Spiritual Warfare

16 Episodes

By: Shireen Louw

Have you ever wondered about how the spiritual realm influences our everyday life? In this podcast we will share personal testimony's and discussions about supernatural encounters, how it effects our everyday lives and how the Holy Spirit guides us to live a life closer to Jesus.For More Information visit www.shireenlouw.com

Why God Is Not "Surprised" by our Prayers!

Trust God in every situation. Our Prayer Life should not be used as a "spare wheel" to our lives. It should be a daily communication with God.

God can change the situation, your heart, understanding, attitude, etc. In HIS time, it all will work out for your benefit and for His Glory.

There are eternal reasons for temporary trials, so be thankful that your future is in God’s hands, not human hands. 

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Fire vs Faith

The power that delivered Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego and raised Christ from the dead is available to us too.

Trust God in every situation.

There are eternal reasons for temporary trials, so be thankful that your future is in God’s hands, not in human hands. 

And remember that miracles still occur today.

Too often we dismiss God’s work in our lives as coincidence or we give credit to the ingenuity of human minds.


Temptations Then VS Now {Spiritual Warfare}

When temptations seem especially strong, or when you find yourself wanting to rationalise giving in, consider whether Satan may be trying to block God’s purposes in your life.

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For more about your host visit www.shireenlouw.com

The Battle Of Jericho VS Now

To defeat the city, God gave a list of complicated instructions. The battle ready soldiers must have been very perplexed when they received these orders.

Why did God do this though?

Through these instructions God was making it undeniably clear that the battle would depend upon Him not upon weapons or expertise of the Israelites.

This is why priests not soldiers led the Israelites into battle.

This strange military manoeuvre was a test of the Israelites faith and their willingness to follow God completely.

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King David & His/Our Destiny

We all know the story of David killing Goliath, a story of unshakable faith in the Almighty God, that delivered an entire nation from the hands of the enemy.

But what if we look deeper into the story of David, Saul & Samuel.

What if I told you that David had to fight not only a physical threat but also a spiritual battle in the 13 years between his anointing by the prophet Samual and him stepping into the role as King of Israel?

What if I told you that for 13 years his life was...

The Battlefield Of Your Mind

he location of the biggest battle you will ever fight is in your mind.

The mind is a powerful tool that can be used against you, to turn you against yourself.

 The enemy will throw everything at you, to make you stumble and fall, and if he can get you to start doubting God, he is winning ground in your life.

Discouragement is one of the biggest weapons the enemy uses against us, he will try to use any situation or person he can against us.

Your Family Under Spiritual Attack!

The family is the cornerstone of society, and the devil knows that if he can destroy families and relationships, he essentially decays society to a point where people dont even realise they are operating right into his strategically laid plans.

We must always remember, that our enemy is walking around like a lion, ready to devour all in his path. 

Our relationship with God, our spouses, our kids…are all under daily attack, and it is up to us, to use what God’s word teaches us, to not only protect ourselves but to overcome Satan...

Gossip & Slander - The Tools of the Enemy

Gossip cause harm because of the underlying purpose of tearing someone down. True Love does not dishonour others (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) but helps to build them up and encourage them (Ephesians 4:29). When people take part in rumors, they choose to dishonour someone and cause strife which is inherently against the nature and will of God.”

The thing with gossip and malicious slander is that 99% of the time the origin is someone that knows us, a friend, family member or colleague.

It's adding insult to injury, because we deal with betrayal as well.

I don't ha...

Your Godly Purpose & Destiny

Each one of us has a Godly purpose and destiny, specifically chosen by God!

When we walk in God's will, our steps are blessed, our life fulfilled.

Satan will do everything in his power to keep you from your purpose, because by sending temptations and opportunities your way, he can keep you from God's plan and sow seeds of doubt when you encounter troubles.

God wants us to trust HIM 100% with everything in our lives.

Keep in prayer, ask God's guidance and trust Him for favourable outcomes in your life.

The Dangers of New Age Manifesting

Trying to Design your Future Without God, will only lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Gods plan for you life exceeds all Expectation.

Faith and Trust is required to access this life and promises.

New Age Manifesting or the Laws of Attractions are new age practises that is teaching people to trust themselves and the "universe" rather than God!

The enemy is out to deceive and lead people astray from God!

Let's be wise and keep ourselves from practising things that is not from God.

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The Spirit of Unforgiveness

This might be one of the most important episodes I will ever share!

We are running out of time! Let go of that bitterness, resentment and anger you have been holding onto. 

Satan is using your unforgiveness as a stronghold in your life!

There is freedom on the other side of forgiveness, God given freedom!

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Social Media & Spiritual Warfare

Many Christians... find themselves defeated by the most powerful psychological weapon that Satan uses against them. This weapon has the effectiveness of a deadly missile. Its name? Low self-esteem. Satan's greatest psychological weapon is a gut level feeling of inferiority, inadequacy, and low self-worth This feeling shackles many Christians, in spite of wonderful spiritual experiences and knowledge of God's Word. Although they understand their position as sons and daughters of God, they are tied up in knots, bound by a terrible feeling inferiority, and chained to a deep sense of worthlessness.”

Social Media is being used as a...

Baptism & Holy Spirit Anointing

The Spiritual Realm is as real as me and you.

It has an effect on our daily lives and manifests in a multitude of different ways in the unseen & natural world.

In this Episode Shireen Louw shares her personal testimony of having a special encounter with the Holy Spirit when she was Baptised.

Ezekiel: 36: 26 -29
"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit...

Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween has been a long debated topic between Christians due to the fact that people use their "intentions" as a gauge to assist them to know the difference between right and wrong instead of listening to God's word.

Our intentions does not mean much in the spiritual realm, the devil does not play fair and as Christians we need to be made aware of just how dangerous it is to step over the line by being disobedient to God's warnings.

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Protect Your Children!

In this Episode Shireen Louw talks about a supernatural encounter with demonic entities that was pestering her oldest son when he was little.

Our children are vulnerable to the plans of the evil one and we as parents should pray for protection of not only ourselves but our kids daily.

In Ephesians 6:12 the Bible is clear as to who we are up against, and gives us the tools to protect ourselves against the unseen.

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Reality of the Spiritual Realm

The Spiritual Realm is as real as me and you.

It has an effect on our daily lives and manifests in a multitude of different ways in the unseen & natural world.

In this episode Shireen Louw shares her personal testimony of her supernatural encounter on an intense 3 day trip to a remote destination in India.

The Bible in Ephesians 6:12  is very clear about the spiritual realm and how we should protect ourselves against the dark forces.

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