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LFC | On The Road End Podcast, you will hear the host & guests talk open and honestly about themselves and also about Liverpool Football Club. You will get to know the guests, learn about their careers, and how their love of LFC came about. More information Est. 2022

Episode 19 - Ryland Morgans
Last Friday at 5:01 AM

Todays guest is Ryland Morgans. Ryland is the former Head of Fitness & Science at Liverpool Football Club.We discussed:The infamous 13/14 season when the Reds came so close to glory.Working alongside superstars at the club.Luis Suarez wearing Gerrards boot just to make it through a game!We then moved on to a big subject this season - fatigue. Can we put it down to it due to so many games in 21/22?Ryland finished by answering the listeners questions in real details which I am sure you will all really enjoy listening too!

Episode 18 - Kyle Legacy

Todays guest is Kyle Legacy - Kyle is known as the 'LeBron James of Comedy' or 'The Crowdwork King' due to his brilliant stand up shows globally.We discussed:His blend of 1000 accentsHow & Why did he become a comedianHow he deals with hecklersThe Reds Top 4 or Everton to get relegatedPaul Smith and his unbelievable collection of carsIt was an absolute pleasure to have Kyle on the podcast, I haven't laughed so hard in so long. He is absolutely brilliant, has zero filter and is definitely be a name to be reconned with in the Comedy game!Enjoy listening!

Episode 17 - Lee Peltier

Todays guest is Lee Peltier - Lee is a former Liverpool academy graduate, who has gone on to make over 500 appearances in the professional game. We discussed:

Playing at the Ataturk stadium in the Champions League

The time 'The King' bounced a ball off Benitez's head in training

Lee's incident at HT for Leeds when he bounced a boot off Brian McDermott

TAA and where Lee see's his position in the future

Training with the man himself, Steven Gerrard.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Lee...

Episode 16 - Paul Hanagan

Todays guest is Paul Hanagan, Paul is a 2x flat racing Champion Jockey.We discussed:How a local lad got into horses and ridingThe protesting which brought the Grand National festival to a standstillHow well horses are treated by their stablesThe time Paul was introduced on the pitch at Anfield with Ian RushSome of Paul's greatest moments on the back of a horse.I am sure you will all join me in wishing Paul the best and safest of seasons, he was a fantastic guest to have on and it was definitely informative on the current situation in horse racing...

Episode 15 - Lizzy Evo

Todays guest is Lizzy Evo - Lizzy is a Professional Wrestler who has since become the 1st Womens World Champion for 1 Pro Wrestling.We discussed:Being a Scouser and what the City means to Lizzy, Being the 1st Womens World Champion for 1PW, is wrestling fake or is the contact actually for real?We then went on to discuss the Reds, how Lizzy finds time watching the Reds, and how people react to her 'liver bird' name at shows around the world... That was definitely hilarious to hear!Please show some support to Lizzy, she represents the city across...

Episode 14 - Stephen Wright

Todays guest is Stephen Wright - Stephen is a former footballer for Liverpool Football Club and also England U18, U19 & U20's.We discussed - When Stephen was signed for Liverpool.When he was told he would be sold to Sunderland (Carra being fuming about it). Roy Keane and his confusing way of managing... How Stephen dealt with his injuries and having a supportive Mrs when he was going through dark times...We finished by talking about Wrexham, his old club too - how he feels about the new ownership and what it's done for the community.I was...

Episode 13 - Dave Galley

Todays guest is Dave Galley - Dave is the former physio of Liverpool Football Club and also England U18, U21, and 1st Team.We discussed, working under Gerard Houllier & Rafa Benitez at LFC, the celebrations after Istanbul, why Dave left the club he loved since he was a boy (through no fault of his own).We then moved on to injuries, why are LFC struggling so much right now? Is it age? Is it too many games? or is it simply because we haven't changed the squad as often as we should?Dave provided an expert insight into VVD and...

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Jacque Talbot - Football Correspondent

Todays guest is Jacque Talbot - Jacque is a football correspondent and content creator - you can see his work on Times Sport, Mirror Sport, Guardian Sport.We discussed last nights news regarding Jude Bellingham - one minute the deal looked on, for it only to be shot down within the hour.Hopefully this episode helps clear up what we all want to know, is Jude Bellingham signing for Liverpool Football Club and is shutting it down a ploy to bring down the fee?We also discussed what's next in regards to incomings? If not Jude, who then?

