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By: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) is a show dedicated to promoting Natural Healing Modalities rather than dangerous drugs and surgery. We're dedicated to promoting things that actually assist your body's natural ability to Heal ItsSelf!

Women fighting trans athletes, killer drug companies and more!
Yesterday at 8:37 PM

Sarge opens the show with a story of a women's football team in the UK refusing to play a team with a trans player who injured a woman during a match. Citing safety reasons several teams won't play this team! He looks at other issues with the trans movement. He also looks at news about drug comanies and their killer products including the story of a 12 year old boy in France who died after an HPV vaccination at his school. More on current events of food shortages and safety issues.

Dissolving Illusions on Vaccines, return of masks and more!
Last Tuesday at 8:51 PM

Sarge opens the show by playing an interview of Roman Bystrianyk, co-author of Dissolving Illusions, by Dr. Sam Bailey. Lots of great info on how the world has been programmed to believe that vaccines are safe and effective when the complete opposite is the case! He also covers a recent appeals court case that has re-opened the door for New York Governor Hochul to lock up and lock down anyone they seem fit in the event of another plandemic. He also plays a short clip of a nut-job who wants to genetically engineer people to be intolerant to meat to...

Happy Thanksgiving? - Not for families of people murder by government! Medical Kidnapping and more!
Last Tuesday at 5:22 PM

Sarge opens the show by playing a short clip of a guy suggesting we engineer humans to be intollerant / allergic to meat to save the planet! He then covers the millions of families in America who won't have a happy Thanksgiving because they have family members who will never be home for the holidays again because they've been murdered by the government either by the covid lethal injections or through medical kidnapping and medical experimentation on them resulting in their deaths!

Shot Dead - the movie and Brain Death is a Lie!
Last Monday at 8:39 PM

Sarge plays the new video on the Covid 'Lethal Injections': "Shot Dead" the movie talking about children who died after they took the covid jabs or died within hours of being born after her mother took a covid jab. This movie deals with the heart-breaking stories of a few families, but has been repeated thousands of times over the last few years as a result of the lies we've all been told by the drug companies the AMA, government and the lame stream media. During the last few minutes of the show he plays a recording of Dr. Byrne discussing...

Vaccines past and present Still unsafe and ineffective!

Sarge opens the show with a short tribute to President Kennedy on the 60th anniversary of his assassination. He then plays a recording of Dr. Robert Malone at the International Covid / Crisis Summit discussing millions dead from the Covid jabs. He then covers why the government covers up the failed vaccine program. Lots of info you've probably never heard showing vaccines have NEVER been safe and effective - it's just the opposite!

Cooking for Carnivore, Turkey, Sous Vide pros and cons and more!

Today Sarge looks at 'cooking for Carnivore!' Sous Vide turkey for Thanksgiving, Bacon in a pot, the pros and cons of Sous Vide by two different cooks. Carnivore waffles and pancakes and much more!

The Stars are Falling!, more on the covid 'lethal injections' the corrupt medical system...

Sarge opens the show by covering an article that states that "34 young actors and actresses who died suddenly in 2023 - many had autopsies done." Matthew Perry (54) and many others who just 'died suddenly' in 2023! He also covers 'hit men' pediatricians and others in the medical community committing 'murder for hire' via Fauci's Covid 19 protocols. He has a conversation is caller 'Unplugged' regarding a doctor in MI sentenced to 45 years in prison for mistreating his patients and defrauding insurance companies.

IteraCare, Carnivore, Pediatrician Hitmen, and more!

Sarge opens the show by playing the Prife Int'l livestream from Sunday 11/19/23 featuring two ladies who have had miraculous results using their iTeraCare wands. Sarge also discusses the 'new kid on the block', OlyLife who's products are taking terahertz therapy to a whole new level! Sarge then discusses the Carnivore diet / lifestyle and a couple cooking methods that fit right into this way of eating, Sous Vide and air fryers. He then plays a Greg Reese video on how pediatritions are financially incentivized to make sure all of the patients (children) receive toxic vaccines making them, in effect' M.D...

Mike, Cal & DW on the fallen nature of man and constitutional government...

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests, Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW and they address the question: "Considering man’s fallen nature, could a constitution ever be written which would ensure honest, incorruptible government?" I think we all know the answer, but you'll enjoy the conversation and all the great points brought up!

