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Ciao Beautiful Souls! My name is Love Atiya and I am your resident Sex Positive Animal Activist! Allow me to help you love yourself a little more than you did before starting this experience and Yes, THIS is a whole experience. From oral sex chats to sex toy suggestions & naughty confessions, you can expect it ALL from the Love Atiya Experience. Being a virgin for 24 years & healing from a toxic relationship helped launch me full throttle into my journey to find myself sexually & emotionally. The first step was going to therapy and learning how to love myself a lot more...

111: Did You Say Chlamydia? The Time He Took A Crap At My House
Last Sunday at 10:00 AM

Ciao Babes,

I am back from Mexico and have sooooo many updates to share with you all! I have learned A LOT since i’ve been gone so in today’s episode we’re gonna talk all about:

Why your vagina may have bumps (aka glands).

Women’s history facts and how men used to put leeches on women’s vulvas and anus to quell “hysteria”.

The time I fell in love (delusionally.)

How I didn’t know...

110: P*ssy Funk & What Your Vulva Odor Means, Feeling Gay & Dating App Horror Stories

Heyyy beautiful souls!

GUESS WHO’S IN MEXICO FOR THE WEEK! I’m so excited for this episode and it actually might be one of my favorites.

In today’s episode we talk about:

Leaving my job that was no good for my mental health & taking a leap of faith

Genital smells and what they mean

BV, Yeast Infections & More

We have a black history sex fact because it’s b...

109: Thriving Beyond Friendship Trauma, Lesbian Crushes & Moving Out The US

Thriving Beyond Friendship Trauma, Moving Out The US & Lesbian Crushes

Ya’ll tell me why I thought today was sunday LMAO

Anyways happy MONDAY. We are back with another installation of The Love Atiya Experience and this time we’re talking about…

How I’m Considering ASMR 

Visitor Anxiety & A Rant About New York

Detoxing from the US

Healing from Toxi...

BONUS: A Self Pleasure Guide For Singles & Couples + 50% OFF SEX TOY COUPON

I wanna say "happy love day" but in my world, every day is love day.

Can we talk about the STRESS that we endure during this time of year trying to make sure we are pleased or pleasing others. It's exhausting but it doesn't have to be.

Valentines day can be a beautiful and non-triggering day if we practice the self love techniques suggested in this mini episode.

If you're in the mood to treat yourself to a new sex toy or want to try a toy for the first time I recommend...

108: I'm Moving Out The Country, Having A Musical Orgasm, Triggers, Black History Sex Facts & Mexico Part 3


Welcome To Another Episode Of The Love Atiya Experience!

This week's episode is packed with a LIFE CHANGING ANNOUNCEMENT, how I had THE MOST amazing orgasm while listening to music, a conclusion to a very very long storytime and reflections on my amazing experience in Orlando at a podcast conference!

I also introduce my newest segment “Sex Positive Black History Facts” where I talk about everything melanated and liberated!

107: Mexico Trip Part 2, People Pleasing, Self Love & Sex Toys

Wooooh chile this story is a DOOZY and is so hard to keep up with but if you’ve made it this far then I am sooooo proud of you.

Besties this story showcases how I was lost and confused and lovestarved all in the same breath, I give myself A LOT of grace lol

It’s almost like a "who done it" kinda story with a plot that keeps getting thicker and thicker. Believe it or not this messy story contributed tremendously to my growth looking back on it.<...

106: The Time I Got The Best Head In Mexico & Spending New Years In DR


Happy 2023 my loves! I just touched down from THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and me and my tan are ready to spread some love!

This break was so needed and I couldn't be more excited to serve you all up with brand new stories and crazy life updates.

Today's episode focuses on navigating traveling with friends and lowkey falling in love on vacation.

I speak VERY TRANSPARENTLY about the best oral I ever received while I was vacationing in Mexico and give you all of the deets regarding the drama that...

105: The Time I Had Sex With A Married Man From Hinge, Setting Boundaries & Painful Sex

WELCOME TO EPISODE 5! Ohhhhhh my goodness were five episodes in and have billions of episodes to go!

In this episode we’re gonna discuss A LOT… including:

- Seasonal affective depression

- How I turned myself on the other day randomly 

- My first pole dancing experience with @lacypoles and I discuss “tapping into my inner sexy”

- Painful sex experiences and why we don’t...

104: My First Lesbian/Poly Experience, Step Mama Drama & Painful Sex


Welcome to yet another episode of The Love Atiya Experience!

In this episode we do a deep dive into my very first lesbian “relationship”, exploring the world of polyamory, growing through/surviving drama with my step-family and how my ex thought I was too disgusting to cuddle with.

We also touch a little bit on painful sex but I plan on TRULY diving into that topic for my next episode.

103: The Time I Thought I Was a Pregnant Virgin | Disassociating During Sex

YES. You read that right. I promise the title will make sense by the end of the episode LOL

I was also so inspired by my most recent viral Tiktok videos about Disassociating during sex I figured why not have a super transparent conversation on the pod and chat about the ways I believe trauma has contributed to me not being able to be in the moment during sex.

In this episode I also touch on the time when I was 12 years old and...

102: The Time I Rode The D and Realized I Was Mentally ill, Growing Through Depression, Shame & Anxiety

Welcome to Episode TWO my loves!

In this episode we enjoy a quick catch up in which I tell you all about how my life is falling apart!

If you struggle with shame, anxiety, depression and guilt this episode is for YOU.

We also chat about me experiencing my first orgasm with a partner while “riding the D” for the first time.. So many firsts!

Plus more details on my FWB...

101: The Time He Rushed Me To Cum, Mutual Masterbation Gone WRONG


In episode one I give you an inside look on the history of my love life and give an in depth look into my celibacy journey.

Oh! And stay tuned for two back to back stories on four play gone WRONG, rigorous jerking off, guys possibly asking me to eat their behind and more!

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