Episode 12 - Jo' Goodall

Todays guest is Jo Goodall - Jo' is the founder of Liverpool Womens Supporters Club. We discussed - How Jo founded the Womens Supporters Club and the reasons behind doing so, we also discussed how Jo' came out as gay and how she knew that she was - which was a very interesting topic to discuss as I know it's something that isn't brought up enough. We then moved on to why families should attend the Womens games and the difference in experience that the games bring. Jo' is a really good friend of mine, and I wish her all...

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 6

This week we discussed, the 'toothless at times' Man City display, the 0-0 with Chelsea, including certain players not being up to standard anymore, also the 'incident' between Henderson and Alisson.We then moved on to potential incomings/outgoings at the club - who do we think deserves to be here, and should Klopp completely remove players from the squad who we know are going anyway?

Episode 11 - Joe Symes

Todays guest is Joe Symes - Joe is a writer, podcaster and also the Head of Media at Bootle FC.We discussed - National Autism Week - Joe's awareness of being autistic at such a young age - how he deals with this and how others can find inspiration in his story.We then discussed Joe's future, where does he see himself, what does he want to do - he is such a level headed young lad who has a massive future in journalism.We talked about his interaction with Robbo/Jones for Joie, then the famous Carragher podcast which...

Episode 10 - Courtney Neary

Todays guest is Courtney Neary - Courtney is a content creator who's work is widely recognised online.We began by talking about how and why Courtney creates vlogs.We then talked about the reaction to her content being created inside Anfield and how others can perceive her work.Courtney also discussed her passion for travelling, and of course - Kostas Tsimikas.Courtney is providing excellent content and you can find her work via Courtney Neary or Courtney LFC online.

Episode 9 - John Culshaw

Todays guest is John Culshaw - John is a local artist, who's work is recognised throughout the city on several buildings.

We discussed, how John got into murals, what it's been like growing up using 1 arm only - this includes some hilarious moments!

We then talked about the murals he has sprayed, from the likes of Luis Diaz, Steven Gerrard, Jurgen Klopp and so on.

John also gave us an insight into what it's like being inside the AXA, including some unseen parts...

John deserves all the recognition he gets for...

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 5

Join me (Dom) and Chris (Co-Host) in 'The Weekly LFC Review Show'.

This week we discussed, the 'predictable' Bournemouth result, Ibou being back in the side, the potential top 4 boost of Luis Diaz, and the dismal defeat to Madrid (AGAIN).

This was a very dismal podcast for obvious reasons, it was recorded after the Madrid leg, myself and Chris didn't hold back on our opinions - including the 'strange' subs over the past few weeks/months and also the poor performances of VVD.

Episode 8 - Harriet Prior

Todays guest is Harriet Prior - Harriet is a Presenter, Reporter and Producer who many of you will recognise from The Anfield Wrap and Sky Sports Transfer Talk.

We discussed, being a LFC fan but not from the City - which seems to be a hot topic at times, being a woman in the media industry, working on Sky Sports News during the transfer window and also being part of The Anfield Wrap.

Harriet is such a really nice person first and foremost, and has the ability to reach the top - we at The...

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 4

Join me (Dom) and Chris (Co-Host) in 'The Weekly LFC Review Show'.

This week we discussed, the win to set the tone for the week against Wolves (which was a blur after what followed on the Sunday), the explanation for 'stairgate', and also the sad news regarding Bobby Firmino and his imminent departure from the club.

We went on to talk about Sunday, the destruction of Manchester United, 7-0, that's right, SEVEN - NIL. Wow, this was fun!

Then we finished on our predictions for Bournemouth and Madrid.

This is ANOTHER...

Episode 7 - Gregory Vignal

Todays guest is Gregory Vignal - Gregory is a former Professional Footballer who is now studying his UEFA Pro License to become a Professional Football Manager.

We discussed, the brilliant late great, Gerard Houllier, what it was like to wear the famous Liverpool shirt for the first time, playing and scoring in an Old Firm Derby, and playing for that brilliant Liverpool side in 2001.

