Crackin Crime

16 Episodes


True Crime stories told in a light hearted way. Each week Jamie and Seth will be telling true crime stories with a touch of humor. Tune in to listen to Jamie tell Seth a crazy crime story while Seth finds out about it for the first time.

Columbine School Shooting

On April 30th 1999, two gunman entered Columbine High School and started shooting. The aftermath changed the way law enforcement responds to active shooter events.

Crackin Hollywood Crime

In this episode Jamie and Seth talk about crime in Hollywood. Arianne Grande licking donuts, Mel Gibson got a DUI, while John Claude Van Damme gets into a fight. It's a crazy fun time talking about these stories.

Murder In Skidmore Missouri

In this episode Jamie and Seth tell the stories of Ken McElroy, Greg Dragoo, Branson Perry, and Bobbie Stinnet. This is a very small town in Missouri with a very crazy past.

DB Cooper

In this episode Jacob and I tell the story of DB Cooper! A great mystery as to who highjacked the airplane on November 24, 1971 from Portland Oregon. Who exactly is DB Cooper? Well we don't know but it is a great story.

Crackin Some Country Crime

In this episode we talk about some crime that happened from some Country music artists over the years, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, Randy Travis, and Billy Currington had some run ins with the law and we talk about it in this mostly banter episode. We hope you have fun listening along.


This is a trailer for the Podcast! If you like a good story told in a funny way then check out our full episodes.

Freestyle State of South Dakota

In this episode we talk about the great state of South Dakota. Haunted hotel of Seth Bullock, Bank robbed by John Dillenger. Some great stories that we briefly cover.

Voice of the Huskers

Patrick Combs was the voice of the Nebraska Cornhuskers until he is charged with Theft. Bonus crime with Jacob episode!

Wyatt Earp

In this episode we cover the great Wyatt Earp and his tales through the old west! His stories have been featured in cinema over the years and we are happy to bring the real story to our listeners.

Miranda v Arizona

The story of Ernesto Miranda, who raped and kidnapped an 18 year girl. His case went to the U.S. Supreme court and the decision is known as the Miranda Warnings or Miranda rights.

Freestyle State of Nevada

In this Episode we talk about Nevada Crime. We are trying a new segment where we look up crime and stats of an individual state.

Holdrege Shootout

August 18th, 1989 a Helicopter escape from a Colorado prison leads to a shootout with Police in Holdrege, Nebraska.

The Escape from Alcatraz

Bonus Crime with Jacob episode. I tell Jacob the story of Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin. Who were the only people to successfully Escape from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.

Bonus Crime with Jacob

In this episode my son Jacob wanted to join the podcast. This is going to be a new segment where I do bonus crime with Jacob. I hope you like it.

Ripped From the Headlines 1

This is a bonus episode. In this episode we picked some headlines to read from. We laughed while telling the stories we hope you laugh as you listen.

The Trench Coat Robbers

For 15 years they robbed banks. Their crime spree finally came to end in 1997.