Makin’ It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts

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By: Leesa Csolak

Makin’ It Happen; A Career in the Performing Arts Podcast gives you inside information on how to break into the professional performance arts industry; on stage including Broadway, in film, on television, commercials, print, voice over and more. Host, Leesa Csolak features a line-up of professional performers, directors, musical directors, choreographers, casting directors, agents and managers as well as parents of professional minors; all here to help you understand their world, their journey and how you, too can be a part of it all. For more information on how to create, curate and navigate a career in the performing arts, vi...

Glenn Cook - The Road to a Successful Performing Arts Career - Part II

Join Leesa Csolak, renowned CEO and founder of 'Making It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts', as she hosts a special guest, Glenn Cook, in Part 2, an enlightening podcast episode focused on guiding young talents into the performing arts industry. This episode provides an in-depth exploration of Glenn's own experiences, nurturing his children, Ben and Emma Cook's artistic talent while ensuring their safety, innocence and education are uncompromised.

Drawing from his son's journey through Broadway's Billy Elliot and Newsies, Glenn offers a unique insight into the significance of professional schooling for touring performers, maintaining academic balance...

Glenn Cook - A Parent's Journey Nurturing Success in the Performing Arts Industry - Part I

In this compelling episode of "Making It Happen - A Career in the Performing Arts," Leesa Csolak, the CEO, founder and our seasoned host engages with Glenn Cook, a parent who has effectively steered his children's careers in the entertainment world. Glenn shares about his journey, full of audition misadventures and Broadway triumphs, and how he supports his children in the demanding performing arts industry.

With Glenn's insightful anecdotes and Leesa's insider expertise, they discuss the significant parental role in cultivating talent and shaping the career of a young actor. This interaction provides not just engaging storytelling...

Shannon Tubman - Balancing life in the performing arts industry with Young Children

In this enlightening episode of 'Making It Happen', host Leesa Csolak speaks with Shannon Tubman, a mother, who successfully guided her daughters' journey in the performing arts industry. Shannon opens up about the importance of nurturing unique talents, learning industry etiquettes, and the reserve of parents in the face of challenges and auditions. 

Dive headfirst into the reality of managing anticipated hurdles and overwhelming triumphs when your child chooses a career in acting. Discover the shared elements between a child's journey in acting, sports, and music requiring equal parts sacrifice, spontaneity, and adaptability. Shannon shares crucial advice o...

Teresa Pfefferle - Day to Day With A Professional Child Actor, Singer, Dancer - Part II

Episode Overview

In this enlightening episode of Making It Happen, join host Leesa Csolak as she discusses the intricate world of the performing arts industry from the unique perspective of a parent. Speaking with guest Teresa Pfefferle, mother of a young performer, listeners will gain practical strategies and valuable insights for helping their child seamlessly break into this incredibly competitive field.

Episode Highlights

Listeners will learn about the rigors of auditioning, rehearsing, and fulfilling professional commitments as a young artist. Teresa shares her personal experiences, comparing the dynamics of professional pursuits with that of school plays, and...

Teresa Pfefferle - Day to Day With A Professional Child Actor, Singer, Dancer - Part I

In this episode of "Making It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts," we present an engaging conversation with Teresa Pfefferle, the driving force behind her child's successful performing career. Hosted by Leesa Csolak, this episode unveils the intriguing roller-coaster journey of parenting a child actor, offering practical advice, insights and a peek into the intricate world of child acting.

From the bustling streets of New York to the pressures of casting rooms, Teresa shares her firsthand experiences and valuable insights about the performing arts industry. Our discussion explores various aspects, including casting auditions, managing agents, legalities...

Curtis Holland - A Dancer's Journey to 5 Broadway Shows - Part II

Dive into the captivating episode of 'Making it Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts' with Leesa Csolak and actor, dancer, and singer Curtis Holland. Known for his contributions on Broadway, Holland shares insights into breaking into the performing arts industry, finding professional representation, and establishing a successful career.

In the episode Holland shares his journey in the performing arts, from experiencing his early encounters with musical theater to embarking on a vocal training journey. 

Listen to this enriching episode that uncovers essential elements for pursuing and thriving in a performing arts career. Find out h...

Curtis Holland - A Dancer's Journey to 5 Broadway Shows - Part I

In the latest episode of 'Making It Happen', our podcast tailored for budding performers, we explore Broadway artist Curtis Holland's journey in the performing arts. From his initial steps at arts schools and dance companies, to making the top 20 on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance television show, to his successful career on Broadway, Curtis reveals the trials and triumphs of his path.

Worthwhile for performers at all levels, this eye-opening discussion also dives into the nuances between competitive and recreational dance spaces, and how each contributes to a performer's skill set. Tune in for an...

JoAnn Shober - Navigating the Professional Performance Industry with a Young Actor

Join Leesa Csolak as she interviews guest, JoAnn Shober , mom of singer, actress, dancer, Quinn Fucci. 

Quinn has been represented by an agent since a young age of five. She is now 14 years old, and is repped by a huge bi-coastal agency and is auditioning for top national and worldwide projects.

The change in her representation occurred after her mom took Leesa's online course, Professional Kids & Teens 101: A Primer for Parents during the pandemic and worked with Leesa one on one. 

JoAnn shares what it takes to have a young child performer auditioning re...

Meg Paul - Ballet, Broadway & Beyond

Please welcome, Meg Paul, ballet & Broadway dancer and presently associate artistic director for world-renowned contemporary ballet company, Complexions and the Complexions Academy director.

If you are a parent of a young dancer specializing in and passionate about ballet and contemporary dance, this episode will give you insight and an opportunity to see into the life of an extremely successful dance artist at the top of her field. Learn what it takes and the perspective, drive and grit necessary to win.

Meg shares her early days as a dancer, her mother’s trust in her to tr...

Annie Nunes - Mom of Norah Nunes, Young Anna in the Nat’l Tour of Frozen

Guest Annie Nunes shares how her daughter, Norah Nunes landed the role of Young Anna in the National Tour of Disney's Frozen, the Musical, the steps she took as a parent to offer her young daughter opportunities beyond her small town in Texas, and how she navigated it.

If you have a young child or teen who can perform acting, singing, or dancing and is asking to get on bigger stages, listen and learn from a mom who made it happen for her young daughter.

Norah was just seven years old when she booked the...