! Here you'll find resources and ideas to help equip you as the primary discipler in your child's life. Each week, we'll discuss different topics and issues that directly affect teenagers, along with real life ways that you can intentionally support and shape your child.

What Your Teenager Needs from You?
Last Monday at 12:00 PM

The work of parenting can often feel overwhelming and like it's impossible to get ahead.  What if we were to prioritize a few things in our families - maybe it wouldn't feel so daunting?  Join Kurt, Chelsea, and Tanner as we talk about 6 things that our students need and we'll share a few things that our students told us they want their parents to know.

6 Things Your Kid Needs Over Time:

Your kid needs you to show up with love. Your kid needs words over time. Your kid needs stories. Your...

Why youth ministry matters?

In this week's episode of It Takes a Village, Chelsea, Kurt, and Tanner share stories and reflections on how youth ministry has impacted their lives and the lives of the young people they've worked with. 

There are various aspects of youth ministry, including the importance of maintaining connection, providing a safe space for students, fostering spiritual growth, and partnering with parents. The episode emphasizes the significance of parental involvement, creating a supportive community, and addressing the needs and challenges faced by both students and families.

We highlight the role of youth ministry in guiding students s...

Your Influence as a Parent

In this weeks episode of It Takes a Village we discuss Your Influence as a Parent.

From the moment a child is born, they begin to absorb information and learn from their surroundings. It's crucial for parents to be aware of the power of their influence. Parenting is more than just providing for basic needs; it's about shaping a child's values, beliefs, and behaviors. We explore ways in which parents can positively impact their children's lives. Begin with the end in mind!
External influences can shape a child's perspectives and values, often in ways parents may...

Back to School Family Rhythms

It Takes a Village is back!
In this episode, Kurt, Tanner, and Chelsea talk about getting back into the rhythm of the school year. Through important connections like family dinner, prayer, and encouragement, we can shepherd our children through a time that can be exhausting.

Home Word Center - Topics for Helping Families Succeed
The Family Dinner Project - Recipes for families to try, conservation of week guides, tips on eating as a family and MORE!
Khan Academy - FREE video lessons for multiple subjects. Teachers sometimes use in classroom to help de...

Body Image In Teenagers

Join Kurt, Chelsea, and Tanner in this week's episode of It Takes a Village to discuss what body image is
 and how it affects the way we think about and treat ourselves, including some memorable comments
 we've received about our bodies over the years. The team discusses ways to instill positive body image
 in children, signs to look out for, and biblical encouragement regarding these bodies we've been given.

Detecting Body Image Issues In Teens By Walt Mueller
I Hate My Body... | Body Image & Insecurities | A Christian Guy's Perspective [Part 1] by Dai...

Open Conversations about Sex at Each Age

Kurt and Chelsea are joined by Children's Minister, David Butts, to discuss what it looks like to have open conversations about sex at each stage with children, from preschool to high school. Though it can be awkward, it is important for parents to be a safe, reliable source of information for their children regarding development, their bodies, and sex. It's never too early and it's not too late!

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life Jim Burns
@ birds_bees on Instagram

Addressing Pornography

The youth ministry team discusses pornography and how to address it with you teen.
A conversation about what pornography is, why it is wrong, and how we can prepare our teens for when they encounter it.

Fight The New Drug - researched based on ways to get help with addictions
Living Hope Ministries - porn-addiction help including podcasts
Triple X Church -website and they also host the Live Free app
Covenant Eyes - resources and tools
The Gospel & Pornography by Moore & Walker
Smartphone Sanity by Eaton & Callihan

Cultivating Parenting Mentor Relationships

In this episode of It Takes a Village, Chelsea and Tanner are joined by Kelli McDaniel to discuss the importance of adult parents having relationships with other parents, to encourage with wisdom and experience. This week's guest, Kelli, discusses with the team how cultivating relationships with other parents can be beneficial practically and spiritually through your parenting journey.

Women's, Wive's and Momma's on Facebook (r/Parenting, r/parentingteenagers)
Kelli Filling in- the church!

Managing Difficult Relationships With Your Teenager

The youth team discusses navigating difficult relationships between teens and their friends, family, etc.

Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend
The Teenage Brain by Frances E. Jensen
Families Where Grace is in Place by Jeff VanVonderen

It Takes a Village Holiday Special

Kurt, Chelsea and Tanner share funny stories, traditions, spiritual practices around Christmas to focus our hearts on the true meaning.