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By: Stelanie

The Handicapable Black Woman will tell stories about life, jobs, dating, doctors/the health industry, police, politics and everything else from a perspective that is not normally heard. I am a triple threat to being a POC, female with a disability. I will give laughs, sadness but no tears, anger and emotions (well maybe sometimes). I don't know how to put words to in order to inspire and learn from my experiences. Intro from Music by Joystock - https://www.joystock.orghttps:// linktr.ee/handicapableblackwoman You can find my social media goodreads, amazon for all of my books and more...

Ariel and Locks Do Go Together
Today at 6:00 AM

Episode 37 Ariel and Locks Do Go Together

How many Republicans and people that are not African American have disgust or racists thoughts about a mermaid being African American. How this is in many books, novels, movies. Certain white people always want to be the main character or perceived to be the good guy just like in our American History books. They want to make sure we are not taught the truth of them sometimes being the villain and just like in real life vs books/ movies they always want to say POC especially blacks are the bad...

Disability vs the World of Not Caring Part 2

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 36 Disability vs the World of Not Caring Part 2
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(50) Dying While In Custody - YouTube
(41) Elon Musk MOCKS Disabled Former Employee on Twitter - YouTube
(41) NBC Reporter Backpedaling After Badgering John Fetterman For His Stroke - YouTube
(41) Cop Gets Checked By Fellow Officers After Arresting Disabled Man - YouTube
(41) EXCLUSIVE: Disabled Student Accused Of Cheating, Kicked Out - YouTube
(41) How Medicaid Helped Disabled Americans In The Pandemic - YouTube
(41) After weeks...

Disability vs the World of Not Caring Part 1

Handicapable black woman episode 35 Disability vs the World of Not Caring Part 1

This episode is dedicated to Lisa Edward's. No one should be treated like her and proves we need legislation in order to treat people like they are human beings.

Distressed Woman Tells Cops "I'm Gonna Die," They Respond by Mocking Her - YouTube -Lisa Edward's story

Lisa Edwards' family speaks out for first time - YouTube -Lisa Edward's story

Shocking Crime CAUGHT On Bar Security Camera - YouTube -Wheelchair corruption

(51) Karma Catches Up With Athlete After...

The End of Twelve Rotten Years Part 2

I talk more about the end of two of my long long-term relationships. I talk about why I am stricter with who I date and why I need to make sure that they only accept my disability so that they can gain or obtain things from me. How Mr. Noheart did not care about my existence and the actions after so many years was apparent. There is a dash or racism in this tale or a heaping cup full, but it talks about the ignorance that happens with some interracial relationships and I will give advice on how to...

The End of Twelve Rotten Years Part 1

I talk about how I ended and broke up with both guys (Noheart & Lockakey)  and one of them they tried to blackmail me  and the only thing he was good at which was being a criminal or bad at because he go caught. The other how I caught him in his video game lie and after surgery what I did to see if he actually cared about me and what I learned from Mr. Noheart's relationship.  

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Jerk With a Side of Ignorance

How a first date at TGIFridays turned out to be a nightmare. I learned a lot. I tell a real story about how some people think they are better than everyone else and think that is a quality to have on a date. He was a chauvinist and bully. I slide in some of the thoughts of how in many Christian churches the woman is supposed to be submissive even when the man is wrong. I will talk about it in full in other episodes but was a great time to slide in an example of how men take...

Cupid Has Me Choking On Some Other Kind of Candy

I talk about how my five- and seven-year exes were with Valentine's day including being cheated on and having to go to an ex's boss to tell him of illegal activities. I ended up being a snitch because Lord knows he is never going to be worth going to jail for or have handcuffs on my wrists especially when it is not in the bedroom.
If you watch the Episodes on how I dated both of them and how Mr. Lockakey's stepmom treated me. I am already creating a trail of breadcrumbs of why I am determined to...

