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Episode 30: Playoffs Everywhere, LIV for the Win, News, RIP Tina
Last Friday at 8:00 PM

On episode 30, Joey and Kenny discuss the NHL and NBA playoffs as they are coming down the final stretch, PGA vs LIV once again, news from all the major sports, and our goodbye to Tina Turner and Jim Brown.

Episode 29: Draft Recap, Playoff Hockey & Basketball, Taco Bell Binge, T-Pain

On episode 29, Joey and Kenny discuss the NFL Draft, NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, MLB, Kenny's Taco Bell Binge, and T-Pain Cover Songs.

Episode 28: Welcome Back - Updates From All Over

On episode 28, Joey and Kenny welcome everyone back to the podcast after a brief break for Kenny's "Spring Break". On this episode they discuss the NFL Draft a week away, MLB Start, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, and a very special "Earth Day" themed draft.

Episode 27: March Madness & Kenny's Birthday!

On episode 27, Joey and Kenny discuss NFL Free Agency, NHL News, March Madness, and Kenny's Birthday!

Episode 26: NHL Playoffs are Nearing, Championship Week, NFL Rumors, Shot Clock Violation?

On episode 26, Joey and Kenny discuss the approaching NHL Playoffs and if anyone can stop the Boston Bruins, NCAA Basketball Championship Week, NFL Moves and Rumors, and the MLB Rules Changes spark a heated debate about the basketball shot clock.

Episode 25: Hockey, Basketball, NFL Update, Baseball, Where is Kenny?

On Episode 25, Joey and Kenny discuss the NHL Hockey picture, NFL update, NBA and NCAA Basketball, College Baseball, and Where is Kenny? Locked Up?

Episode 24: Special Guest Interview - Coach Jeremy Palme

On espisode 23, Joey and Kenny speak with friend of The Capback, Coach Jeremy Palme.

Episode 23: A little Sports and Kyle's Birthday Bash!

On episode 23, Joey and Kenny talk NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Baseball, make lots of picks, and the moment Kenny has been waiting for... Kyle's Birthday Bash!!!

Episode 22: Super Bowl Recap, Basketball, Pepsi Peeps, and Is Kenny a Hater?

On episode 22, Joey and Kenny thank James Hurst, recap Super Bowl weekend, discuss pending NFL free agency, talk NCAA and NBA baketball, try limited edition Pepsi Peeps, and is Kenny a Michael Jordan hater?

Episode 21: Special Guest Interview - James Hurst

On episode 21, Joey and Kenny welcome James Hurst to the podcast.

Episode 20: Super Bowl Weekend, Baby Making Music Draft

On episode 20, Joey and Kenny discuss Super Bowl weekend, Lebron's new scoring title, and do the Valentine's Baby Making Music Draft.

Episode 19: NFL News, College and Pro Basketball, Hockey, and Bog Snorkelling

On episode 19, Joey and Kenny discuss the NFL coaching carousel, TB12, early super bowl chatter, mens college basketball, NBA, NHL, and Bog Snorkelling.

Episode 18: Special Guest Host, Playoff Football, Basketball and Rattlesnake Rodeo

On episode 18, Joey and Kenny welcome special Guest Host Coach Jeremy Palme to The Capback. They discuss the NFL Playoff Picture, NFL Coaching Carousel, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, and the Rattlesnake Rodeo.

Episode 17: NFL Playoffs, NBA, NHL and Bath Bombs?

On episode 17, Joey and Kenny talks NFL Playoffs, NBA, NHL and Kenny's love of baths and bath bombs.

Episode 16: Welcome Back! Playoff Football, Lil Dicky and Pillow Fighting

On episode 16, Joey and Kenny discuss the NFL Playoff picture, end of college football, MLB free agency, NASCAR update, Kenny learns of Lil Dicky, and Kyle to become a pillow fighter?

Episode 15: Christmas Special

On episode 15, Joey and Kenny do a quick update on current sports, pick the next week of bowl picks, try Oreos and mustard, and complete our 6 round Christmas draft.

Episode 14: MLB Free Agency, Bowl Season, NFL, NBA & World Juggling Federation

On episode 14, Joey and Kenny recap the MLB free agency signings, talk NCAA Bowl Season, NFL, NBA, and the World Juggling Federation?

Episode 13: MLB Free Agency, Bowl Season, NFL, NBA and NHL

On episode 13 Joey and Kenny discuss the current MLB free agency landscape as well as Bowl Season, NFL, NBA, NHL, and Kenny gets to air his grievances with the way episode 12 ended.

Episode 12: MLB Free Agents Conference Championship Weekend, NFL, and More

On episode 12, Joey and Kenny discuss the MLB free agency picture, the upcoming conference championship weekend, college basketball, NFL, and the business of sports.

Episode 11: Thanksgiving Special

On episode 11, Joey and Kenny talk all things Thanksgiving, complete a 6 round Thanksgiving Day draft, and make Thanksgiving Day picks.

Episode 10: Free Agents, Football, Basketball, Hockey, More Food Debate & Kabaddi

In episode 10, Joey and Kenny talk MLB Free Agency, NFL, NCAA Football, College Basketball, Hockey, more heated food debates and Kabaddi.

Episode 9: Baseball is Over, Football Continues, Hockey and Basketball Ramp Up, and Kenny gets Heated over Thanksgiving?

On episode 9, Joey and Kenny discuss the end of baseball and where Judge lands, NFL and trade deadline, LIV Golf, Hockey, Basketball, and Kenny gets heated over Thanksgiving foods.

Episode 8: Sports are in Full Swing, Kenny's Fair Adventure, Picks & Toe Wrestling?

On episode 8, Joey and Kenny discuss many topics around the sports world, Kenny's big fair adventure, we make some new picks for this week, and Toe Wrestling???

Episode 7: MLB Playoff Update, Football Updates, State Fair & Coach Prime SWAC?

On episode 7 Joey and Kenny discuss the updated MLB playoff picture, quick updates on the NFL and NCAA football, Kenny's extreme love for the North Carolina State Fair, and is Coach Prime SWAC?.

Episode 6: Homeruns, MLB Postseason, Football and Extreme Ironing

This week Joey and Kenny discuss Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols, the start of the MLB postseason, in season updates for the NFL and NCAA football, as well as.... Extreme Ironing?

Episode 5: More LIV, NCAA & NFL Football, and This Weeks Hot Picks

On episode 5, Joey and Kenny check back in on the LIV viewership, talk Pujols and Judge, more college and pro football, hot picks, and a few fun random sports topics.

Episode 4: LIV Update, Early Reactions to Football and This Weeks Hot Picks

In Episode 4, Joey and Kenny give a quick update on the LIV Golf Tour, their reactions to the start of NCAA Football and their NFL week 1 over reactions, as well as this week's hot picks for both NCAA and NFL.

Episode 3: LIV vs. PGA Golf, Too Early NBA and NHL Chatter, Serena and More

In episode 3 Joey and Kenny discuss the LIV Golf Tour and the damage it is doing to the PGA, begin a quick overview of NBA and NHL, discuss some hot takes from Serena to Jimmy G and finishing with some college football weekend predictions.

Episode 2: NCAA Landscape and College Football Preview

On episode 2 of The Capback Podcast, Joey and Kenny discuss the chaotic landscape of the NCAA, the upcoming college football season with predictions, and quick updates from the last episode.

Episode 1: NFL and MLB News and Predictions

On episode 1 of The Capback Podcast, Joey and Kenny discuss NFL news, the upcoming season with predictions, MLB news, and the final stretch of their regular season with predictions.

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