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By: Buddy Puckett

Welcome to Conversations with Buddy, where you will hear the stories of everyday people fighting through life’s challenges for meaning and purpose. From fear to faith, struggles to success, trials, and tribulations to triumph and victory. Where did they muster the courage to overcome and where does their hope come from? What is the lesson life has taught each of these people who share their stories and then be willing to share it with the world?

Ep. 68 Aaron Buechley - Humility Doesn’t Come Naturally
Last Friday at 8:00 AM

***Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃 🏈***
Please join us on Friday morning for Episode 68 with my guest and friend, Aaron Buechley!

First of all, Aaron is a pretty cool young man with a love for family, faith and golf!

The title: “Humility doesn’t come naturally!” 

In this episode, Aaron is fully transparent with his struggles of pride, but God is fully at work in his life and it shows! 

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Ep. 67 Kevin Thomas - Answers to prayer!

Ep. 66 Gabe Johansen - Imagination and Guts

Gabe shares his life with full transparency as well as the value of failure in the pursuit of success.  You can’t have one without the other! 

The lesson: it takes, “Imagination and Guts” to build anything worthwhile. 

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Ep. 65 Aaron Qualls - Building a Winner’s Mindset

🎙️“Conversations with Buddy”🎙️ 
Aaron talks about the challenges and disciplines of “Building a winners mindset”! 

Completing 75 Hard changes you and he proudly wears the shirt he earned! 

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Ep. 64 Jennifer Jacobs - Zero Limits

Jennifer has an incredible story and shares her life’s journey.  

The thing I love most and reminded of often is that… you never really know people until you spend time with them and hear their story!

This is a story that will impact and change you! 

🙏🙏 Faith, Family & Fortitude! 🙏🙏

For Jennifer, it came down to ONE question that she asked herself to DECIDE to change directions on what she would begin to FOCUS on. 

What was the question she asked, you’re wondering? Well, you’ll just have to listen and find out...

Ep. 63 Jack McAllister - The Gen Z-er Life

Jack shares his life from growing up as a kid in Salem to adulting as a married Gen Z-er!  🙌

He is a guy who lives with purpose, loves his wife and he is also learning to lean on God when the struggles of life get difficult!

What makes Jack who he is? Well, take a listen to this episode and find out what matters to him and how he lives authentically in todays culture! 

If you would like to be a guest on “Conversations with Buddy” to share your story or know some who would...

Ep. 62 Phil Hyre - Tattoos, Cold Plunges and Hard Work

Phil shares life as a CODA (Child of deaf adults). It made life more challenging growing up!  Not being allowed to play sports during the early years of life began to fuel his fire.

While a tough upbringing, one of the positive lessons Phil learned from his dad and mom was to be committed to hard work!  

So, Phil has done almost any job you can imagine… from farming, being a lineman to a real estate broker!

More importantly, he has been married to Tara Hyre for 23 years, has 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 2 on the...

Ep. 61 Fausto Ramos - From Struggles to Servant Leadership

Fausto shares his life story from a kid growing up in Salem/Keizer, being influenced by his older brother with drugs and alcohol. 

Soccer and breakdancing is what he ultimately loved doing, but amazing how some influences can cause you to make bad choices.  These choices did land him in jail for a short time..

But then he met a guy, Tim Davis, who had a profound effect on him (positive influence) by simply asking some questions.  

Fausto began being mentored by Tim and 10 years later he lives a different life.


Ep. 60 Lori Haraldsen - The Girl With Moxie

Lori shares her life growing up as a PK (pastor's kid).  She is bold, courageous, convicted and has “Moxie”! 

She admits life has not been easy, but that is also why it makes it worthwhile to stay in the fight! Turn a challenge into an opportunity! 

She has traveled the world, loves marketing, entrepreneurship and serving people with her whole heart! 

Take the time to listen to her story and then connect with her to find out how she can help you with your business. 

You can connect with her on Facebook...

Ep. 59 Terry Markey - Stay In The Fight

Terry shares what life was like as a kid, going into the Army, marrying his wife and everything in between.  

His passion is ministry! Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

He recently spent 3 months going through a course with YWAM here in Salem to continually learn what God has in store for him and the people he connects with! 

Terry’s desire and passion is that people get involved with ministry and do the work God has called them to do! 

To reach out to Terry, you can email him at ter...

Ep. 58 Jeff Laeng - Never Miss A Day!

Jeff shares his life from an early age in Southern California before moving to Oregon!  Surfing with his friends before school and early morning golf with his grandfather! 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

Being impacted by his grandfather helped Jeff create early morning disciplines that start around 4:10am!