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 3

Join me (Dom) and Chris (my new Co-Host) in 'The Weekly LFC Review Show'.

This week we discussed, the mauling at home to Real Madrid, who we will be happy to see the back of... and potential incomings/outgoings this summer.

We also had an interesting background incident which I am sure you will find just as funny as we did.

Then, we discussed beating Wolves and Manchester United to push for that top 4 spot which, right now, seems up for grabs!

This could be a MASSIVE week in our season!<...

Episode 6 - Paul Moran

Todays guest is Paul Moran - Paul is the son of the late LFC great, Ronnie Moran who was an indispensable member of "The Bootroom Boys" at LFC.

We discussed, Paul's current love for photography at football matches, The Bootroom Boys, some of Paul's memories accompanying his Dad to Melwood and Anfield, and also "Mr Liverpool" the book Paul helped write about his Dad and his time at Liverpool.

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 2

Join me (Dom) and Chris (my new Co-Host) in the ALL NEW - Weekly LFC Review Show!

This week we discussed, the 0-2 win over Newcastle (a), and some of it's best moments, players hitting form at the right time, and also our upcoming fixtures Real Madrid and Crystal Palace.

This could be a pivotal week in our season!

Episode 5 - Sean Highdale

Todays guest is Sean Highdale - Sean is a former Professional Footballer who's professional career was cruelly taken away from him at a young age.

We discussed, the moment Sean was told he would be signing for his boyhood club, Liverpool, the car accident which completely changed his life, representing Team GB in Rio and much more.

The Weekly LFC Review Show - Episode 1

Join me (Dom) and Chris (my new Co-Host) in the ALL NEW - Weekly LFC Review show!

This week we discussed, The Merseyside Derby (and some of it's best moments), Starboy - Stefan Bajcetic, Naby Keita's contract situation and our thoughts on Newcastle (A).

Episode 4 - Dave Kirby

Todays guest is Dave Kirby - Dave is a writer/playwriter, who has written many successful shows in theatre.

We discussed, how Dave got into writing, we talked about Reds vs Blues movie - which is brilliant! we then spoke about his book 'THOSE WHERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND' which guides us through the 1974 season, and things that happened on them famous away days following the Mighty Liverpool.


Todays guest is Valentina Maceri - Valentina is a well respected sports journalist in Germany, working for BILD TV.

We discussed, the potential summer move to LFC for Jude Bellingham, the reaction in Germany to LFC's current form, how Sadio Mane is settling into life in Germany, and we finished with a quick fire round!

Episode 3 - Chris Kirkland

Todays guest is Chris Kirkland - Chris is a former Professional Footballer who has recently talked openly and honest about his struggle with addiction.

We discussed, Chris' move to Liverpool, the differences between Gerard Houllier & Rafael Benitez, how injuries affected his career and his work with the LFC foundation and also SFoodbanks.

Episode 2 - Bolo Zenden

Todays guest is Bolo Zenden - Bolo is a world known Professional Footballer who has won various honours in European football.

We discussed, how Bolo became a professional footballer, how Luis Garcia influenced his move to the Reds, his thoughts on Cody Gakpo's move to LFC, unfortunate issues with injuries, and Bolo provided some words of wisdom for the next generation of footballers.

Episode 1 - Neil Mellor

Todays guest is Neil Mellor - Neil is a former Professional Footballer who recently began work in the media.

We discussed, Neil's wonder goal v Arsenal, that 'lovely cushioned header', the famous night in Istanbul, how injuries panned out his career and his thoughts on his move to Sheffield Wednesday.

Episode 19 - DJ Spoony

Todays guest is DJ Spoony - Spoony is a well known British DJ and also Radio Presenter.

We discussed, playing his set infront of 90,000 people at Wembley, pre George Groves v Carl Froch, playing YNWA at Old Trafford, how he became a Liverpool supporter being based in London and also his unbelievable memories over the years being a Liverpool supporter.

Episode 18 - George Sephton

Todays guest is The Voice of Anfield himself, George Sephton - George is the stadium announcer at Anfield and has recently passed the 50+ year milestone of doing so.

