Two Without a Clue

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By: Kaelynn Mooningham

We’re Kelsey and Kaelynn! Both moms in two completely different dynamics, growing up with similar life challenges and adversities. Talking about life and growing up in the small town, co-parenting, the challenges of adult friendships, and so much more

Clueless and Ready for Summer
Last Friday at 5:00 AM

On this weeks episodeKelsey and Kaelynn talk about the end of the school year and what a relief it is to not be tied down to that schedule. They also talk about how important it is to have working Co-Parent and Co-Grandparent relationships after the relationship has ended.Kaelynn shares about how the struggle of having a toxic parent can have and the long term affects of not being protected from adult situations.We reflect on the last 7 months of growth, guest, and stories and we also share about an upcoming guest spot we have on the Stay Petty podcast...

Clueless, Missing From Home

On this weeks episodeKelsey and Kaelynn talk about the struggle of going to credit recovery to get their high school diploma’s. They also talk about mom life and navigating the curve balls of kids sickness. Kaelynn shares she’s starting to look for employment that supports her small business dreams. On a more serious note:Two local woman are missing from Cheatham County, and both women are local and both appear to be in domestic situations. Nicki Alcaraz 33, last seen with Tyler Stratton in New Mexico Traveling to see family on May 8. 2023 after being assaulted at a truck stop . Link...

Clueless and Tinder, don’t mix

On this weeks episodeKelsey gives us a deeper dive into her relationship with her partner, the dynamic that they have, and what boundaries they have in place as far as “exploring.” Kaelynn gives an update from her previous week and some winning moments that are happening for her. Kelsey also talks about what it’s like to date online and shares her experience with the emotional roller coaster of it, and shares a recent experience with someone she met through tinder.Kelsey’s tips of the week:7 Boundary Setting Phrases: in every Friday for new episodes!Follow u...

Clueless in Pluto’s Retrograde

On this weeks episode Kaelynn vents about the week she had, and it was not a good one. She talks about the struggles she faced in her businesses, and the funk she has felt with trying her best, and still not achieving the goal. Kelsey shares some support and educates about her growth from her previous environment, and offer some compassion and support in Kaelynn’s ownership in the situation.They share some laughs and positive words about staying chin up in the hard times, and getting through retrograde “Hunger Games” style!Kelsey’s tips of the week:Skin care :ht...

Clueless with Brittany West and a Catfish

On this weeks episode Kaelynn and Kelsey are joined with special guest Brittany West!Brittany is a mom of 2, and a local in the community. She shares some of the challenges she faces being a mother of two diverse kiddos, and how she juggles the different dynamics. But let’s get to the reason why she’s here with us.What would you do if someone messaged your sister and accused you of stealing your own photos?That’s exactly what happened to her, and you’ll never guess WHO it was stealing her photos, and what happened when she conf...

Clueless with Girlie Talk’s Kaila Wink

On this weeks episode Kaelynn and Kelsey are joined with special guest Kaila Wink! Kaila is a fellow podcaster, wife, mom of 4, and fellow high school alumni from different years. We talk about early stages of motherhood for Kaila, her growth, and her story of finding love with her husband.She also shares about her now SOLO project The Girlie Talk Podcast and the challenges that came being vulnerable and being her best version of herself. Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere you get your podcast!Links here:

Clueless in Your Gut

This weeks episode Kaelynn and Kelsey talk about how important hormone health is. When our hormones are off, so is your energy. They talk about the importance of how to manage and regulate your reactions based on the foods you eat. Sharing laughs and goals to create a better lifestyle for yourself and those around you.For tips on Safe Sex and Pregnancy Prevention visit: www.itsyoursexlife.comKelsey’s tips of the week in every Friday for new episodes!Follow us Instagram @twowithoutaclue_kaelandkelsLike us on Facebook “Two Without a Clue”

Clueless with a Luna Tic and Lexi Pro

On this weeks episode, Kaelynn and Kelsey, talk about society and the way America views children versus other countries. They talk about the humor that they have found this week and parenting, and the overwhelm Kaelynn chairs, if you details about being a small business owner, and some of the challenges that come with it.

Clueless and NOT doing it

This weeks episode Kaelynn and Kelsey talk about what they are NOT doing in 2023. You read that right, what they’re not doing. Aligning goals and checking in on new resolutions.They briefly discuss the heart ache and impact of Nashville’s recent tragedy. Kaelynn talks about the misdirected anger towards a specific group of people, and encouraging compassion to those around her.Kelsey brings up great points of starting the process of healing and setting boundaries from childhood relationships.Tune in every Friday for new episodes!Follow us Instagram @twowithoutaclue_kaelandkelsLike us on Facebook “Two Without a Clue”

Clueless With a Growth Mindset

This weeks episode Kaelynn and Kelsey talk about the dynamics of navigating relationships while living life authentically. They discuss “period syncing” and what foods to eat to during your cycle. They find humor in body modification and so much more

Clueless about Period Health

Are you a person who gets a period? Do you ever wonder why you feel absolutely miserable. Same, friend. Kelsey took the time to do some research on “Uterine Health” and found foods, tips, and vitamins to make our cycles easier. From cycle care to skin care, this episode is all about getting your “inner self” on track.

Clueless With ADD

Kaelynn and Kelsey talk about how their schedules have changed and the adjustments that come with it. They also talk about growth and the quality of friendships that develop over the years and how sometimes that can mean losing a few a long the way.