If you want some motivation around time in the Word, your workout, food to eat and the joy of being alive, check out Jeff’s story this Friday!

His mantra… “Never Miss A Day!”

Jeff has been married for 27 years, has a son in college, is in the mortgage industry and wo...

Ep. 57 Isaiah Burrell - College Dropout to Devoted Family Man

Isaiah shares his life story, from being lost, broken and a college dropout early in life… to a place of joy, peace and a college degree in psychology later in life. 

Why do we have to go through hard times? Well, I think Isaiah does a great job explaining this with his own story! 

Listen to his story and understand the pain he went through early in life allows him to do what he does today… working for a local non-profit, Safe Families for Children through Valor Mentoring. 

Isaiah is married to his wife an...

Ep. 56 Becka Brisbin - Acceptance, Love & Forgiveness

Becka shares her story from life as a baby being raised by a 13 year old mother… through homelessness and alcohol as a way to cope. 

Her story is remarkable because of where she is today.  Life has been hard for her, but there is hope in her story! If you have lived long enough, we all experience challenges in our life. 

Acceptance, Love, Forgiveness is the message! I know this will impact you and also encourage you to get involved in your local community like Becka has!

“I am a catalyst for connection.” - Becka <...

Ep. 55 David Giglio - The Struggle is real

First of all, David is a pretty cool guy and has his act together… however, he admits there were times in his life that weren’t great due to some addictions he allowed in his life. 

But, the one thing you will get when you are around him is the true, genuine and authentic David! He is sincere in his struggles and also in his faith! 

He is a partial business owner of company called Skykine Video Productions.  He is also a youth and worship leader at his church and has felt a call to full ti...

Ep. 54 Gabriel Shields - The True Gospel

Gabriel grew up in the south with an alcoholic parent after his parent’s divorced. 

Neglect and abuse as a young boy lead to confusion and anger! 

But God... can do all things and create a better future for anyone willing to say yes to following Jesus Christ. 

Gabriel’s words.. “from man’s trash to God’s treasure!”

He is now a business coach to the Christian community.  To learn more, go to:

If you would like to be a guest on “Conversations with Buddy” to share your story...

Ep. 53 Tim Fahndrich - The goodness of God

Tim was born in Mexico as a missionary kid! He is a Jesus follower, married for 30+ years to his wife Pam and loves helping people… 

He shares the pain of starting up a business during the meltdown of 2007/2008 and to where it is today! 

Life is tough on everyone and quitting is always an option, but not for Tim and his wife, Pam…  They run a successful media and marketing business for local businesses called WhirLocal! 

“We’re local and proud of it!”

He talks about what their vision is in this episode t...

Ep. 52 Matthew Mehlschau - Perseverance and Manhood

Celebrating 1 year of “Conversations with Buddy” and I get to do this episode with Matthew! 🙌

Matthew is a young man who shares about the struggles of life that make the successes worth while! 🇺🇸🙏😎

It’s packed full of incredible stories and shows his maturity and also his humility!  Thank you Matthew for your leadership, transparency and an example of what a man is supposed to be like! 💪

If you, like all of us, have ever struggled, this episode will be an encouragement to you! It’s a must listen to! 

If you would like to be a guest...

Ep. 51 Jack McLennan - Military, Marriage and Mentorship

Jack is a dear friend who has lived a great life!  If you want a lesson in discipline, perseverance, faith and SO MUCH MORE, this will be worth your time to listen to!

Strength And Honor!!! 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

If you would like to be a guest on “Conversations with Buddy” to share your story or know some who would, please reach out to me! We would love to make that happen! 

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Ep. 50 Matt Miller - Abuse and Redemption

Matt owns Miller’s BBQ, but the podcast story starts when he 6 years old… when he gets put into a foster home along with his two younger sisters.

From abuse, trauma and suicidal attempts to a life of love, forgiveness and redemption.  It’s a heavy story, but a worthwhile one! 

Matt is writing his first book right now that tells the full story of his life called “Behind The Why”!  

To learn more about the ministry behind Millers BBQ and to hire them to cater an event, go to:

You can...

Ep. 49 Aaron Parsons - Pushing the Rock

First of all, Aaron is an extremely humble guy who is incredibly creative and talented and truly lives out his life by faith! You will hear it throughout our conversation!  

As a husband, father, worship leader and business owner he has plenty of challenges… but what I noticed is that he still has joy! 

