C String podcast

29 Episodes

By: Jaks Visty

A podcast with some variety. Consisting mostly of Classic Rock Talk and Pittsburgh Penguins prattle. With some historical deep dives sprinkled in. Cover Art - Gracey :)

Penguin Prattle 7: They're Just So Mid
Last Friday at 4:54 PM

The first Penguin Prattle episode of the new season. We'll be doing it a little differently this time.

Classic Rock Talk 13: Polarizing Sounds
Last Friday at 2:00 PM

We Back Fam - Cole

Penguin Prattle 6: More Like Ramble

Ok. I have settled on the fact that this team is ass. Even another 7-game win streak wouldn't sway my opinion, although this team does need it.

Classic Rock Talk 12: The Mellotron

You'll know what it is by the time you're done listening to the albums mentioned in this episode.

Song Credits (Spoilers!)

Mississippi Queen/Sittin' On a Rainbow - Climbing! by Mountain

It Happened Today - Air Conditioning by Curved Air

Headline Hustler/Donna/Rubber Bullets - 10cc by 10cc

Penguin Prattle 5: Rockin and Rollin

The Penguins look a little more like themselves in the second half of November.

Classic Rock Talk 11: Talkin' Thirty

Everyone loves a tier list, so we brought you two of them. That's right; the thirty albums we've gone over so far have been ranked by the two of us. Enjoy this behemoth of an episode.

Classic Rock Talk 10: Disagreement

There's a bit of a clashing of ideas and thought processes that come with some of the bands covered in this episode of CRT. Enjoy :)

Song Credits in order of appearance (Spoilers!):

Cotton Fields/The Midnight Special - CCR (Willy and the Poor Boys)

Bruce's Twist/Sticky Finger - Haystacks Balboa (Haystacks Balboa)

Heartbeat City - The Cars (Heartbeat City)

Don't Cha Stop - The Cars (The Cars)

Penguin Prattle 4: The Zuck

Jason Zucker and Brock McGinn have brought some life into this previously lifeless team.

Classic Rock Talk 9: Blues, Penguins, and Talking Heads

Yeah, this episode has got some oddballs.

Song Credits in order of appearance (Spoilers!):

Peace Frog/Land Ho! - The Doors

Remember Me/Did You Ever Love Me - Fleetwood Mac

Crosseyed and Painless/Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

A Case Gone Missing: Brandon Swanson

The podcast has been taken over by a couple of special guests! They talk about a fairly recent true crime case.

Penguin Prattle 3: 7 in a row

No... It's not 7 wins

Classic Rock Talk 8: Early 70's Masterpieces

A few absolute heaters from the early 70's

Penguin Prattle #2

A recap of the Penguins' latest games, a review of October, and a preview of November.

Penguin Prattle #1

some prattle about the start of the Pittsburgh Penguins season

Classic Rock Talk #7

three new albums but only two new bands as we have our first repeat feature.

Classic Rock Talk #6

three more bands :)

NFL week 5 preview

NFL week 5 preview

Classic Rock Talk #5

We visit the years of 1968, 1978, and 1987 in this episode of CRT.

NFL week 4 preview

review of week 3 and preview of week 4

Class Rock Talk 4

3 albums from the 1970s this week.

NFL week 3 preview

A list of my top 10 teams heading into week 3 as well as my prediction for every game this upcoming weekend.

Penguin Prattle: the offseason

recap of Pittsburgh's offseason moves and the outlook for next season

Classic Rock Talk #3

Some audio dropout throughout the recording, edited to the best of my ability.

History rewind: Space race

A brief history of the space race

Classic Rock Talk #2

More albums from the 1970s and 1980s.

Florida Fanfare and Arsenal Worries

I talk a bit about Florida's win over Utah, and discuss the past two Arsenal games and my concerns over their future


A revisit into the early history of Kearney, a look at some of the museums in Kearney, and a couple of cool people that are from Kearney.

Classic Rock Talk

Today we talk about a few amazing rock albums from a couple different eras in time. And joining me today is a special guest!

A short introduction

Nothing spectacular in this episode of C string. Information about a historical article, a new novel, Arsenal, and Nebraska football. Audio is a bit quiet in this trailer episode. I'd wear headphones and crank up that volume for the best audio experience.