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By: The Capback

The Capback featuring Joey and Kenny discussing many of today's hot topics in sports, gambling insights, interviews, and our normal dumbassery. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @TheCapback for more information and interactions.

Episode 55: Caroline Hurricanes Game 3 Live

On episode 55, the guys broadcast live during game 3 of the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers playoff game.

Episode 54: Kenny's Birthday Celebration 2024

On episode 54, the guys get a few quick updates and celebrate Kenny's Birthday.

Episode 53: Welcome Back

On episode 53 of The Capback, the guys welcome the listeners back from a brief break for Kenny's Spring Break!

Episode 52: Kyle's Birthday Bash 2024

On episode 52 of The Capback, the guys celebrate Kyle's birthday!

Episode 51: Super Bowl 2024 & Taylor Swift

On episode 51, the guys talk a little bit about the Super Bowl and a whole lot about T Swizzle.

Episode 50: NFL, NHL Expansion, Iceland Adventures

On episode 50, the guys discuss the current state of the NFL with the Super Bowl coming up, possible NHL expansion, and are Kenny and Kyle taking over Iceland?

Episode 49: Coaching Carousel, Football, & Nonsense

On episode 49, the guys discuss the current view of the coaching carousel, winding down the NFL season, college basketball, and the usual other nonsense.

Episode 48: Changing of the Coaching Guard

On episode 48, the guys discuss the coaching carousel, take a quick spin around different leagues to make some predictions, NFL playoffs, and the normal nonsense.

Episode 47: Kyle's Favorite Night Ever

On episode 47 the guys give some beginning of year updates, finishing 2023 picks, football updates, and the other usual dumbassery.

Episode 46: New Years

On Episode 46, Joey and Kenny discuss the NFL Playoff Picture, College Football Playoffs, and recap the 2023 season in sports.