We all know life can be challenging at times… There are some nuggets in here that will encourage you to have a new perspective on your current situation as well as your life!  🙏

You will hear about his journey of life an...

Ep. 48 Alex Ferry - Driven

Alex shares about his life… growing up as the oldest of 1 brother and 2 sisters. Being competitive with a younger brother and learning to work hard from an early age! 

Encouragement from a great dad and mom to work hard, have responsibility and unconditional love! 

The challenge to continue to “show up” as a college basketball player when you aren’t the star player and being patient to eventually earn your place on the team as a starter and a leader! 

The joy of being married, owning a business, investing in real estate and building a...

Ep. 47 Mitch Andersen - Round 2

Mitch visits us again and we talk more about what manhood looks like. He is the author of "ATTRIBUTES of MANHOOD" and is currently working on his next book that will serve as a continuation of that.

The question Mitch asks is, “are you a fan or follower of Jesus?”

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Ep. 46 Travis Youngs - Life beyond ADHD

Please join us this Friday morning as we bring to you Episode 46 of “Conversations with Buddy” with my guest and new friend, Travis Youngs! 

Travis shares life as a kid with severe ADHD.  A troubled kid that continued into early adulthood. 

Interesting how you discover over time what changes you and what really inspires you… what captivates your attention and allows you to begin to focus on what really matters and to overcome any of life’s challenges! 

Travis has now been married for 8 years and has 3 children!  He does early morning workouts with a friend...

Ep. 45 Ken Wright Jr. - Limitless

Ken is a young man who left the comforts of his family and home in Dallas, Texas to come to Oregon to play college basketball at Willamette University! 

While in college he discovered that he has a passion for a variety of things, such as owning his own clothing business called Ovrlymisunderstood Clothing and Events. 

He continues to play music since he was 14!  

Go here to learn more about his local events:

His family and friends help support who he is as well and what he des...

Ep. 44 Morgan McPherson - Authenticity

Morgan shares her life’s story and the challenges along the way that helped her become successful as a young mom of 2 girls, a mortgage advisor and a real estate investor!

She talks about the future and what she wants to teach her girls about living your authentic self and how to achieve the goals you set your mind to. 

It’s a great story of what perseverance and determination can do! 

To learn more about Morgan, you can follow her on Instagram and see what she’s up to! Go here to find her...

Ep. 43 Richi Sede - Hope

Richi was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and played different sports, but baseball was his passion!

Difficult challenges and decisions in life cause you to make decisions and ultimately shape who you are and Richi is no different!

Enjoy listening to Richi’s story… how he migrated to the US along with his family, going to Corban, playing collegiate baseball and getting married! 

To learn more about Richi and his podcast, go to:

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Ep. 42 Manny Martinez - Second Chances

Manny starts out his story with where he is currently and things are going quite well, but then the story unfolds to where he was just a few years ago…. 

Nearly homeless and an extreme alcoholic.  

The people that new him did not have much hope that he would make it.  He was at the bottom of an empty barrel with no hope. 

Now… Manny is a professional guitarist, singer, songwriter and teaches guitar lessons to over 50 students. He is the leader of the Manny Martinez Jazz Quartet and also the leader of a Rock b...

Ep. 41 Jesse Barnes - Faith, Family and Friend

Jesse has a great story that starts out being born on a military base.  Everyone has a story and Jesse is no different. The joys, pains and lessons of life, personally and professionally!  

How his faith has grown him into the man he is today… to be a great husband, father and friend! 

Reach out to Jesse if you want to learn more about him or you want to learn how to be an investor! 

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Ep. 40 Don McPherson - Overcomer

Don shares his life growing up as the oldest sibling and leaving home at 16 years old! Going into the Navy and serving our Country! 

The challenges of life choices have shaped him into who he is today. He's a proud dad and grandpa!

He talks about the joy of being married and how he proposed to his wife while scuba diving in Mexico!

Great story! (The video is on his Facebook page)

Reach out to Don to hear more about how he l...

Ep. 39 Armando Hernandez - 40 Foster Homes

Armando is a really cool young man and has a heart for Jesus!  He shares his life growing up in 40 different foster homes.  

His story will encourage you to live out your faith on a daily, moment by moment basis! 

He is a professional painter and the name of his business is GIHTIIM, which is an acronym for a Bible verse, “Greater is HE that is in me…” 1 John 4:4

You will want to be friends with Armando after hearing his story.  Reach out and connect with him.


