Practical Leadership

28 Episodes

By: Max Kozlovsky

The purpose of this podcast is to give leaders, at all levels and from all disciplines, practical tools they can use to have a positive impact with their teams. We interview people that have demonstrated leadership, have a particular mindset and philosophy, practice habits and use tools to deliver superior outcomes. 

Practical Leadership with guest Eddie Aldrete
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

In this episode, our guest Eddie Aldrete shares his remarkable journey from childhood curiosity to a passion-driven leadership path.

Discover the importance of thinking three moves ahead, embracing proactive problem-solving, and the profound impact of listening to understand rather than to respond.

Gain practical advice on fostering strong connections through prioritizing the important over the urgent.

Tune in as we navigate the complexities of leadership, teamwork, and understanding human motivation.

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Practical Leadership Podcast with guest Scott Miller

In this episode with Scott Miller, you will discover leadership tools and personal growth.

Learn the power of self-leadership, the importance of knowing your pillars, and the value of continuous learning.

Dive into strategies for building a strong team culture, embracing constructive criticism, and playing the long game in your professional journey.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation that will set your soul on fire! 🔥

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Practical Leadership with Guest Karla Berman

In this episode, Karla Berman emphasizes the proactive approach of not waiting for a title to be a leader, but seeking out opportunities to lead and honing these skills.

She highlights the importance of immersing oneself in leadership roles to develop expertise and the value of being a proficient manager, especially when navigating the complexities of business.

Join us as we delve into the essence of leadership, discover the attributes of a successful founder, and learn how charisma, analytical thinking, and determination contribute to effective leadership.

Tune in to the Practical Leadership Podcast!<...

Practical Leadership with guest April Ancira Thompson

In this podcast with April Ancira Thompson, you will discover the art of leadership as April shares the delicate balance of pushing individuals to excel while genuinely caring for them.

April's unique perspective emphasizes the importance of continuous self-improvement, thriving in problem-solving situations, and enjoying the journey to achieve remarkable results.

Tune in to the Practical Leadership Podcast!

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Practical Leadership Podcast with guest Michael Girdley

In this podcast with Michael Girdley, you will discover the significance of surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs to foster growth and success. Moreover, he advocates for continuous self-improvement, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses. You will gain a fresh perspective on the importance of partnership-based leadership approach, which empowers others rather than commanding as a boss.

Tune in now to the Practical Leadership Podcast!

Practical Leadership Podcast with guest Jared Goetz

In this podcast, Jared Goetz, founder and CEO of Zendrop, shares valuable lessons on realizing your full potential and achieving personal growth. He highlights the importance of self-discipline and confidence. He encourages you to overcome doubts and think big to foster innovation and progress. By empowering others, embracing emotions, and reflecting on experiences, Jared provides practical insights to become the best version of oneself and excel in all areas of life. 

Practical Leadership with Guest Michael McFall

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of building a billion-dollar brand and transforming workplace culture? In this electrifying episode, we sit down with Michael, the visionary CEO of Bigsby Coffee, a coffee franchise that's taking the Midwest by storm. But there's more to Michael than meets the eye. He's not just a CEO—he's a barista-turned-entrepreneur who has cracked the code to extraordinary results.

Get ready to be captivated as Michael shares his game-changing insights on leadership, workplace culture, and entrepreneurship. From his humble beginnings as a barista to spearheading a fast-growing coffee empire, Michael has di...

Practical Leadership with guest - Karl Pichler

In this episode of Practical Leadership we will uncover the essential steps to transition from technical expertise to outstanding leadership. In today's episode, we have a remarkable guest who shares their transformative journey and sheds light on the key ingredients necessary for success.

Join us as we explore the crucial role of awareness and care as the initial steps towards this transformation. Our guest reveals the powerful insights gained from their personal experience, demonstrating how these qualities lay the foundation for exceptional leadership.

But that's just the beginning. We delve into the practical tools that...

Practical Leadership with Guest - Cleveland Justis & Daniel Student

On this episode of Practical Leadership we discuss several big ideas starting with how the government can be your friend, not just your client, and how working with them can open up huge possibilities for social entrepreneurship. 

