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Childhood friends Jesse, Tim and Ashton share stories and opinions each week while enjoying (a few) adult beverages.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 21 (The Return)
Last Sunday at 10:30 AM

In this weeks episode:The guys get back together after a few busy weeks. We recap work stories, the cabin trip, and we find out how much Jesse struggles with putting on shoe laces.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 20 (feat. Trey)

In this week’s episode:

While Tim is away scoring points in Florida, Trey joins Jesse and Ash to discuss theme parks, musical influences, the current state of cross-platform gaming, and That ‘70s Show. Well damn, Jackie!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 19

In this week’s episode: The guys sit down after hectic work weeks to discuss the current generation gaming consoles, great games from our childhood, and what our favorite consoles of all time are. And no, we still haven’t reviewed Lord of the Rings yet…

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 18

In this weeks episode:

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 17

In this week’s episode:

The guys are back for their first show of 2023! Topics include recaps of everyone’s holidays; reviewing the film American Psycho; and the stories of how Jess & Tim met their ladies. (Also, what the heck happened during Ashton’s Christmas Eve?!)

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 16 (Holiday Special)

It's our favorite time of the year, and there's no place we'd rather be than in the festively bedecked Basement! In this episode the guys discuss Christmas traditions, our favorite holiday songs and movies, and do a live gift exchange whilst sipping eggnog in ugly sweaters and pajama pants.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 15

In this week's episode:

The guys discuss the joys of training a new employee at work; comment on this year's Video Game Awards winners; and review "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh" - does it hold up after 14 years?!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 14

In this week's episode:

The guys discuss the importance of keeping family Thanksgiving recipes, review HBO's "8-Bit Christmas," and give first impressions on Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Bonus content includes the introduction of a new woman in Jesse's life - come hear about Winona!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 13 (feat. Navarro)

In this weeks episode:

Jesse and Tim catch up with special guest Brandon Navarro. The guys discuss Star Wars at length, while Navarro tries to talk Tim out of making a major Lego purchase.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 12

In this week's episode:

Jess is freshly back from the Harry Potter experience in Atlanta, and gives the guys a recap of the attraction; Ashton recounts getting unusually giddy in a festively-decked Target; and Tim reveals it all in this episode - his favorite Thanksgiving dishes that is!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 11

In this week's episode:

The guys review "Gone in 60 Seconds", discuss the crazy week in the football world, and unanimously agree that Jesse should never do yard work again. Ever.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 10

In this week's episode:

Tim recounts the horror of watching his car get "rocked" by his belligerent brother; Ash gets roused while updating the guys on Elon and Twitter; and Jess knocks our socks off when he reveals the contents of his girthy bag!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 9

In this week's episode:

Tim enters "The Basement" bearing a generous gift of winter cider; Ashton continues his surreptitious scheme to turn the guys into Lupin the Third fans; and Jesse defends his honor after being called out by Tim's Dad as a traitor to the Star Wars franchise. Happy Halloween!

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 8

In this week’s episode:

Trey joins the guys in “The Basement” to discuss video games, sports, and his excellent movie pick “No Country for Old Men.” (The man also imparts the most rational explanation of why Harry Potter tops Star Wars)

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 7

In this week's episode:

Ashton trolls the socks off of Jesse during the movie review; Tim mourns the gradual death of physical comic books; and Jesse returns home from his LAVISH cruise to find a hole in his laundry room floor (thankfully there were no holes in the ship!)

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 6

In this week's episode:

The guys discuss how much they enjoyed Tim's movie pick The Departed; Jesse gives his first impressions of Overwatch 2; and Ashton proves incapable of explaining why he likes 90s Civics.

The Cabin - Ep. 1

The guys recap the cabin trip. Jesse and Tim review Lupin the Third, while Ash gushes over Tim's grilling skills.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 5

In this week's episode:

Jesse walks the guys down memory lane to our middle school band days; Ashton is ecstatic to hear that everyone enjoyed his movie pick; and Tim makes us all face a hard truth: none of us are actually gamers.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 4

Tim considers buying a Nintendo Switch (for the 3rd time); Jesse declares QB Mac Jones the savior of the New England Patriots; and Ashton tries to convince the guys that Batman Forever is a quality film.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 3

Ashton waltzes into The Basement donning an Aaron Judge jersey; Jesse is pleasantly surprised by The Ring of Power; and Tim mixes a new cinnamon cocktail that leaves everyone excited for the holiday season.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 2 (Feat. Dan)

Jesse says never again to long hair, Tim gets fired up over the way Aaron Judge "smacks" a baseball, the guys coax Ashton into quoting poetry, and Dan proves he had top-tier taste in shows as a child.

Nowhere to Be - Ep. 1

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