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Just 3 Plain Guys, from the Great Plains, talking a lot of sports, sports betting, and doing a little bit of drinking.

Episode 21: Unexpected MLB Blackouts Rage, Basketball Headbands, A Review of March Madness So Far, and Baylor Scheierman is a Massive Bum.
Yesterday at 12:41 AM

This week we go off the agenda to rage against baseball blackouts, discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of regular season college baseball and headband-wearing basketball players, talk recent March Madness and look at the Final Four, and close out with some brief MLB Opening Day talk and tease our MLB season prediction show. Maybe next week?

Episode 20: March Madness Round of 64 Reactions - LIVE (not really) and In-Person. Plus: Ryan Kalkbrenner, Better Athlete Than Zach Edey? Round of 32 Preview and We Will All Die at the Hands of Furman

IN PERSON pod, from the cathouse, where Sam can't breath. Audio is a little worse this time, I don't know what to tell you, deal with it. We go over our reactions from the Round of 64 during the late slate of games, preview the round of 32, and give Zach Edey very little respect. Will KU not be frauds? Will Furman make us proud? Will any of us come out of this weekend net positive on the sports books? The world may never know.

P.S. KFC pls sponsor us. I'm down for a Double...

Episode 19: March Madness Super Preview! Plus Chase Elliott Meets Dale Earnhardt, The Vikings are the Best Team in the NFL, and Oral Roberts is Going to Make the Final Four

This week is our super-mega-ultra March Madness preview. We talk favorites, over-seeded and under-seeded teams, upsets, and how we expect KU to be eliminated. Weirdly enough we also talk about Chicago's Soldier Field, reminisce about Creighton nearly ruining the Jayhawks' tournament run last year, and how shitty the public transportation workers are in Chicago. All before we exorcise our betting demons in anticipation of a very successful March Madness.

Episode 18: College Basketball Blowout Sale, Major League Baseball is Going to Be Just Fine, and XFL Rosters are a Sad, Sad, Place

This week we gush over Baylor Scheierman, talk pitch clocks, professional cornhole, and start on a bunch of random BS march college basketball predictions. As always, the pod wouldn't be complete without ragging on Aaron Rodgers a bit before really hitting our degenerate stride in the betting segment.

Episode 17: Sports Allegiances, OU to the SEC, and the Homeless Love Muhsin Muhammad, Apparently.

This week we go into detail explaining how we became fans of the teams we love. Some of it makes sense, some is just random chance. Additionally, we talk alternative professional football leagues, the OU move to the SEC, and close it all out with betting. Dillon is 4-0 on snooker bets as of posting this, by the way.

Episode 16: Super Bowl Review, KU/OU Attendance Report, Amateur Curling is Rad, and Dillon Doesn't Know What Day of the Week it is.

In this episode, Colin and Sam recap their experiences at the KU/OU basketball game at Lloyd Noble, Dillon talks about a weekend in which he did a lot of drinking and a little curling, and finally we go over our reactions to Super Bowl 57 before getting into betting where we take another chance trying to go 3-0 on Snooker. Good stuff, still climbing towards peak degenerate. Bonus: both the intro and outro music works this week! Almost as if we knew what we were doing.

Episode 15: Super Bowl 57 Extravaganza, Plus: Marquette Sucks, Russell Westbrook Deserves a Break, and We All Want to Go See a Game at the Phog

This week Colin and Sam get burned by Marquette, we discuss the NBA again in preview of the trade deadline, and dive deep into our Super Bowl thoughts and predictions as well as favorite (and least favorite) Super Bowl memories. Will Dillon continue his snooker betting streak? Will Colin lose the rent this week? Will Sam reconcile his feelings on Devin Hester? Will Jack Stoll catch a pass in the Super Bowl? Answers within.

Episode 14: The NFL is Scripted (not really), KU Basketball is on Fraud Alert (also not really), and Dillon Expands his Gambling Horizons

This week we discuss Lamar Jackson's future, we debate on race car drivers vs. soccer players (hint: Colin and Sam are wrong) before recapping the Conference Championship weekend and going into some storylines we love from the 2022-2023 College Basketball Season, including rebounds by KU and Creighton, the complete superiority of the Big 12, the moderate rise and quick fall of Nebrasketball, and we call up bad moments from Jim Boeheims sordid past. And then Dillon goes off the deep end in the betting segment in search of compelling sports gambling opportunities.

Episode 13: Giants Fan Jared Joins the Pod, Lots of NFL Playoff Talk, We All Love Kyle Shanahan, and is KU Basketball a Fraud?