Desantis Will Not Be Invited to the Barbeque Part 2

I talk about the issues that Desantis is too scared to talk about and why his potato salad probably has raisins in it and why is Barbeque is probably dry and tastes like tomato sauce.
Desantis vs African American studies
Natural hair
Buried cities
Real estate
Business loans
Black Panthers
Colorism and the history, patterns and turmoil it has created
Bible- brainwashing

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Desantis Will Not Be Invited to the Barbeque Part 1

Since Desantis is trying so hard to dismiss and hide our history from the next generations I am giving you the base of the cake, of what you need to know and learn that he would never allow in the classroom. I go over this because everyone in our country should know this information.
Black history they are afraid to teach.

Desantis vs African American studies





Natural hair<...

Why I Ended the Relationship with Mr. NoHeart

I break down critical moments that made me realize that my ex white boyfriend had racists tendencies and that his racists mother and family members made sure racism did not skip a generation. I talk about how it is vital to on top of getting to know the person you are dating but to meet/interview the parents and their children (if they have any) because that can ruin a relationship and cause divorce/ breakup. This ex I am 98% sure followed Andrew Tate. I did not realize it until the pandemic, but I started looking back and examining different...

Ending the Relationship with Candy Lockakey

I tell a shorter story of what ended the relationship for good with the "candy" addicted ex and how he tried to blackmail me in order to get my money I loaned him so he could have gas money to go to job interview. Low self-esteem allows you to make very poor choices and end up with men that later in my life can honestly say that I cannot believe there are men that are this tired and waste of time. I think both of my exes would probably love Andrew Tate or listened/ watched his material when I...

LEFT behind so the right man will love all OVER me

LEFT behind so the right man will love all OVER me is about why I am not married and why I am a Left Over. I know my flaws and I know reasons why men are running away from me. I talk about my life lessons and why I am proud to be a left over. In parts of Asia if you are not married by 25-30 you are considered to be a left over. This episode dips and dives on what is important to me and why I left a 5 and 7 year relationships and why I do...

The Crown Belongs on Braids and Locs Too

 CROWN stands for: “Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair.”
I talk about how it is vital for the USA to get with the program and pass this bill. I talk about the history. I talk about how it has impacted me personally; I talk about who said yea and nay on the bill. As we already know all of the nays were from republicans. Bobert and Green call the bill "the bad hair bill" and Bobert smiles the entire time she says why she does not agree with the bill. I talk about how this shows...

Able Privilege- Why Are You Faking Symptoms to Get Views

Why do people think that bad acting mocking people with genuine disabilities is humane? How come bad attempts of getting an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony Award is okay when it comes to Covid, and representation for people with handicaps/ disabilities. We are human too and deserve respect because people like them who fake it make doctors think other like me think we are as well. Disabilities come in all shape, sizes, ages, race, creed, genders, etc. but faking side effects like this can make it harder for people who really need care and doctors to listen to them.  I h...

A Continuation Toward a Dream

Where do we need to proceed so that Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream can continue coming to fruition? I talk about the needs in health, education, justice and other issues. 

Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Double The National Rate, Still Receive Promotions - The Free Thought Project

Police Domestic Violence: Data Shows 40 Percent of Cops Abuse Family (fatherly.com)

When It Comes To Illegal Drug Use, White America Does The Crime, Black America Gets The Time | HuffPost Latest News

Opioid Addiction D...

Dating Nightmares and Single Stories 1

I read some of the crazy messages I get from men (and sometimes women) and talk about issues that I face in the dating world in my late 30's.  I also tell a few stories about the men I meet and what I have learned from present and past men. Many men hate me now but after the war of dating I have battled I will not settle and hope none of you do.
What is the craziest or most delusional message you have gotten online?
What is the best pickup line you have been given?

I Try to Date You, But You Don't Want Me 1

Maria Taylor Puts Insecure Men In Their Place - YouTube
I will be doing a skim through of why I have a hard time dating black men. It is not that I don't like, love and appreciate black men. It is because they have no use or desire for me. I just responded to the link above and it seems that the black men were blaming me for dating a white guy that has a racist mother. I have dated Asian, Hispanic, Black, White and well now only Democrat men but because I am a black woman it...

Goals with Getting Down to Business

I hope you all are ready to create goals and expand or create new passions to overcome for next year. After years of people telling me what I can and cannot do or that I am smart enough or pretty enough, that I walk funny and so many other things I am continuing my passions and I hope all of you do as well.  What are your goals next year? Here are mine below.