Clueless with OCD

Kelsey shares her struggles with having OCD and the differences between ADD and OCD. Kaelynn and Kelsey share their milestones with their goals, and also share some trauma laughs too.

Clueless in The Neighborhood

On this week’s episode Kelsey and Kaelynn play “Never Have I Ever” retro edition. All while talking about boundaries in relationships and friendships

Clueless on How Soon is Too Soon?

You voted, we’re talking about it! The viral tik tok trend “save the mom over the baby,” we talk about where it came from, the story behind it. We talk about amazon prime and repeating toxic patterns in relations.

Clueless with a Smidge of Bitch

This week Kelsey and Kaelynn are in person for the first time in weeks. They meet up to talk about their “too blunt” friend, and Kaelynn drops a bomb about another fake profile.

Clueless with Generational Trauma

This week Kaelynn and Kelsey were watching the way that “Teen Mom” star Catelynn and her mom April are working towards building a “Mother Daughter” relationship and how the generational trauma they experienced, was in fact similar to our dynamic.

Clueless with The Funk

This week both Kaelynn and Kelsey caught the bug, they talk about the challenges that have come with being a parent while being sick and how that aligns with their New Years Resolutions and goals

Clues In Friendships and Boundaries

This week Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about ways they’re facing the challenges of the new year, and touch on a sensitive subject… how do you dress in front of someone’s partner? Tune in and share your opinion.

Clueless about Energy

Kelsey and Kaelynn catch up this week on how the new year is going, and what type of energy they’re receiving. Kelsey talks about the frustrations of lacking mutual support in friendships when it comes to social media and how she plans to act going forward

New Year Same Clues

Hey all!

This week Kelsey and Kaelynn take some time to reflect on milestones they’ve accomplished, what they look forward to in the new year!

Clueless in December

This episode Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about the holiday season and the amount of pressure building around these times. They discuss the dynamics of open communication in friendships when they’re feeling overwhelmed and say goodbye to 2022.

Clueless about Emotional Boundaries

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

This week Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about the challenges they faced this past week in parenting, and how they handled the accountability of their own actions and their children’s. They go over situations of “Covert Incest” and how that has affected their parenting experience. They dissect what they have learned to break the cycle of emotionally depending on your children, and how to move forward from the past hurt.

Clueless About Staying Unhealed

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

On this weeks episode we talk about actions that are made by Unhealed versions of ourselves, our parents, and others. We talk about the consequences and the awareness it takes to make these choices and how “healed people” conduct themselves.

Clueless Mothering Without One

One this weeks episode we talk about the mother daughter dynamic as an adult after years of what Kelsey went through and how she has to retrain herself on how to communicate with her family dynamic. They talk about boundaries in relationships and what healthy vs not healthy look like. And how they both have overcome cheating scandals in relationships.

Clueless with Questions

This weeks episode we will be going over questions from “Just ask Jena” where Jena gathers questions based on topics we previously went over. This weeks questions led to us discussing our different but similar points of view of religion and spirituality.

Clueless About Depression

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about how long they’ve been dealing with depression, the work they’ve done to improve their day to day and relationship with depression. They also talk about the age old saying “hurt people hurt people” and recount actions that led them to make some tough decisions about family relationships.

Clueless about History, Culture, and Icky People

Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about “the things they never knew they never knew” when it comes to history and culture. And then talk about the how an online persona can create malicious intentions. They share some laughs about lessons being online in the “lonely pans” community.

Clueless with Jena Part 2

Part two Jena has questions about past episodes, recapping experiences that both Kelsey and Kaelynn have gone through. Jena shares why she chose homeschooling for her children and how she handled a potentially harmful situation for her children. We discuss creating a better atmosphere for our children and how to handle communication with children.

Clueless with Jena part 1

Kaelynn and Kelsey welcome their first guest Jena, long time friend of Kelsey with a different world view. Jena talks about her home dynamic and the way she has chosen to parent, and how her choices impact her relationship with her children.

Clueless About Addiction

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

As Kaelynn and Kelsey discuss their views on addiction, Kaelynn recaps what alcohol is hasn’t done to her and affected her. Kelsey talks about the relationships that have been broken and due to addiction in her life. They go over the harsh realities of what those choices have done, and how they impact how they parent today.

Clueless About Online Dating

Kelsey and Kaelynn answer their first DM question about the effects of online dating, while Kelsey shares what it’s like using tinder today. They touch base on the impact of social media and talk about mentality it can bring.

Clues about Relationships

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

Kaelynn and Kelsey go over the different types of abuse you can experience in relationships. While Kaelynn shares her story about David, who helped her through that difficult time, and what really went down in their relationship. Kelsey talks about her relationship and their status, and the type of relationship she has with her partner.

Clueless About Narcissist

This week we talk about how to tell whether you’re toxic or a narcissist. Often we throw around the word Narcissist without context, but how do you really know? Tune in this week to listen to Kelsey go over that check list, and both share experiences they have been through with both kinds of people.

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

Viewer discretion is advised, different types of abuse discussed.

Clueless Introductions!


-Trauma, Birth Stories, Abuse, Explicit Language

Hey we’re Kaelynn and Kelsey. And I’m our first episode we talk immediately about our birthing stories, family dynamics and the sense of wanting to belong, trauma that has brought us to where we are. We go into astrology, and the names for our kids. Lately the struggle has been real when it comes to getting through the day to day. We go over the work we’re doing in ourselves to change and improve and break the cycle of negativity and harsh relationships.

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