We also explore the concept of hero leadership and how it's all about people and team, rather than one person doing everything. Our guest shares valuable insights on building diverse teams, code-switching, and code-mixing, which can lead to individual and organizational growth.

We discuss the importance of mindfulness and reflection, and how small experimentsand risks can lead to g...

Practical Leadership with Guest - Eugene Simor

In this episode, Eugene shows us how leadership doesn't have to be complex, sharing the fundamental principles and practices that have led to his own success. He talks about how his time in the Scouts impacted his leadership style, and how you can use self-sufficiency to improve your confidence and that of those around you.

Eugene also shares how he role models his mother and became people-centered, explaining how this approach has helped him motivate the diverse range of people around him. Plus, he gives us valuable tips on how to keep ourselves and our children safe...

Practical Leadership - with guest Preston Woolfolk - Old-Fashioned Values, Modern Success!

Old-Fashioned Values, Modern Success: Embracing Employee Well-Being and Balanced Leadership

Get ready for an inspiring ride as we dive into this episode of the Practical Leadership Podcast, featuring the charismatic Preston Wolf, co-president of the acclaimed company, Documentation. 

Join us as we explore the secrets behind their strong organic growth and recognition as one of the best places to work in Texas! 

Preston shares the power of old-fashioned values, employee well-being, and how they're defying third-generation business failure statistics.

But that's not all! We'll also unravel the dynamics of co-leadership, from eq...

Practical Leadership - Guest Eric Holsapple

In this episode of the Practical Leadership Podcast, our guest Eric Holsapple shares how mindfulness has transformed his life and business, and how he helps others do the same. As a developer and entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in real estate and a PhD in economics, Eric brings a unique perspective on how merging mindfulness and business can lead to positive change.

Eric is also the founder of Living in the Gap, an organization that supports heart-centered professionals and CEOs in reaching new heights through mindfulness tools. His new book, The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, focuses on...

Practical Leadership with Guest William McCrae - How to profit from understanding industry maturity and Crafting your ideal life.

Get ready to learn from a true expert in this episode of Practical Leadership! William McCrae joins us to discuss the importance of starting with the end in mind to get timing right. Discover how being intentional about your goals can help you be in the right place at the right time for success. William shares his insights on analyzing industries before entering them, leading to multiple successful exits.

But that's not all! William also talks about crafting a vision for your life and making it a reality. Learn how to be intentional with your time and...

Practical Leadership Podcast with Guest Jeffrey J Engle - All the War They Want and Setting New Standards for Leadership

Get ready to be inspired and motivated! In this upcoming video, you'll learn about the keys to successful leadership and how you can take your organization to the next level. 

You'll discover why having the right people on your team is crucial, and how to create a culture of high performers. 

You'll also learn about the importance of purpose, communication, and designing your organization to work together effectively. 

But that's not all - you'll also discover the power of perspective generation, and how it can transform the way your team works together. If you...

Practical Leadership with Shannon and Jonathan Badger - An Integrated Life

Are you tired of working long hours and feeling burnt out? Are you looking for a way to balance your work and personal life? Our guests share their strategies for setting high standards for work and productivity while also prioritizing employee well-being and minimizing burnout. They discuss the importance of treating employees like family and providing resources for success, as well as the benefits of fully remote work. Additionally, they delve into the importance of counseling, both personally and from a business perspective, and the benefits of being intentional about time management and setting clear goals. Join us as...

Practical Leadership with Doug Harrison - Transforming good people into a Great Team

Doug Harrison, founder and CEO of the Scooter Store, shares with us how he built a +1Billion company through making Culture and Community come to life.  You will hear about his transformation and his unique ability to infuse organizations with both Purpose and Accountability.

Practical Leadership - Lisa Fullerton

Otto Schwethelm - Challenging Transformation Without Confrontation

Chad McNair: The Art of Networking

Chad McNair is a master of his craft and this week we get detailed advice on the how's and what's of successful entrepreneurship and networking. You will learn:

1.) The importance of networking and HOW to expand your network.
2.) How to truly find a way to serve others through your business.
3.) Why valuing others time and taking a genuine interest can get you very far. 

