18 Episodes

By: James Rockwood

In this Age of Trump, conservative Christians have been emboldened to call dibs on Jesus Himself. In doing this they’ve become bullies, long on talk, short on listen! In their doctrinal/political discourse they freely wield Jesus like a weapon. The truth is, IT’S NOT JESUS they’ve weaponized, but only their 2-dimensional understanding of Him. This site is designed to counter the conservative Christians’ static rhetoric about God and to reclaim the sacred name of Jesus for the benefit of ALL people. The podcast is an audio messaging feed that promotes the bible-based image of the Liberal Jesus, f...

Life Like Butter
Yesterday at 10:43 PM

Episode 18: Life Like Butter

(Immersive Verse series)


A day will come when something like

Life but better issues in

When all the knees will bend

All faces turn to look on Him

Verse reprise:

And the earth will grow greener then

The air drawn in easy then

The living much more lively then

When Jesus comes again


All eyes will look to Him

Voices of everyone will sing


Crucifix Rump

Episode 17: Crucifix-Rump

(Immersive Verse series)

Crucifix Rump; the Donald!

“The Terror” “The Terrible”

Think “Terrorist-in-Chief”

Glowing in bold relief

Against any semblance of competence

That…plus Mike Pence.

His pledge is: “Make America Grate!”

Think “bone-on-bone”; “claw-on-slate”.

Think unending agitated state;

Offending below-belt berate;

“Thou fool” trumping the golden rule.

Crucifix-Rump; “The Terrible”

Standing in the middle of 5th Avenue

Lying. Pointing his military at you;

But a million marchers are storming th...

Truth Is Only True

Episode 16 Truth Is Only True

(Immersive Verse series)

Ch: The truth is only true;

Nothing to do with point of view!

Truth is always true

Not soiled or worn through by a bent in you

Ch: True is only true;

It will piss on your opinion

And reduce you to its minion

True is always true

Br: Version truth won’t cut it

Don’t matter how you strut it

Dress it up, sleight-of-hand it

Pumps Hummed, Voices Prayed

Episode 15: Pumps Hummed, Voices Prayed

(Immersive Verse)

Can’t see the forest for the trees.

A nation nobbled to its knees.

Our civilization on the skids.

What will we tell the kids?

Bullies derided while innocents were hiding;

Teargas sprayed while limbs, akimbo, splayed

Pumps hummed and voices prayed,

Grown men groaned and hearty women wept

A cacophony drone blended together and leapt

Through the roof, outside into the Epiphany sky


Music by: Up...

Bigger Voice

Episode 14: Bigger Voice

(Immersive Verse)

Ch: Hear the Bigger Voice like thunder in your heart

Hear the Bigger Voice like wonder in your sky

Hear the Bigger Voice hit right between the ears

Here’s that Bigger Voice light right in inner eye

Vs: I talk from time to time

Of a thing I can’t explain

Of a thing with which no words will work

(Save by a bigger voice) up/out the human quirk

Vs: I’ll instru...

Laughing with the Angels

Episode 13: Laughing with the Angels

(Immersive Verse series)


Extolling all of which originates in heaven

And spreading it over and over, around as they go…

Out on patrol through the universe street by avenue

Topping up the overall totality

Of the purview of reality

Helping people deal with and hack it

Along the route of their very own cross-life traffic.


Moving through my life as mortal

I’m getting older, slower (true) at the...

 Once Around the Universe

Episode 12: Once Around the Universe

(Immersive Verse series)

Vs: I stumbled on her (literally), a heap

One night in the gutter of the street.

She’s just an old hag wearing [about] 50 lbs. of rags

That tend to gather to her—like coral to the reef.

Br1: Well, I helped her to her feet.

Her breath assaulted me, as she began to exclaim

In her way, indiscreet:

Ch: “I’ve been around the universe!

‘One time around the universe,’ He said,


 I’m the Helen Keller

Episode 11: I’m the Helen Keller

(Immersive Verse series)


Ch: I’m the Helen Keller

Mingling clueless amidst the stellar

Standing—as in a lineup—against a wall

A child—in amongst the pillars or towers of light

1: And like Miss Annie Sullivan

With her long arm of the scholar

She grabs me by the collar—yanks me…

In to a place my blindness comes undone;

And sends my deafness on the run.

2: And more than just coax...

Waking up in the Universe

Episode 10: Waking up in the Universe

(Immersive Verse series)

The 1st time I saw her on the news I was repulsed.

