A Queer Healing Being

3 Episodes

By: Dani Doucette

This podcast focuses on guided meditation spirit journeys for healing queer folx, queer-ish people, and their allies. I’m Dani Doucette (pronouns e, em, eir), a practical, wolf-spirited, enby energy healer and meditation guide for fellow queer folx. My aim is to be a more healing presence for myself, my community, and my world. I wish here to humbly inspire and guide others along their own healing journey. #Guidedmeditation #Energyhealing #Meditationpractice #Meditationjourney #LGBTQIA2S+ #Queerfolx

Spirit Journey to Queer Ancestors

We go right into a guided meditation spirit journey. Our goal is to reunite, if just briefly, with our queer ancestors. Everybody has them! Everyone can connect if they so choose to surrender. 

Come with me here and we'll get started. We'll have a brief visit with the Queer Ancestors. Perhaps in a future episode, we'll do another journey ask what wisdom they may offer!

Always be lighthearted. You are not alone.

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I’m Queer, Get Over It!

Before we dive into the podcast I wanted to express and introduce myself!

As a white cis-male bodied human being, I gotta tell ya, I've got the "white cis-male" drag down pretty darn good. When I get TOO carried away with that performance, I neglect and stifle my true queer self. So here's to me! Here's to all of Queerdom and it's fabulous limitless colors, shapes, and all expressions.

Mentioned in this episode is a beautiful poem entitled Things Haunt by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza.

My wish and hope is to carve out another...

Re-RE Launch as ”A Queer Healing Being”

Dear Friends,

If you have listened to this podcast in its original form, "A Healing Being," or it's recent VERY short-lived re-launch as "A Healing Gen-X Being," then you will forgive me and indulge me as I make this *final* tweak. I am re-RE-launching as:


My intended target audience is queer folx, queer-ish people (you'll know who you are), and their allies. 

The format will continue to focus on not much chit chat and mainly guided meditation spirit journeys. I'll do a little bit of teaching, may d...