Carnivore on the Holidays, Carroll's testimony, Sous Vide & Covid Jab Cleanse...

Sarge opens the show by discussing Carnivore on the holidays and plays some tips from experts on how not to 'slip up' and 'fall off the wagon'. He also covers a cooking method he just heard about call Sous Vide and has his friend Carroll come on to give his carnivore testimony and to talk about his experience using Sous Vide. Lastly he plays an interview of Dr. Brian Ardis bu the 'Fly-Over Conservatives' about his new 'Foreign Protein Cleanse' to help people who have had the Covid 'bio-weapon' jab or been around someone who has.


Carnivore during the Holidays & Power Grid Vulnerabilities...

Sarge opens the show by discussing how to stick to your carnivore diet during the holidays and plays several videos from experts on the topics as to what they have planned to make sure they don't 'slip up'! He then shifts gears to the power grid and its many vulnerabilities and plays a video entitled "Grid Down Power Up". Links are on the telegram channel.

The coming Holodomor and Carnivor with discussion...

Sarge opens the show by playing the latest 'MinivanJack' video: "Will You Survive the Holodomor?". He then segues into a discussion of the Carnivore diet / lifestyle and the importance of getting off pharmaceuticals and being in the best shape possible when the Holodomor hits. He plays several videos on carnivore eating and then discusses the good and bad of each video from a 90 Essential Nutrients perspective.

Lies my government told me about food, medicine and vaccines...

Sarge covers three of the Biggest Lies told to us by Government, the AMA, Big Harma and the Lame Stream Media regarding Food / Nutrition, Medicine and Vaccines. These three lies have resulted in milions of American's lives being made more miserable, shorter and far less productive than if they had been told the truth. These lies are designed to make money for the groups in question, increase their power and their control over Americans and is in no way for the best interests of the people in any way, shape or form!

John Kacarab on iTeraCare and Carnivore and More!

Sarge is joined by regular Monday guest, John Kacarab and they discuss testimonials of people who have had great results using the terahertz frequency wand! They also discuss the Carnivore (all meat) diet / lifestyle and more topics brought up by the call board. They also touch on the latest natural 'cure' for cancer: IP6 + Inositol.

Mike, Cal, DW and Karen Quinones on our history!

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW along with SPECIAL GUEST: Karen Quinones of Karen keeps the entire board captivated with her historical information on New York City during the founding era as well as the 1860’s and beyond! Warning, DO NOT listen to this show if you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Another look at the Carnivore 'diet' and the mistakes everyone makes...

Sarge takes another look at the 'Carnivore Diet'. He plays a YouTube recording to two ladies discussing how to start out right and what mistakes to avoid. He then goes on to discuss what he feels is the biggest mistake everyone who switches to this lifestyle makes - they falsely believe they don't need to supplement! No matter what 'dietary' approach you follow - it's simply impossible to get all the nutrients you need from your food - you MUST SUPPLEMENT!

More on IP-6 Inositol, cancer, related health issues, more...

Sarge opens the show with a little more info on yesterday's topic, IP6 and Inositol. He plays a testimony from a conference call he heard on Monday of a lady to reversed her cancer using this suppliment as well as PubMed articles on a person with metastatic melanoma who refused all allopthic treatments and used only IP6 and Inositol and has been in total remission for several years! He goes on to cover EVs, abortion center mishaps and more...

a-Gal enzyme : syndrome and red meat, OlyLife Tera P90, items in the news...

Sarge opens the show by discussing the a-Gal enzyme / syndrome and the fact that the enzyme is patented (man-made) and, regardless of how it spreads, is promoting / causing an allergic reaction to red meat in most people affected by it! This corresponds to Bill Gates' and Klaus Schwab's move to force people to stop eating red meat! Sarge then addresses his newest favorite terahertz device the OlyLife Tera P90! Lastly, he covers items in the news and takes comments.

IP-6 plus Inositol ~ possible Cancer Cure?, OlyLife Tera P90, Italy Bans Fake Meat!

Sarge opens the show by playing the testimony of a lady who beat cancer with IP-6 plus Inositol! He covers Pub-Med articles about it and plays a couple videos discussing it. He then goes on to discuss his new 'favorite' terahertz device, the OlyLife Tera P90! Lastly he covers an article discussing Italy's banning of lab-grown, FAKE meat!

