Mystical & Infamous

10 Episodes

By: Blaire Stanislao @Happy Lyon Center

Blaire Stanislao leads playful and easy conversations about anything mystical, but especially the stuff that easily gets labeled as infamous. We get to the heart of the strange and weird (read: non-mainstream) happenings.  Join us in a bit of magical tomfoolery spreading the alchemy of love & light. Learn more about the host, speakers past and upcoming content at

What Big Energy Shifts Look & Feel Like in Reality

Kathie Malby and Blaire Stanislao share dynamic examples of how energy shifts play out in reality.  Conversations which spark deep reflection fulfilling a desire to realign with the authentic self.  We honor the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us all, and venture into the realms self worth and self care.

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The Multidimensional Quest: Multiverses & Beyond

Could the multiverse be more than just a trope from our favorite superhero films?  "Everything Everywhere All at Once," may mirror our own hidden capacities.  In this episode Blaire Stanislao and Alana Heim dance around the edges of imagination and leave us pondering the untapped potential we all hold within.

Listen in as we dissect how emotional legacies and societal structures challenge our pursuit of genuine expression, and the transformative journey of aligning one's passions with their personal and professional life. From tales of crystals and cosmic connections to the continuous evolution of the self, we delve in...

You, The Healer

Just raw, unfiltered discussions with Blaire Stanislao and Kelly Boyer revealing how deep inner work, coupled with the soul's guidance, can reshape our energy, elevate our vibrations, and help us transcend the emotional burdens that once seemed insurmountable.

We illuminate concrete examples of the real meaning behind the phrase, “YOU ARE THE HEALER” - and why exactly this matters in anyone's healing journey. If you're tired of looking for help outside of yourself, this is the holy grail. 

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Transcending Medicine: Quantum Insights with Matt Schmidt

Join Matt Schmidt and Blaire Stanislao as they discuss Matt's transition from staunch traditional medicine advocate to a fervent believer in the mystical arts, the transformation proved not just personal but universal. Matt was marred by a cancer research project that took an unexpected turn, but that struggle serves as a testament to the universe's capacity to redirect us towards our true paths—even when it seems like we've lost our way.

Amazing transformations with Matt's work include the cessation of his own chronic grand mal seizures and the subsequent liberation from medication that followed a single, li...

Corrective Movement for Chronic Pain Management

Could your chronic pain be a story your body is aching to tell? Blaire Stanislao & Anneliese Swingle uncover the hidden narratives of physical pain and emotional health, with insights from the deeper emotional undercurrents that may be the real culprits of your discomfort. Get ready to rethink everything you know about pain and its origins.

This episode paints a vivid picture of the body's plea for harmony in all facets of life. Discover innovative healing techniques that go beyond the physical, as we explore the transformative potential of aligning your care routine with your emotional and spiritual...

Threads of Destiny: Self-Realization in Physical Reality

In this episode Blaire Stanoislao and Jean Adrienne, founder of InnerSpeak discuss what it self-realization looks like in someone's life. Twenty years ago, Jean Adrienne's reality shifted when the ordinary turned extraordinary, revealing a world where time bent. These experiences didn't just herald the end of a marriage but propelled her into an exploration of multi-dimensional existence, challenging the very fabric of what we perceive as real.

Navigating the complexities of time and the concept of past lives, this episode tells the tales of healing uncovering memories that shape our present selves. It's a conversation that traverses...

You Don't Have to be Woo to Experience the Woo

You don't have to be Woo to experience the Woo.

Kelly Boyer and Blaire Stanislao join forces to have this very clear conversation about what it means to experience energy (often referred to as Woo) in your everyday life whether or not you understand what it is you're experiencing. 

Listen and learn to see where the woo (energy) is moving you and others in your life!

This is an excerpt of a complete podcast discussion episode airing on March 26, season 3, episode 15. 

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Dancing with the Universe to Co-Create Your Desired Reality

Have you ever felt your dreams slipping through your fingers the harder you try to hold onto them? This episode peels away at the paradox of manifestation, revealing how the art of releasing our grip might actually draw our aspirations closer. We venture into the law of attraction, discussing 'excess potential' and the unexpected ways in which intense focus can act as an energetic barrier to our desires. Through stories and insights, host Blaire Stanislao and guest Becky Lee guide you on how to align your actions with intentions and adopt a vibrational match to your goals, offering a...

Astrological Guidance for Recurring Struggles

Astrologers Blaire Stanislao and Anneliese Swingle delve into the world of recurring struggles and their connection to our celestial underpinnings in a fascinating discussion that unravels the power of the subconscious. Blaire's astrological first house have mirrored her own battles with independence and control within relationships. She reveals how these dreams have not only been a source of discomfort but also a guiding light towards personal autonomy and empowerment, showcasing the profound interplay between her dreamscapes and the stars above.

As we traverse the cosmic landscape, we stumble upon the tangible effects of planetary transits and their...

Embracing Wholeness: Parenting with Empowerment, Healing, and Authentic Joy

Realizing the fullness of our children's potential goes beyond report cards and societal expectations—it's about embracing their entire being. In a conversation with Blaire Stanislao, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo of Empowering Light Language shines a light on the transformative journey of parenting and educating children, especially those special abilities. Siris works with families to reveal their most authentic loving experience in times of great transition and adversity.

Siris has a uniquely personal experience with finding what it means to live authentically in today's world. She gracefully illuminates the courage required to live authentically. Her work sets the sta...