Handicapable Black Woman

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By: Stelanie

The Handicapable Black Woman will tell stories about life, jobs, dating, doctors/the health industry, police, politics and everything else from a perspective that is not normally heard. I am a triple threat to being a POC, female with a disability. I will give laughs, sadness but no tears, anger and emotions (well maybe sometimes). I don't know how to put words to in order to inspire and learn from my experiences. Intro from Music by Joystock - https://www.joystock.orghttps:// linktr.ee/handicapableblackwoman You can find my social media goodreads, amazon for all of my books and more...

2024 VS My Petty

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 111 2024 VS My Petty

I Was Meant to be a Villain

Handicapable Black Woman I Was Meant to be a Villain 
I dive in deep with how I should have been a villain and what makes a good one and how ones actions can be seen in different ways in order to make them seem bad or good when you do not see the full picture. 

Definition of a doctor part 2

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 110 Definition of a doctor part 2
I talk more into the health care system and how it ruined my life. Some villains wear white coats. 

Definition of a Doctor is Villain to me

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 109 Definition of a Doctor is Villain to me
What is the definition of a doctor? If you could describe your doctor in three words what would they be? Are doctors heroes or villains?

What Do Women Think of a House Husband? Reddit

What Do Women Think of a House Husband? Reddit 

Would Anyone Seriously Date a Pregnant Woman? Reddit

Would Anyone Seriously Date a Pregnant Woman? Reddit
This is the Reddit question I will be covering and different ways to think about it. Would you date someone who was with child or told you they were pregnant?

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Google vs Diversity vs White Privilege

In Memory of Nex- For Some School is Hell

In Memory of Nex- For Some School is Hell I will go through some of the Hell I went through while going through in school and why the Republicans are only trying to help it continue. They want children to be ignorant and bully those who are not like them to enforce that those children will then change and forced to be like everybody else. There is nothing like being forced into religious identity and cohesiveness, right?
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IVF vs Disability vs Republicans vs Life Part 1

While Women's rights are slowly being stolen from us there are so many contradictions and lies that keep being told. There are always two sides to a story and page but when it comes to having a disability, and wanting kids, and being religous I continuously hear contradictions and vile statements that if you slide them together would never be able to fit in the same puzzle and both would probably fit in a puzzle with the image of Hell. 

Black People Can Do What They Want!

Leading Towards V-Day. I love black love, but it is not for everyone. Most black men don't like me or find no interest in me or the only way they will desire me is if I change for them or only give it up for them until they find someone worthy of their time. 
Now I talked about investing, education, reading, anime, android, education, musicals, plays, arts, gardening etc. I have a long enough list of why black men don't want me but they still get mad when I date outside of the black love atmosphere.