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LFC | On The Road End Podcast, you will hear the host & guests talk open and honestly about themselves and also about Liverpool Football Club. You will get to know the guests, learn about their careers, and how their love of LFC came about. More information Est. 2022

Germany in shock over Klopp bombshell, should Xabi Alonso replace Jurgen? That famous day & night in Dortmund square | Erik Meijer Exclusive Interview

Join myself & former Red Erik Meijer for an EXCLUSIVE podcast as we discussed:

- The reaction in Germany to Jurgen leaving LFC 🤯

- Why Xabi Alonso should get the job 🤝

- That famous day and night in Dortmund square back in 2001 👀

What a great guy by the way! An absolute pleasure to collaborate with. One of the funniest in the game too, which I am sure you can all agree with!

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Jürgen Klopp to leave Liverpool Football Club!

Welcome to this EXCLUSIVE episode with me Dom and Ste Plunk (formerly RedMen TV). This is an episode I didn't think I would ever have to record, inside, we all thought Jürgen Klopp was going nowhere, but the reality is, nothing lasts forever... ⚽️

Hopefully this episode allows you to 'grieve' (let's be honest that's how it feels) and we can enjoy every last moment with Jürgen at the helm.

This is one of them moments where you will remember what you was doing, what date it was, what time it was - what I imag...

Episode 19 - Brad Smith

My 19th & final guest of Season 3 is former LFC Footballer - Brad Smith ⚽️

We discussed:

- Brad's 'tough' PL debut at 'The Bridge' 👏

- Playing under Brendan Rodgers & Jurgen Klopp 🔥

- His move to Bournemouth and why Brad thinks it didn't work out as planned🍒

- The MLS & his new side Houston Dynamo

I'm sure you will all agree with me on saying this episode was superb, Brad was very honest and humble in talking about his career leading up to...

Episode 18 - Stephen Smith

My 18th guest of Season 3 is former Professional boxer, now boxing coach - Stephen 'Swifty' Smith.

We discussed:

- Stephen’s brilliant career both amateur and professional

- His incredible boxing family

- Misfits boxing & much more!

Stephen is one of Liverpools best, not only in the ring, but also out the ring. He's a family man with a heart of gold and it was my absolute pleasure to have him on the podcast. I am sure you will all jo...

Episode 17 - George Scott

My 17th guest of Season 3 is former Red and 'The Lost Shankly Boy' himself - George Scott.

We discussed:

- George's incredible book - 'The Lost Shankly Boy', which is filled with fascinating stories from bring brought into the club by Shanks, to the day George was told he would be leaving the club by the great man himself.

- Rubbing shoulders Shanks

- Similarities between Jurgen & Bill

I could have sat and listened to George's stories all day when...

Episode 16 - Marios Mantzos

My 16th guest of Season 3 is author & huge Red Marios Mantzos.

We discussed:

- How the idea came about for writing ‘The Social One’ 📖

- The people of Liverpool 🤝

- LFC legends who went on to play in Greece 🇬🇷

This was a fantastic episode with a man who had so much positive thoughts and words for not only our City but the people who live here too, who welcomed him with open arms.

Thanks for being a superb g...

Episode 15 - Jordan Lussey

My 15th guest of Season 3 is former Liverpool Youth Captain - Jordan Lussey.

We discussed:

- 'Be the next Gerrard'

- Rodgers withdrawing his 3 year deal offer

- Representing Marine AFC in the FA Cup

- Jordan Lussey coaching

Jordan was a superb guest, who's attitude is exemplary for anyone wanting a career in football. His attitude and his will to continue to push himself both mentally and physically to compete is infectious.

Good Luck with...

Episode 14 - Natasha Dowie

My 14th guest of Season 3 is Natasha Dowie - Tasha is a Liverpool Football Club legend, and also the all-time top goal scorer for the Liverpool Women's side.

We discussed:

- Her time at Liverpool FC Women

- The exclusion from the Lionesses squad in 2013

- Being an ambassador for Liverpool Football Club

- Tasha's ambitions for Liverpool Women for the future

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Episode 13 - Sammy-Jo Luxton

My 13th guest of Season 3 is Sammy-Jo Luxton - Sammy-Jo is a Pro fighter🎙️

We discussed:

- Why Sammy got into fighting 👊

- Melanoma & the importance of spotting it early.

- Being on @OnlyFans & why she does it 👀

This weeks episode is a brilliant insight into the amount of time and effort, also finances, that go into being a Professional fighter.

Sammy-Jo also discussed her torrid last few months after finding out she had skin cancer - I wish her al...

EXCLUSIVE - VAR chat with Ref Support UK

Join myself & Martin Cassidy from Ref Support UK for an EXCLUSIVE podcast as we discussed:

- Ref Support UK's controversial tweets

- The VAR shambles at Spurs

- Should officials be treated differently?

This podcast is really useful to gain an officials understanding of the decisions which not only took place in the Spurs v LFC game, but above and beyond.

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