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Lucas Lans: Being Purpose Driven

This week we have the incredible Lucas Lans of Galt Asset Management! His strong vision and clear morality behind his business sets him apart. Lucas has a lot to share with us this week including:

1.) How to empower your team towards fulfilling a mission 
2.) Ways to find your employees superpowers 
3.) Tools to making your meetings shorter but more worthwhile for everyone!

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Luis Martinez: Combining Curiosity and Leadership

In this episode I am talking to the Director for the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Trinity University, Luis Martinez! This talk was full of great content including: 

1.) The importance of curiosity in leadership 

2.) How innovation can be expanded through certain models and decision making timing 

3.) Having a diverse group of peers, mentors and employees 

Visit: to watch the full episode! 

Ramiro Cavazos: Building a Legacy for Our Children

Ramiro Cavazos of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce joins us this week on Practical Leadership! 

In this weeks episode you will learn: 

1.) The importance of being a thoughtful leader 

2.) Why building trust with your subsidiaries is so important 

3.) How to lead a efficient and proactive weekly meeting with your staff 

Scott Barr: How To Be a Servant Leader

If you’re interested in building a business that is backed by integrity and values, this episode is for you. In this episode I am chatting with Scott Barr, who has been the leader of Southwest Exterior for 30 years. You will learn: 
- How we can run a business through modeling honesty
- The art of conflict resolution in the workplace  
- How his many years of self development have helped him create an extremely successful business. 

Formulating a business you’re proud of starts with doing work on yourself and this episode is going t...

Luis Rodriguez: It Doesn't Have to be Lonely at the Top

If you’re interested in growing your business this year OR just looking for IT solutions, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! 

Today Luis Rodriguez is sharing precious advice for entrepreneurs looking to offer a humble attitude while achieving great results. You’re going to learn about his system for hiring, how he feels about asking for advice and why being apart of peer groups is is so important as we evolve in business. 

Leadership begins with mindset and I know this episode will get you a step closer to feeling confiden...

Mike Troy: The Characteristics of Leader Worth Investing In

Have you ever wondered how new entrepreneurs find investors to get their business off the ground? 

In this episode of Practical Leadership I am chatting with Mike Troy of Geekdom Fund. Mike tells us what he looks for in an ideal leader when investing, why the team is just as important as a leader and why consistent repeatable systems can be a key to long term success. 

Mike shares so many great tips that will help entrepreneurs at every level of their business thrive. Please let us know which one you liked the most below by...

Missy Stagers: Transform Roadblocks into Opportunities

In this episode, Missy Stagers shares with us her secrets around resiliency in business and how roadblocks are merely things to move through, not places to stop. 

You’re going to learn how to fail forward, ways to make obstacles into opportunities and most importantly why making employees and colleagues feel seen is so integral. 

However you adapt these philosophies into your life, I believe they’ll make a huge difference in your growth and hopefully your business this year! Got questions or comments? Leave them below or tag @practicalleadership & @missystagers in your posts!


Howie Nestel: How to Make a Transformational Impact in Any Organization

Are you interested in adding more positivity into your work establishment today? 

In this episode Howie Nestel tells us how to have an immediate positive, and transformational impact in any new organization you become part of. He also gives us a step by step guide on how to be an active voice for change and explains ways to lead through positive engagement.

Howie shares how to build a team through working together for a cause beyond the company or the individual self! You don't want to miss Howie's unique approach and perspective on leading an e...

Alan Kramer: How to Create a Safe and Trusting Work Culture

If you're intending to up level your communication skills this year, this is an episode you don't want to miss! 

In this episode, with Alan Kramer from the Bank of San Antonio, we chat about this exact topic and how he methodically sets the stage for a healthy comfortable work environment for himself and his employees. 

Youre going to learn about servant leadership, paying attention to body language in conversation and what the “pregnant pause” looks like in real life. 

Alan shares so many great tips that you will NEED a pen and paper t...