Publish 12 books  

Main one is my first novel, but have over 8 children’s books started and my comic

Expand on both...

Teamwork Can Make a Nightmare Come Up 2

I talk about a so-called friend and how she backstabs me two times. I learned how you can be as giving and genuine as you want but some people will enjoy every chance, they get to walk all over you and laugh as they do it. I have learned how great friendships can be but also how like diamonds some are beautiful and great, and some are just glass. The woman I talk about in this episode is just glass. If you can relate to the villain in this story, please write why do you enjoy it? If you...

Teamwork Can Make a Nightmare Come Up 1

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I will be talking a lot about teamwork and what I have learned throughout my life containing the beautiful or the trauma of this skill that many do not have. This episode I talk about when I was in college and how I learned that 5 heads are not better than one, especially when only one is still doing all of the work.
I though this would be a great starter to teamwork because I will be talking about-
-Teamwork in relationships
-Teamwork in (so called) friendships
-Teamwork at work...

Interesting Questions (IQ) or Comments You Should Never Say 2

I go over more idiotic statements that I get and why they should never be said or thought about. Some go over ableism, racism, feminism. Basically, everything that Republicans hate. I give my perspective of what they are saying and some of these comments I have talk to other people like myself who agree and sometimes are baffled and dumbfounded with the comments I talk about in this episode. Some of them are:
You are too cute to walk like that. Why not just tell the doctors to fix you?

You’re not re...

Mr. Lockakey Locked Me Inside a Relationship

Caution - This episode talks about addiction, but I call the drugs "candy"
I talk about self-harm in this episode near the end of it. Not me but Mr. Lockakey
Included in this packed episode- Racism, unseasoned food, lies, betrayal, and the struggle with finding out who I was/ am good enough to date.
I face getting into a relationship that I never wanted to be in but because I was scared of the consequences that could follow. I was stupid and allowed myself to be stuck in a space where someone who cared more about...

Interesting Questions (IQ) or Comments You Should Never Say 1

Interesting Questions as in Interestingly ignorant, stupid, naive or just makes you wonder how your parent's raised you? I talk about some of the crazy idiotic things people tell me in public or online that is just flabbergasting. I go over why it is ignorant and also, I spill some tea on how some things can be helped in our education system and how we are actually hurting our next generation with allowing them to be naive, selfish and expecting everyone to be like them or to stereotype those who are not. 

I am working on my n...

Mr. Lockakey's Stepmom

I know it is not most of America, but as I said. Many people get to wear the beer goggles in a place that has so many issues. As I have to live in the reality of how race, gender, and disability play a factor in the society. I also see how people in society play to the point where they push all of those groups to the side, down or just seem to break the table to make sure they have nowhere to sit. This is a story of yet another man and how bad him and his...

Intro to Mr. NoHeart

I talk about my life with dating and why I ended up choosing men that made me think that I had no choice but to lower my standards. There is some racism, sexism and other items mentioned in this episode. How can a man say "I love you" but other than the ways I could help him, he did not even care. I talk about stereo typing, labeling, changing identity, or them trying to change my identity. Best of all, trying to figure my life with kids while wanting my own and the issues I now face with that...

Value in Your Words

How the value in your words can interfere with someone else's life to the point where it damages their self-esteem and image.
The restaurant owner that poured water over the homeless woman is:
Dizzy Dean's Donuts
2380 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402- (108)
Donut Store Owner Films Himself Dumping Water On Homeless Woman - YouTube
Write a review because if a businessperson does not value all lives, then ... Let's make sure other companies get the business.
I will talk a lot about value after what I have witnessed and seen during the last few...

Value Yourself and Your Identity Part 1

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 11 Value Yourself and Your Identity
Don't let anyone put you down and take away your power, self-esteem and what you think of yourself. I bring up politics up because I have to care about politics because America is trying to take my rights, liberties and the somewhat equal laws that are supposed to give People Of Color, women and people with disabilities a chance. How jobs value me based off of all three and how dating men valued me based off of race, and disability. Part 2 coming next week.
handicapableblackwoman | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok...

