Sock Hop Saturday Night

10 Episodes

By: Mark Edwards

It's easier to say what the show ISN'T! This show ISN'T your typical, consultant-driven oldies show that only plays the same 300 songs over and over until you are sick of hearing them. It ISN'T robot-radio with a personality-less host and lots of liner cards. It ISN'T a show that tells listeners they can't request a song they want to hear instead of the consultants choice. What it IS is a unique, weekly oldies radio program that caters to its base of dedicated fans and regular listeners. It's different every week with the ability to draw from a playlist of over 17,000...

FINAL PODCAST! Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: , The Harptones: School Boy / School Girl , GENE PITNEY PLAY: , I'd Like To See Me Stop You. , EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: , The Coasters, Gee Golly . THEMED SEGMENT: Back To School

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: - Clyde McPhatter: Thirty Days / A Lover's Question , GENE PITNEY PLAY: Dream For Sale - EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: Kris Jensen, Claudette . THEMED SEGMENT: Labor Day

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: Danleers, I Can't Sleep / Half A Block From An Angel . GENE PITNEY: A Chance To Belong . EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: Steve Lawrence, Poor Little Rich Girl. THEMED SEGMENT: Devil or Angel

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter, . Fabian / Billy Williams, . GENE PTNEY PLAY: , Runaway Lover . EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: , Bobby Vinton, Wanted. THEMED SEGMENT: One Hit Wonders

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: "STAY" The Four Seasons / Maurice Williams and Zodiacs, - GENE PITNEY PLAY: , Mecca - EXEC. PRODUCER'S PICK: The Delicates, Little Ship - THEMED SEGMENT - Household Pets


With thousands of uploads and not a single new live listener generated, I have decided to quit wasting time creating these files. Only the PODCASTS will come to an end, the show itself will continue to air.

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: - The Rivieras, Moonlight Cocktail / Moonlight Serenade , GENE PITNEY PLAY: - I Wanna Love My Life Away , EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: - Napkin Cole , Answer Me My Love , THEMED SEGMENT: - Authority Figures

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: Tony Bennett, Fly Me To The Moon, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, . GENE PITNEY PLAY: Angelica , EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: Deep River Boys, All My Love Is Just For You. THEMED SEGMENT: , Insects

Sock Hop saturday Night

TWIN SPIN: Paragons, Florence / Florence, Don't Leave Me, . GENE PITNEY PLAY: Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love. , EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: Betty Curtis, Adonis THEMED SEGMENT: What was that title???

Sock Hop Saturday Night with Mark Edwards

TWIN SPIN: , The Showmen: , 39-21-46 / True Fine Mama , GENE PITNEY PLAY: , Looking Through The Eyes Of Love , EXEC PRODUCER'S PICK: , Patti Page, 2,223 Miles , THEMED SEGMENT: SPECTRUM COLORS