So we've started recording on Tuesdays now to provide ample time for you to tail our absolutely garbage sports betting takes. This week we talk the future of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hate on Chris Collinsworth, scratch our heads at a bizarre Ed Donatell call, before spending most of the episode talking to our guest and NY Giants fan, Jared about the NFL playoffs so far and the future of Brian Daboll and Saquon Barkley. And of course, degenerate gambling that not only features soccer and combat sports, but also relatively obscure motorsport. *chef's kiss*

Episode 12: The Aaron Rodgers Hallucinogen Experience™, NFL Wild Card Preview, 2022/2023 Storylines, and John Calipari is a Bum

This week we rag on John Calipari and Patrick Ewing, Preview how the Cowboys and Vikings move on from the Wild Card Round with ease, and argue about the College Football Playoff and bowl season before waxing poetic about our favorite 2022 and 2023 sports storylines. And of course, our favorite betting picks for the weekend. Sam had to record on his phone, so if this sounds like shit blame him.

Episode 11: NFL Playoff Preview, Our 2022 Sports Year in Review, and Davis Beville is the Biggest Con Man in All of College Football

This week we discuss the duplicity of cheese flavored cracker snack bowl games, tell Colin he's wrong about professional bowlers, rag on Roger Goodell (deservedly) before discussing our favorite players, moments, bums, and frauds of the 2022 sports year. And even a 2022 betting review like the degenerates we all are. Davis Beville is going to fake his way onto an NFL roster someday, mark my words.

Episode 10: Pirate Flags at Half Mast, Even More MLB Free Agency Talk, and The 2022 Music City Bowl is Going to be the Game of the Century

This week we look back on our favorite Mike Leach memories and Dillon butchers a quote,  we explain how the Vikes suck and Kyler Murray's career is over, and shove plenty more MLB hot stove talk down your throat before getting into some real degenerate bowl game interests. And of course, Colin's Capping Corner rears its ugly head as always.

Episode 9: Coach Prime is Going to Be a Train Wreck, TCU Sucks, and Jason Heyward is a Bum

This week we discuss the weight of a baseball, rag on Deion Sanders, and talk about just how chalky the College Football Playoff is going to be before going way too inside baseball on MLB free agency. Oh yeah, betting too of course, we're degenerates, remember? Also the intro and outro music works again. You're welcome.

Episode 8: CFB Conference Championship Preview, Colin Explains the World Cup to Us, and Jim Leonard Got Screwed

This week we talk CFB Conference Championship predictions, the College Football Coaching Carousel and myriad of hires made after the season, and let Colin regale us with all his useless knowledge of the World Cup. Oh yeah, and sports betting of course. Also the intro/outro music didn't work on this one for some reason. Deal with it.

Episode 7: Rage Against the CFP Machine, World Cup Preview, and Kirk Cousins: Not a Precision Decision Maker

This week we voice our displeasure with the CFP committee, recap the excitement of the Bills/Vikings game, introduce our favorite College Basketball storylines, and rake Colin over the coals during his World Cup spiel. And of course, the betting part too. Lance Leipold is going to rip Sam's heart out and I am 100% here for it.

Episode 6: Sam is Back, GO 'STROS, Making Dillon Care About the NBA, and Victor Wembanyama is a Future Fraud

Sam's feeling better and rejoins the pod. We talk about how brutally superior the Astros are, introduce NBA early season storylines as well as Sam's challenge to make Dillon care about the NBA for once in his life, say nothing nice about the Colts' management and the Jeff Saturday hire, before taking a gander at what College Basketball may hold and jumping into betting talk.

Episode 5: Sam is Sick, The Lions' Front Office Sucks, and The UFC and Vegas are Colluding Against Colin

This week we continue to discuss baseball playoffs and how the Astros are clearly the superior team (Dillon writes these and gets to put whatever he wants in here), winners and losers of the NFL trade period, more CFB coaching carousel (RIP Brian Harsin's career and the sanity of Nebraska fans), and UFC funny business before finishing out with our betting talk and $1,200 "let it ride" challenge. All while Sam's immune system slowly falls apart.

Episode 4: Sam Loves the White Sox broadcast team, Colin Hates Jose Altuve, and Russel Wilson is a Bum

We talk even more MLB playoffs, how Russell Wilson is a complete bum, why they Packers suck, before moving into our weekly sports betting wins and fails.

Episode 3: More MLB Playoff Talk, NBA Preview and OU.....ouch

We talk about Brian Ferentz being a trash human being, the Major League Wildcard and Divisional Series, look at the NBA season and individual awards for the '22 season, before lamenting the garbage product put on field by the Oklahoma Sooners and discussing KC vs. LV MNF. And of course, closing out with our own poor sports betting takes.

Episode 2: MLB Postseason Predictions, Football Contenders & Pretenders, and Allen Robinson is a Bum.

We talk about our MLB Postseason predictions, look a the AL and NL MVP race, get into football overachievers and underachievers as well as NFL hot seats and the CFB coaching carousel before wrapping up with betting.

Episode 1: CFB Coaching Carousel, Football Frauds, and the Bears are Trash

We talk KU Football, the underperforming Bengals, CFB coaching carousel, CFB & NFL Frauds, the continued failures of the Bears organization, and the MLB playoff picture before rolling into sports betting.