John Kacarab on iTeraCare and Carnivore care homes!

Sarge is joined by regular Monday guest, John Kacarab and they discuss the iTeraCare wand. They play a Prife Int'l interview of a nurse who had psoriatic arthritis along with many other issues that nothing was helping with until she tried the iTeraCare wand. They then listen to an interview of Dr. Hal Cranmer by Dr. Anthony Chaffee regarding Dr. Cranmer's care homes where they have implemented the Carnivore diet for residents and the great results they're seeing!

Mike, Cal & DW discuss - "Did Freedom Commit Suicide?"

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests, Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW and they tackle the question: "Did Freedom Commit Suicide?" The coversation has to deal with Rhode Island and their desire to not have government involved in religion and to have 'complete and total religious freedom.' The conversation was quite interesting!

Note: While I may not agree with some of the speakers' beliefs I'll defend to the Death their Right to have and espouse them.

Covid Jabs and heart damage, Carnivore Diet / Lifestyle, Items in the news and more!

Sarge opens the show by covering multiple reports that the Covid jabs cause heart damage resulting in myocarditis and heart attacks. They also contain SV40 DNA which could potentially cause cancer. The FDA (Federal Death Administration) is aware of these facts and is still violating federal law by refusing to require the manufacturers to issue a recall or to confiscate them using federal autority! He also discusses the Carnivore diet with a caller and plays a video interview of Dr. Lee Merritt discussing how cancer may actually be caused by micro-parasites.

The Draft, Covid Jab with SV40, Covid Amnesty, Jones Plantation and More!

Sarge opens the show by discussing the potential for the draft and boots on the ground in the middle east. He then discussed the fact the SV40 has been found in the covid jabs and Pfizer and Moderna hit that fact from regulators when seeking approval for them. He talks about the people who were in favor of all of the covid Rights restrictions and now they're asking forgiveness without responsibility and just wanting to 'move on.' Lastly he plays an annimated version of the film: "The Jones Planation" by Larkin Rose which is an eye-opening look at Socialism...

More suffering from Hunger in the US, retail theft, Zennials terrified of the draft!

Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that millions more Americans are suffering from hunger in 2022 that the year before. He looks at pharmacies closing as a result of retail theft in many blue states. He also looks at Italy being the first country to outlaw fake meat! Lastly he covers how 'Zelennials' are terrified of the draft as war looms in Ukraine and the middle east. The board also discusses how Americans are sick of all that's going on and what might happen in the event of a 3rd war for independence in the U.S.!


It's far worse than most people believe!

Sarge opens the show by covering yet another article about how Pfizer lied about, or at least covered up the fact that their Covid jab was contamined by SV40 DNA! This, if true, would opent them up to be sued! Sarge then covers the supposition that War, Famine, Financial Collapse and most other events are engineered as cover stories for an even larger plan by the globalists to enslave and kill the majority of the world's population and it's far worse than most could even emagine!

John Kacarab oniTeraCare and Carnivore Lifestyle...

Sarge is joined by regular Monday guest, John Kacarab and they discuss the fantastic iTeraCare device. Sarge plays the most recent Prife International live stream from yesterday with two ladies, one from Texas and one from Australia who suffered with many health issues including endometriosis which they both had and the almost instant results and relief they got simply by blowing their bodies and their water with their Class wand! They then go on to discuss the 'Carnivore' lifestyle of eating only animal products (meat and dairy). Sarge began the program last Tuesday and has already lost between 6-8 pounds...

Mike, Cal and DW engage in a general discussion of Rightful Liberty...

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests, Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW and they engage in discussion about Rightful Liberty and how we lost it and what, if anything, can be done to restore it.

Another look at the Carnivore diet / lifestyle!

Sarge spends most of the show discussing the 'Carnivore Diet or Lifestyle' which consists of eating a diet of only meat and animal products! Many people have experienced life changing results using this program and have reversed obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and a host of other ailments! One of the things not included by most people is the 90 essential nutrients and by adding those it should make the program work even better! Sarge is going to give it a try to see what happens!

A Look at the Carnivore Diet w: discussion!

