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The things people say, owning your health decisions and viewpoints on death
Yesterday at 1:36 PM

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Bryan Ardis, Nichola Burnett, Dr. Jana Schmidt, and Dr. Henry Ealy – We encourage you to take the powerful position of being your own health advocate. Look beyond commercials, media, medical, and fear, and look forward to God-given direction that leads to optimal, healthy lives. Look beyond fear in the viewpoint of death to the heavenly promotion and celebrations of life...

The impact of EMF Radiation on your health
Last Friday at 2:15 PM

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Jana Schmidt – Unless you decide to live off the grid, never use a smartphone, destroy your Wi-Fi router, and stick to candlelight inside your home, you're constantly getting exposed to man-made EMFs at levels a million times higher than what you would have naturally been exposed to just in nature. We are definitely exposed to EMF radiation from man-made sources at levels that are extremely higher than...

Casey West cleared his Cancer with alternative medicine
Last Friday at 2:14 PM

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – Casey had been showing symptoms of the tumor for eight years, but the intensity of his suffering had increased. He immediately made the decision to have surgery to remove the brain tumor. Surgery was complete, and the doctor informed Casey that his tumor was one of the nastiest he had seen. He continued that he believed he might only have 3 months to live and recommended chemotherapy...

The future of Hospital Care delivered at home …and Q&A 112
Last Friday at 12:49 AM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm – Has the mRNA transhumanised people, Dr McCullough? Do you think I should stay off the detox to get a fair test to get a real understanding of whether not only the spike protein but also the vaccine is gone? If I’m not, could the vaccine be out of my system? Dr McCullough and Malcolm. Thank you both for providing us with the gift of America out Loud...

The Geneva Project: Mobilizing leaders and inspiring change
Last Thursday at 5:59 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – In a world where individual rights and healthcare decisions face increasing scrutiny, unity and collective action are crucial. This episode explores the medical freedom movement, highlighting the transformative power of collaboration. Joined by Susie Olson Corgan and Dr. Andrea Nazarenko, we delve into fostering partnerships and advocating for individual health autonomy and informed consent...

Choosing alkalizing foods can contribute to your overall health
Last Thursday at 2:21 PM

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Henry Ealy – Sometimes, it seems like diet recommendations change from day to day and person to person. From plant-based to vegan, paleo to carnivore, there are so many choices and so much conflicting information. How do you choose the best diet for you? What if you didn’t have to choose? Listen in as Dr. H elaborates on ORAC value, conventionally vs. organically grown produce...

The incredible ways light and frequency can boost your overall well-being
Last Thursday at 1:45 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Melissa Schreibfeder, BSN, RN – Discover the transformative power of frequency and light therapies. Learn how specific light wavelengths and the BioScan device uncover root causes of dysfunction, promoting holistic health and wellness. Join certified nutrition and light energy coach Anna Aycock as she shares her journey from chronic illness to healing, empowering you to take control of your health naturally.

How does the pelvis hold that much authority and power in the body?
Last Wednesday at 2:42 PM

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Nichola Burnett – We need to change our entire focus on how we move. We need to include intelligent exercise programs that are MANDATORY in education that teach and train children and adults about the anatomy of movement in a very fun way. A "movement analysis" needs to be a normal and mandatory part of any healthcare evaluation from the very beginning moment a...

Does life matter? Infertility skyrockets as life expectancy drops
Last Wednesday at 2:37 PM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Vaughn & Dr. Tankersley – We are joined by Dr. James Thorp as we review a preprint article from Vienna, Austria, that evaluates the significant drop in fertility. The timing of this article coincides with the anniversary of our paper that was published a year ago in the Journal of AAPS, which gave evidence for the huge increase in abnormal menstrual bleeding along with the horrific increases in...

Finding joy, meaning, and your soul in medicine and life
Last Tuesday at 4:55 PM

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Marilyn Singleton – Healthcare workers forced to engage in actions that conflict with their values or beliefs or are unable to provide the care that their patients need. According to the AMA, by the end of 2021, nearly 63 percent of physicians reported symptoms of burnout. A recent comprehensive literature review found that only 57 percent of healthcare workers believed that they have a good work-life balance...