Two Without a Clue

10 Episodes

By: Kaelynn Mooningham

We’re Kelsey and Kaelynn! Both moms in two completely different dynamics, growing up with similar life challenges and adversities. Talking about life and growing up in the small town, co-parenting, the challenges of adult friendships, and so much more

So Long, Farewell to You Our Friends

*warning the audio in this episode is low to reduce noice*On this weeks episode we are joined by Kaila Wink to talk about the future of our podcast. Kelsey, Kaila, and Kaelynn have decided to join forces and merge as one podcast. You read, heard that right! These girls are taking their projects of growth and community and merging into one platform. Thank you weekly for tuning in and join us on Girlie Talk Podcast to see what’s next!

Clueless Felonies and Friends with Jessica Tandy

On this weeks episodeThis week Kelsey and Kaelynn are joined with our special guests Jessica Tandy.Jessica’s name may sound familiar, if you don’t know her from school or locally, you may know her from Local News amid Financial Scandal. Jessica talks about the events leading up to her arrest, and how her faith kept her going through out it all. From issues with struggling with Mental Health, and keeping up appearances, she shares all the details about how this changed her life in more ways than one.Listen to learn all about the ups and downs, and find...

Clueless and Community Grief

On this weeks episodeKelsey shares that she is back on her school routine with her kiddos, and the action she is taking to better her physical health to improve her overall health. Kaelynn and Kelsey talk about the loss suffered by their childhood community, Tashia Biggs. With a heavy heart we share that her works in the communities through Camp Hope, and being an Officer in our community. She was a selfless spirit and we are all in shock. Kelsey and Kaelynn talk about mental health, and their struggles and the impact and actions they took to get through those...

Clueless and Break Ups

On this weeks episodeKelsey and Kaelynn recap from last weeks episode with Josh and Kyle with the Stay Petty Podcast.Then they reflect on how hard it is to schedule time with your friends as adults, and how hard it is growing up. Time management, financially, and how tough life can be sometimes.Kaelynn took the time to share and be vulnerable about what her relationship looks like, and what that healing looks like for her. In a vulnerable moment she shares how she’s still healing. She talks about the work that she’s doing in herself and the acti...

Clueless and Petty feat. Stay Petty Podcast

On this weeks episodeWe are joined by Josh and Kyle the Co-Host of Stay Petty Podcast! We talk about the podcasting journey, how we met, how they met, and also some difficult life topics. Both Kyle and Josh share their point of views of what it’s like being a Father in different dynamics than what we’re use to. Having a community is so important and creating a community where you have genuine support is incredibly important, especially when you’re an adult. We talk about juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, and building relationships beyond surface level. Thanks...

Clueless Co-Parenting Phases

On this weeks episode

Kaelynn opens talking about her spiritual journey and connecting with Kelsey in her love for astrology. They then talk about the prep of getting kids ready for school and the hesitancy Kelsey feels with her oldest starting school and forming relationships. They share how awesome it is to have positive co-parenting relationships and help with getting prepared for the new year. Kaelynn talks about creating those relationships and dynamics when the dynamic isn’t always so positive and how she was able to establish those relationships in the chaos. They also talk about ho...

Clueless and Summers Almost Over

On this weeks episode

Kaelynn opens and shares how getting back to school has been different than she expected. Kelsey also talks about the struggles of leaving in a rural area when the weather hinders your communication.

They reflect on the holiday weekend and adapting to the fact that summer is almost over. And when summer is almost over, we have to kick it in to high gear to prepare and get ready for the upcoming year

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Clueless and On The Spectrum

On this weeks episodeKelsey and Kaelynn talk about the struggles of financial stability, and getting through the tough times of the money drought. Kaelynn shares the results of the appointment her and her children had with the Behavioral Analysis Center, and the impact it has on herself and her family going forward. She shares the hardships of learning the results of their diagnosis’, and remembering the hardships that she faced as a child with certain behaviors she had and social ques. Kelsey shares about seeing bullying in schools and the impact of bullying at home. If you have any information ab...

Clueless and Impatient

On this weeks episodeKelsey and Kaelynn talk about the impact of Gaslighting vs Respectful phrasing. Having examples of how to communicate effectively creates better boundaries in friendships, relationships, and coparenting. They also take a deep dive into specific triggers that impact their parenting from childhood. Are you a control freak style parent? Are you a patient parent?Speaking of patience, is that a behavior that can be learned? Where is that taught?On a lighter note, who do you think is better… Matt Riffe or Theo Von? Tune in and share your thoughts with us.If you or someone you kn...

Clueless and Busy Healing

On this weeks episodeKelsey and KaelynnTalk about the differences that they have had in their summer to start, Kaelynn shares how overwhelmed she has been even without a baseball schedule. Kelsey talks about some really heavy topics this week, one of the most important is things that we wish our parents would say to us in order for us to heal. Multiple discussions on the dynamic of boundaries and how to heal from the past trauma. They share some new habits that are helping the dynamic of their growth and some tips along the way.Chase Stafford was found, with...