RWM Thursday Bible Study

10 Episodes

By: RandyWhite

A collections of bible studies from Randy White Ministries. These studies were broadcast on a Thursday. Future Thursday broadcasts will appear in this playlist as well.

The Return and Fulfillment of Messianic Prophecies (Part 2) | Session 8 | Shadows of the Coming King

Dr. Randy White explores the concept of the Messiah's second coming in first-century Jewish thought.

The Return and Fulfillment of Messianic Prophecies | Session 7 | Shadows of the Coming King

Dr. Randy White discusses Messianic prophecies, their fulfillment, and the Second Coming of Christ from a biblical perspective.

The Triumph and Reign of the Messiah | Session 6 | Shadows of the Coming King

Dr. Randy White explores biblical prophecies about the Messiah's future, physical kingdom on earth, challenging spiritual interpretations of these scriptures.

The Suffering and Sacrifice of Messiah | Session 5

Dr. Randy White explores Old Testament prophecies about Messiah's suffering, proving Jesus' fulfillment of these prophecies in this enlightening session.

The Ministry and Teachings of the Messiah | Session 4

Examine predDr. Randy White explores how Jesus' ministry and teachings align with Old Testament prophecies, revealing Christ as the fulfillment of these predictions.ictions about the Messiah’s ministry and teachings.

The Nature and Character of the Messiah | Session 3

The Lineage and Birth of the Messiah | Session 2

The Promise of a Deliverer | Session 1

Dr. Randy White analyzes six key prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures, revealing an enduring anticipation of a Deliverer, fulfilled in Jesus as the Messiah.

Session 48 | Romans: A Post-Study Analysis, Part 2 | Romans Rightly Divided

The final study of Romans, RiDr. Randy White explores the theological shift in Romans, highlighting the transition from law to grace and Israel to a universal gospel.

Session 47 Romans A Post-Study Analysis

Dr. White examines the Book of Romans, highlighting its transition from Law to Grace, Israel's temporary spiritual blindness and God's faithfulness to restore Israel.