We discussed, how and why George became the stadium announcer, sagging school with 'The Beatles', the modern matchday in comparison to 'back in the standing days', his greatest ever player he's seen LIVE on the Anfield pitch, and also his new book 'The Voice of Anfield'..

Episode 17 - Jen Mercer

Todays guest is Jen Mercer - Jen is a photographer, a fitness coach and also plays a huge part in ensuring people have food on their tables by working alongside Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

We discussed, how and why Jen chose to become a photographer, her role in supporting the Foodbanks across not only the city, but also across various countries in the UK, and also the every day life of being from Anfield and what LFC means to Jen.

Episode 16 - Mark Moraghan

Todays guest is Mark Moraghan - Mark is an actor and star of the stage in theatre, he has featured in some huge shows such as Dream Team, London's Burning, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and many more.

Mark is also well known for his part in 'Let's Talk About 6 Baby' which has wow'd many spectators at Liverpool's very own Royal Court Theatre.

We talk in detail about Mark's acting career, Let's Talk About 6, and being a boy in the Kop End back in the days of standing.

Episode 15 - Abigail Rudkin

Todays guest is Abigail Rudkin - Abigail is an artist who's work is widely recognised. Abigail has recently collaborated with 'The Anfield Wrap' to release T-shirts with her custom paintings printed.

We talk in detail about Abigail's work, her love for LFC and also the affect on being a female in the public eye.

Episode 14 - Natasha Jonas

Todays guest is Natasha Jonas - Tasha is a Professional Boxer who recently retained the WBO Junior-Middleweight Title, also retained the WBC Super-Welterweight Title, she is now also the new IBF Light Middleweight Champion.

We discussed, Tasha's success in boxing, the success throughout the Jonas family, the highs and lows of being a mum and pro boxer, Tasha's love for LFC, we then finished with her Ultimate 5 a side LFC team.

Episode 13 - Paul Smith

Todays guest is Paul Smith - Paul is a former Professional Boxer who now manages boxers, coaches them and commentates on LIVE fights on TV.

We discussed, Paul's boxing career, 'that fight' with Tony Quigley, PED's in Boxing, Paul's love for LFC & we finished with Paul's Ultimate LFC 5 a side.

Episode 12 - Peter Moore

Todays guest is Peter Moore - Peter is the former CEO of Liverpool Football Club.

We discussed, how Peter began his career in Wales as PE teacher. We then discussed his role in assisting Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in buying Wrexham Football Club.

We discussed FSG and what's next for the owners - sell completely or sell a stake?

Lastly, finished with talking about no other than the man himself, Jurgen Klopp.

Episode 11 - Adam Morgan

Todays guest is Adam Morgan - Adam is a Professional Footballer who started out his professional career in England at Liverpool Football Club.

We discussed, how Adam coped with the pressure of being 'the next Robbie Fowler'. His next moves after LFC, which then unfortunately resulted in every day mental health struggles and also what it was like to score his first goal for Liverpool.

We discussed his love for coaching and helping the next generation, and finished with his 5 a side team he's played with at LFC.

Episode 10 - Ryan McLaughlin

Todays guest is Ryan McLaughlin - Ryan is a Professional Footballer who started out his professional career in England at Liverpool Football Club.

We discussed, how Ryan's move to Liverpool came about. His next move (as he's currently a free agent), that awkward moment with Rodgers/Sterling on 'Being Liverpool' and also Brawl Boxing, a YouTube Podcast hosted by Ryan & 2 friends alongside professional fighters.

Episode 9 - Ryan Babel

Todays guest is Ryan Babel - Ryan is a world known Professional Footballer who has won various honours in European football.

We discussed, Ryan's business strategy for after football, his frosty relationship with Rafael Benitez, the Eyupspor 'project' which Ryan is now part of, and also the affect social media has on players mentality.

Episode 8 - Kevin Hatchard

Todays guest is Kevin Hatchard - Kevin is a European Football Expert who commentates on Bundesliga Football Matches.

We discussed, Jude Bellingham, Arthur's future, TAA England stance and NET spend, which seems to be a hot discussion with Liverpool.

Episode 7 - James Sutton

Todays guest is James Sutton - James is an actor on Hollyoaks, playing the role of John Paul McQueen.

We talk in detail about Mental Health and the importance of speaking up.