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Childhood friends Jesse, Tim and Ashton share stories and opinions each week while enjoying (a few) adult beverages.

Can You Fit It In Your Pocket? (feat. Jake D.) - Ep. 48
Last Friday at 12:00 PM

At long last, Tim’s younger brother, Jake, makes his first appearance on the podcast! With cold drinks in his hands and cool crocs on his feet (sport mode: activated), Jake flexes his expert-level video game knowledge and answers our rapid-fire questions with poise and confidence. If only he knew how to correctly hold a microphone! Other topics include fatherhood, Gundam model kits, collegiate mischief, and Jake’s favorite moments from Tim’s wedding.

What Happened in Thomasville - Ep. 47

In this week's episode: Tim is officially a married man! Join us as we spend this week’s episode recounting the events of the wedding, as well as flagging our favorite moments. We’re wishing Tim and Hannah the very best together!!

Uno, Dos, Trey - Ep. 46 (Part 2)

Part 2 of "Uno, Dos, Trey" has arrived! In this week's episode, Ashton questions the mental soundness of Stephen A. Smith; Trey explains how Sweetwater ruined his entire week; and Jesse defends the position that "some people are into hard-working men!" We also remenisce on classoc Overwatch and Halo, share our differing philosophies on vehicle maintenance, discuss the appeal of self-sustainability, and flag the excesses of group texts. Thanks for the cookies, Julianna!!

Uno, Dos, Trey - Ep. 46 (Part 1)

Trey returns this week for a third appearance, and we’re excited to release it as a special two-part episode! It’s been over a year since he was here, so in part one Jesse and Ashton give the man a proper and thorough rapid-fire question round. Topics include marriage, music, video games, and bougie dog breeds. We also answer our first-ever audience questions from a long-time listener! What a time! Be sure to check out the video versions of our episodes on YouTube!

Five Year Coma - Ep. 45

In this week’s episode: After stumbling across the astonishing story of a woman waking from a five year coma, we asked ourselves, “Which stories would we share with a person who has missed out on the last five years?” Join us as we discuss some of the biggest events in sports, culture, science and music. (Fret not: we avoid politics, war and pandemics!)”

NBA All-Star Disappoints Again - Ep. 44

In this week’s episode: Fresh off a two week break, we sit down with our favorite rums in-hand to discuss the NBA all-star weekend; Jesse’s experience with CGC grading; our recent ATL excursion with Trey; why we’ve grown to love routine; and the pleasures of nights out on the town. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the video versions of our shows at

High School Never Ends - Ep. 43

In this week's episode: Zack's back for round two! We sit down with our favorite drinks in-hand to reminisce on our high school days, including proms, senior pranks, favorite teachers, and Christian character awards. Topics also include Pokémon, Nickelodeon shows, video games, watery graves, cross-country RV travel, and Jesse's pirate name.

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Buried with Travis Scotts - Ep. 42

In this week's episode: If you had two years left to live, how would you spend your remaining time? Traveling? Working? Wearing $1,800 sneakers? Join us as we discuss mortality, Nickelodeon stars, polyJAMorists, and the Playstation Portal.

On This Day in History - Ep. 41

In this week's episode: The last two weeks have been event-filled in the football world, so the guys sit down to discuss coaching changes, playoff predictions, and the 2024 draft. Other topics include Ash’s newfound affinity for dry erase boards; Jesse’s eco boost embarrassment; and Tim’s honeymoon plans. Watch our episodes on YouTube at

Miller's Men Reunite! - Ep. 40

In this week's episode: After much persistence and persuasion, Pat joins us this week for our first episode of the new year! Topics include (naturally) new year's resolutions, highlights of 2023, the best Batman performances, conspiracy theories, Mario, and more! Be sure to check out the video versions of our episodes on YouTube: Happy new year!!