Prescription of Compassion

Handicapable Black Woman Episode 10 Prescription of Compassion
I tell a story that talks about how people with disabilities should not be drilled, quizzed or ridiculed, treating them like a child when it comes to their diagnosis when they are the ones living through it is a mistake you ought to make. I tell a story of how I was belittled even though I followed the steps and everyone before the pharmacy did their job in order to help me live a somewhat normal life.

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Beer Goggle Mindset in American Part 1

I talk about how my America is different from many people when it comes to hair, resources, entertainment and why I care about America and where it is headed.
I talk about the imbalance of how we are seen and perceived, stereotyped and put in a box or labeled.   
I will have tons of examples that prove my stance on my twitter and will be adding my new TikTok channel very shortly.
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Why I Won’t Date Police part 3

This example of police before I take a break on the topic, I talk about a sexist's situation that I went through and how I was blamed for a man threatening to follow me home. This is a story I try to forget about because men try to blame me, or many men say that women want this type of attention. Men don't kid yourselves.  I will be adding different links on my twitter so check out my twitter and you will see dating nightmares, statistics about the topics I bring up and more. I also have books up a...

Why I Won’t Date Police part 2

I continue with telling my story from part one on why I will not date a police officer or veteran.
I will be posting many stories that explain and prove my point on my twitter which you will find in my link tree. There are some good cops and veterans, but I bump into a lot of the bad ones and with what I am seeing around me I know that our justice system needs a facelift and needs to realize the racism that in all of the cracks, corners and laying there right in front of all...

Why I Won’t Date Police part 1

*Warning- I do bring up violent stuff in this episode so if that makes you uncomfortable, I will have new episodes next week. *

Republicans say to behave and follow directions but when you are black for most cops you also need to obey.
I go over some of the issues I have been through when it comes to the police officers and vets.
I mention the lack of training with 4 examples of why I have low expectations of cops. How I have dealt with racism and placed in awful situations from each one. I know...

Red Bottom Shoe

I talk about how in the dating world today many men still try to deflate our (woman or man) value.
I talk a lot about ways to develop yourself
Your wants and needs and how his are not the only ones that count
How some men will try to tear you down so that you feel like you are not good enough for anyone else.
I have many of the messages I get online from men in my social media. You can check out my linktree to some of the thing's men have the nerve...

Don't Call Me Oreo, I Go By Macaroon

**Warning there is some mention of language and violence in this episode. **
(I hoped around some because this topic leads to so many other issues and topics of America.)

This episode goes over part of the stereo typing issue that we have in America. I can go on for hours but will have more examples and parts later on. I talk a lot about school and dating examples from both dating black and outside of my race. Make sure to listen in on the ignorant comments and cookie cutter thoughts people actually say out loud that...

Drowning in student loan debt while America hides the lifesaver

Part one of my employment history and trying to find work but how I ended up drowning in interest and expected payments when I was being bombarded with illegal HR questions and the issue of race and my unique name.  I work and hint at some of the jobs I worked at to pay bills and survive but also jobs that I probably would have gotten if I did not have my disability or because of my race. Student loans is something many people will not understand, and I am proud of those that paid them off and those w...

Handicapable People Sometimes Just Want to Eat

I tell 3 restaurant stories about how I was treated as someone with a disability. I share how some companies do not care if their employees treat people in a degrading way. I mention some ways that people can make it easier for those nervous who want to get out and socialize but maybe scared or feel out of place.

Lessons to learn- Learn or train or fake to treat people with disabilities like they count or matter.
*I forgot to mention please try to hire someone who speaks/signs ASL and try to have a menu...

Learning My True Self As the Handicapable Black Woman

This podcast is a voice for everyone who is finding or realizing their true identity and those who always feel like they have to prove themselves or wonder why and how people are the way they are. My introduction video where I talk about my identity as a newly diagnosed disability person and why I am just now finding value in myself and in my life. I am still getting judged and looked down on and I am finding out how shallow people can really be when it comes to dating, job placement, coworkers, "friends" etc. I kind of...