Sarge plays a video interview of Kelly Hogan by Dr. Ken Berry, M.D. Kelly has been eating only meat for 13 years (at the time of the video / now 14+ years). The change in her life has been nothing short of miraculous! After the interview Sarge discusses the concept of the 'Carnivore Lifestyle' with the board.

Covid Jabs & Turbo Cancers, Exosomes vs Viruses, Terrain Theory and More!

Sarge opens the show with a short synopsis of the new documentary by Dinesh DeSousa entitled: "Police State ~ Are You Next?". He then goes on to play a video interview of Dr. William Maris by Del Bigtree discussing the fact that the covid jabs are causing lethal turbo cancers! Sarge ends the show with Q&A and a short video on Exosomes vs Viruses and the Germ theory vs the Terrain Theory!

Police State, Katy Perry buys Braggs ACV, Apeel coating, Prepping and More!

Sarge opens the show by discussing the new documentary by Dinesh DeSousa entitled: "Police State ~ Are You Next?". He give the weblink to learn more. He goes on to discuss the fruit and veggie coating called "Apeel" that isn't very appealing ~ it's toxic and it's being used far and wide on produce in stores and possible even the apples used to make Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar! Buyer Beware! He covers other topics like more and more people are 'prepping' for what's coming and more!

John Kacarab discussing iTeraCare, preparation and the Carnivore Diet!

Sarge is joined by regular Monday guest, John Kacarab and they discuss preparation for the inevitible war on our own soil, testimonies of iTeraCare users and the Carnivore diet where one only eats animal products. Many, many people have turned their lives around with both the iTeraCare wands and this fantastic diet!

Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW discuss Pre-Declaration of Independence America

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests, Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW and today they discuss what was going on in Pre-Declaration of Independence America, especially in the New England colonies. A great discussion with lots of information and facts that the 'coach' never taught you in High School!

Doing Health God's Way!

Today, Sarge discusses doing health 'God's Way'! A sermon in church last Sunday made Sarge think about how many Christians have been 'programmed' to deal with health issues man's way instead of God's way spelled out in the Bible and, as a result, their health, and the health of their children have suffered tremendously! During the last half hour Sarge takes questions from the call board. Lot's of great info and things to think about!

When Hospitals Became Prisons, Trans regret and More!

Sarge opens the show by playing a new documentary on the Covid Protocols in hospitals and when they became prisons. He also plays a video dealing with the 'after shocks' of transgender 'transitioning' and all of the health issues caused by puberty blockers, etc. Lastly he covers an article about “Second Nuremberg” lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who sought to hold COVID bioweapon culprits accountable, SEIZED by German government in Mexico.

Your DIY Health w/ Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

Wallach's Medical Mouse Trap, Nutrition, Medical Kidnapping and More!

Sarge gets back to the show's roots of Science-based, Clinically Verified, Plant Derived Medical Nutrition by playing one of Dr. Wallach's DDDL recordings: "Medical Mouse Trap." He then goes on to discuss nutrition and natural health, the 'C' Word, Medical Kidnapping, Obesity in the Military and More!

Side effects of Covid jab and Covid itself, Medical Kidnapping of Children and more!

Sarge opens the show by covering myocarditis and how it was known to be a side effect of the covid jabs at least two months BEFORE THE JABS WERE ROLLED OUT! He covers other side effects of the jabs and the disease itself. Lastly, he takes a look at Medical Kidnapping that is rampant throughout the United States medical system with a specific look at the Florida case of Maya Kowalski.

John Kacarab and Lisa Kassner discussing the Digital Trap and how to counter it!

Sarge is joined by regular Monday guest, John Kacarab and Special Guest, Lisa Kassner and they discuss THE DIGITAL CONTROL TRAP! Don’t get trapped in a world you don’t want! Stop the trap before it stops you. Time is short: We must opt out while we are still free to choose!

Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW discuss TWA Flight 800

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guests, Mike Gaddy, Cal Robbins and DW and they discuss TWA Flight 800. Mike has received a large quantity of documents on a law suit filed by family members on behalf of those who died when the Boeing 747 was allegedly shot down by a missile shortly after take-off on July 17, 1996 around 8:31 p.m.EDT. The families are disputing the 'official government story' that the plane crashed as a result of a faulty fuel pump in one of its fuel tanks. DW, a retired commercial airline pilot lends his unique perspective to the discussion.