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Just 3 Plain Guys, from the Great Plains, talking a lot of sports, sports betting, and doing a little bit of drinking.

Episode 59: NCAA Men's National Championship Recap, Bad Team Ownership, and the White Sox are On Track to Win Twelve Games Total.
Last Friday at 12:39 AM

This week we give our reactions to UConn's National Championship bid, rag on Zach Edey, and talk pitching injuries in the MLB. PLUS: the worst teams in professional sports, how bad the Astros were 2011-2013, and of course we take every opportunity to hate on Alek Manoah but gush over the insane WHIP stat line of Ronel Blanco through two starts.

Episode 58: MLB Opening Day, March Madness, and The Odds of A Royals/Rockies World Series

We're back, and with way too much to talk about between baseball's opening day and the Sweet Sixteen matchups. We talk about how much the White Sox suck, how much time Shohei Ohtani might miss, and Lamar Odom of all things. PLUS: Bobby Witt Jr. love, Caitlin Clark's future, and a chalky NCAA tournament.

Episode 57: Free Agency Talk, Colin Makes His Bid For NBA and MLB Commissioner, and Is Nebrasketball the New Kansas? (Hint: No)

This week we dive deep into NFL Free Agency, Colin cooks up a little slow pitch/fast pitch regarding free agency in other leagues. PLUS: Fred Hoiberg GOAT, Colin wants to vote for Aaron Rodgers, and Dillon loses all thoughts on Nick Saban almost as badly as his voice, turning what was supposed to be an insightful news segment into a burning trash fire of ineptitude.

Episode 56: Leap Day Special! College Basketball, Foul Balls, and Tyler Owens Doesn't Believe in Space

This week we talk College Basketball, Foul Balls in baseball, and touch on the NFL Combine for a few minutes. PLUS: Tyreek Hill's love life, potential 14 team CFP, and the Phillies hate their fans.

Episode 55: Dillon and Sam React to Super Bowl LVIII, Sam Recounts the Jayhawks' Woes, and Iowa Women's Basketball has Some Explaining to do

This week, Dillon and Sam figure out how to make it work without Colin in reviewing the Super Bowl, talking some Kansas college hoops, and admonishing the actions of Iowa basketball. PLUS: John Calipari hate, Jorge Soler talk, and Dillon asks stupid questions about the new NFL Playoff overtime rules.

Episode 54: Part 2 of Our Super Bowl Preview, Devin Hester Gets Some Love, and Doug McDermott Traded to the Pacers for a Chicken Sandwich

This week we talk the Chicago Bears' contingent of the 2024 Hall of Fame class, run through the NBA trade deadline, and look at some of our favorite lines for Super Bowl LVIII. PLUS: Nebrasketball, College Football free agency, and Rex Burkhead's career in retrospect.

Episode 53: Part 1 of Our Super Bowl Preview, NFL Coaching Hire Reactions, and Dillon Still Does Not Indeed "Know Ball"

This week we chat about the goings on of the NFL, bemoan basketball jersey shenanigans, and the Oakland A's possibilities of quitting altogether. PLUS: Vince Wilfork, wide receiver jersey numbers, and Sam enlightens Dillon and Colin on Super Bowl start times.

Episode 52: Rick Pitino Can't Work the Refs, Competitive Balance in College Sports, and Sam is a Terrible Judge of NFL Talent

This week we fantasize about 3 Nebraska Colleges qualifying for the NCAA tournament, listen to Rick Pitino speak candidly, and go through how our NFL Playoff draft teams are doing. PLUS: NIL and parity, the Atlanta coaching search, and of course Bum! Of! The! Week!

Episode 51: Our NFL Playoff Draft, College Football National Championship Talk, and We Debate the Finer Points of Zion Williamson's and Anthony Edward's Romantic Lives

This week we spend a lot of time on the College Football Playoff Final, discuss bad sports commissioner decisions, and conduct a draft of our favorite teams in the NFL playoff. PLUS: the off-court entertainment value of the NBA, the Falcons' offensive woes, and Sam gets absolutely screwed again by the random number generator. And of course, our Bums of the Week.

Episode 50: More Iowa Hate, Pro Teams on Playoff Win Streaks, and The CFP Semi-Finals Were Terrible Football (but entertaining nonetheless)

This week we talk CFP semi-finals, end of season NFL topics, and wax poetic about the days of college football past. PLUS: Iowa's offense is worse than we predicted, repeat playoff win offenders, Nebrasketball's surprising start, and BUM! OF! THE! WEEK!