Being his niece, she visually resembles him,

So much so, I couldn’t look at her face w/o seeing his.

My conditioned reflex wanted me to role them into one…

Make them interchangeable, as one and the same.

After hearing her speak a transformation began to emerge!

The morph wasn’t occurring in her face, though.

The mutation was happen...

Forest of Days

Episode 09: Forest of Days

(Immersive Verse series)

V: When embedded in

Fetters of the night

Silhouettes and shadows

Are confusing your sight

A ceiling of leaves

Is diffusing the light

We're in the forest of days

V: When right information

So seldom gets in:

Which is up, which is down

Gets hard to determine;

And the back and the forth

Is left without meaning:

We’re in the forest of...

Hang on to Him

Episode 08: Hang on to Him!

(Immersive Verse series)


He’s cool water to the thirsty man.

Dry land to the drowning man.

To the fragile baby He’s a gentle hand.

He’s up there, all ears, for every praying woman and man.

He’s the answer to the question. Alpha!

The Beginning and the End. Omega!


Up through the cloud He’s top of the mountain!

Ankle-anchored, bouncy rubber bungee

For the falling ma...

Tech In Lab

Episode 07: Tech In Lab

(Immersive Verse series)

Technician in a lab

Concocting and constructing

Animation’s inner workings

Making as if out of nothing

Appendages and Hinges

Strung with rubber bandings

No puppeteering rig

But poetry in motion

Book of science in his hand

Manufactured in a word

And in the calm after the bang

Spoke code for spinning world

Embodiment of fluid movement

Stretch of live elastic


The Manikin Narrated

Episode 06: The Manikin

Immersive Verse series)

He keeps a ready scan.

Like with microwaves sweeping.

He thinks in digital dreaming.

Got Real-botic walk and the Rototone talk.

Fixed with polarized eyes.

One of those cellophane guys.

It’s the manikin coming in a lifelike size!

The ma-manikin coming he coming.

This one’s a game board bravado in trump suit,

Like checkered polyester on plaster

With paint-by-number gestures and a token laughter.



Can You Hear Me Back There?

Episode 05: Can You Hear Me Back There?

(Immersive Verse series)

Br: Sermon on the Mount before getting to His talk

Maybe Jesus posed a question,

Quick question to the crowd:

“Can you hear me at the back?”

“I see you people here in front

All of you sitting over there,

I trust you can see me okay

And can hear me loud and clear.

But I can’t see anyone way in the back!

Can you hear me back...

Pulse of the Light

Episode 04: Pulse of the Light

(Immersive Verse Series)

Vs: Mid mystery and superstition

Came to life one night a vision

Night sky beaming, reeling in wonder.

Some remote star exploding.

Single tine of light was pointing.

Some beings—as if winged—were singing.

Vs: Now we turn from primal bias.

Follow lead from men of science.

And we question, “What’s gone on in heaven?”

Illogic and ignorance

Here no longer have a place…

As we turn...


Episode 03: Love

(Immersive Verses series)

LOVE really pops against a backdrop of sin...

It’s a silent deep to still a deafening din.

Or a crystal soaring voice over a sea of white noise.

It’s buried cuisine in a sack of sh#t sandwiches.

Then a spike of perfect along a flat line of averages.


Music by Pixabay:

#1 Cinematic Fairy Tale Story (Main) by DaddysMusic

#2 Breeze in my Hair by SergePavkinMusic

Thank you!

Narrated by J...

The New Adventures of the Day-to-day

Episode 02: The New Adventures of the Day-To-Day

(Immersive Verses series)


It’s the new adventures of the day-to-day.

The Maker meant it to play this way:

Work your heart, work your heart,

Not bunkered in—be a force at large.

Risk as flint, make a spark

Rewrite the play. Reanimate your clay

For whatever venture awaits you today.


Music by Pixabay:

#1 Cinematic Time Lapse

#2 Asia

#3 Cinematic Documentary

All 3 were...

Welcome to the Squeeze

Episode 01: Welcome to the Squeeze

(Immersive Verses series)

The other day I read a feminist’s sign that said… “I hate being here” Hear me!

Appeared she was walking with others in a pro choice direction

Rallying, retaliating against the forced birth precedent reality she’d evidently fallen in.

A situ like an inescapable umbilical cord

Wound round her throat and tight from her very girl start.

Seems to be constricting her rights, suffocating her heart.


Music by Pixabay:

#1 Come On by...