Ep. 38 Justin Arana - Acres of Hope

Justin shares his life… adopted at birth along with his identical twin brother. He later became a fishing and hunting guide in Alaska and also talks about the challenges of running a family business that he eventually left, causing him to wonder what God’s plan was for his life. 

Now, happily married and has an amazing family!  Justin and his wife Emmy Arana are the founders of a ministry called Acres Of Hope, Youth Ranch! A place where young kids who come from broken homes get to come and take care of horses and share their pain a...

Ep. 37 Dan Weiss - 60 Day Fast

Dan shares the challenges of life from being in the Airforce, the challenge of Vietanm, dealing with agent orange and much more. 

THANK YOU for your service, Dan! 

The victories Dan has experienced since his early life is pretty amazing and what his faith means to him! 

Dan talks about the extreme benefits of doing long-term fasting, which he has been doing for more then 30 years… he even fasted for 60 days.  To learn more about an amazing retreat center in Costa Rica, go to:

Dan has also written 3 books sharing his life s...

Ep. 36 Nate Cooke - Committed

Nate grew up in Keizer, OR in a Christian family. While searching for meaning and purpose Nate was introduced to alcohol as a 16 year old… then drugs was his next step! For the next 17 years he was fighting a battle he could not win… at least, not on his own!

Continued pain and brokenness was not enough to make a change on his own! Listen to his story and you will learn what finally changed! 

Today, Nate has been clean and sober for over 15 years, has an amazing wife and 4 kids! He is a business owner...

Ep. 35 Bryce Funk - Life of a Foster Parent

Bryce shares life, from growing up, college life, his faith, getting married and learning/praying about life as a foster parent! 

The passion he shares about fostering kids is super impactful and you will hear the full story in this podcast! 

His SMILE says it all! 😀

Bryce is also a “digital creator” and is passionate about helping people and organizations share their story! 

To learn more about Bryce or to connect with him, go to:

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Ep. 34 David Prosser - Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

David shares what life was like growing up and playing competitive sports in high school and college! 🏀 🏈 

From knee surgeries that ultimately left him not able to finish his senior year in college playing football! How God used that difficulty to transform him in to the man he is today! 

Now, being married with a new baby and a new career with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) that allows him to share his faith! 

What a great testimony for such a young man to be able to live and share! I hope you will be e...

Ep. 33 Justin Simnitt - Real Estate, Golf & Family

Justin shares his life as a kid growing up with identical triplet sisters, a great mom, with some tough life situations that helped shape him into who he is today. 

Learning to channel his energy and competitive nature into basketball early on… to now a love for being married to Megan, 3 young boys, a real estate business, golf and a new family adventure of “farming”! 🐄🐓 
To learn more about Justin and Megan and their real estate business, click here: Simnitt House and Home! 

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Ep. 32 Klinton Pippert - Devoted Husband and Dad

Klinton shares his love for math as a kid growing up, challenging the mindsets that everyone has to think the same or come to the same conclusion in life, his journey of faith, marriage, raising kids, 20 different jobs and today… he is a licensed real estate agent. 

Being a stay at home dad with his 2 boys and teaching them to love the outdoors, being active and disc golf! 

It’s a great story and there are some great lessons and takeaways here! 

Check out Klinton’s YouTube channel on Disc Golf:

Ep. 31 Dave Holman - Drinking, Divorce, Golf and Gratitude

Dave shares his life growing up in San Diego as a military kid, with dad, mom and siblings.  His dad was in the Navy and gone 6 months out of the year. 

Life was more challenging when dad was home and being a military family they had to move quite a bit. 

A challenging upbringing that lead to drinking, a failed marriage and health problems… to a life that now is filled with incredible relationships with family and friends, snow skiing, wake boarding, basketball, gratitude and yes… golf! 

To learn more about Dave or connect...

Ep. 30 Darryl Goltiao - Challenges, Humility, Faith and of course Golf

Darryl shares how his family migrated to the US from the Philippines in the early 70’s, growing up in the Bay Area as a kid with two younger brothers. 

His college life to marriage, kids, work, travel and of course… golf! The challenges of life to the successes! 

You will love his word for the year and the way he shares and lives out his faith! He is a humble dude and well liked by all who know him! 

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Ep. 29 Ross Martinson - Country Living, College, Costco & Marriage Life

Ross shares his life from living in the country, college life, long distance relationship to marriage, dog lover, real estate agent/investor and let’s not forget his obsession to shop at Costco! 😉😂

You will really enjoy Ross’ story… his passion for life and love for people! 

To learn more about Ross and connect with him regarding life and real estate, go to his website at:

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