Into the Void: Sounds of Silence

23 Episodes

By: Jameel Hodges II

On this show we’ll learn to be present with ourselves and be calm when the chaos of the mind enters our awareness. We’ll settle into our centers, and sift the mental soil so good seed is planted.

Prequel; Touch Reality
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

Awakenings are unpredictable and disorienting. Touch reality in a grounded way that establishes foundations!

G To Inner G

G is the All & Inner G is the One

Together they are Wholeness & Oneness,

Shining light to Holiness.

Marry the two to be true!

Bonus Episode: Man In The Arena

To be the Man you must have a Plan.

• Who to Be

• What to Do

• How to Know

When you are in the Arena all eyes are on you. What will you do ?


Grandiosity otherwise known as extremes are your poles between the known and unknown, seen and unseen, pure and raw. All in between can be gleaned from the green lens. The center of thine own heart to which the doors be thin.


Expectations form and shape your reality. Through perception, thought, and belief this you reap. “All is MENTAL,” or so I’ve been told along the way!


The only thing that sustains us in our ever-evolving journey of life is the beauty we come across each moment we stop a smell the roses. Each time we understand, appreciate and accept that which is before us beauty is present.


Wielded well a great blessing for all mankind as it clears a path forward. Wielded foolishly and it is a great terror that leads to the diminishment of life and prosperity among neighbors. Sharpness is a great facet of perception and should be wielded to see what is needed and weed out what is not.


Chaos is simply rudimentary force. To develop it one must first be still and learn what it offers through action, motion, and meditation. These will unlock its truth and establish order, understanding, and identity.


Source is home to our Truest Being. The Oneness, Wholeness, and Holiness that is in us when we Marry our Light & Darkness together. The Ego & The Self; Consciousness & Unconsciousness; Intuition & Instinct.


Self is the servant & its teacher is humility. It’s enemy is ego & it’s downfall is attachment. To be free in thyself make thyself a simple servant.

Choices and Chances

Each day a choice and a chance present themselves as an opportunity for the better. Grab hold of your inner flame to go out and make a better life.

We Don't Downgrade

When you go higher you drop the weight. A climber climbs weightless, a bird flies with hollow bones, and the wise know the unknown. Upgrade your mind, body, and spirit so you hear when it calls you up.

Misdirection & Direction

To be directed correctly is to understand that all that is without experience is ultimately misguided. Yet that which seeks experience over observation is truly a guide. "A star from a distance is a bright light that guides yet for the one who enters into it, it is a raging inferno."

Persistence & Adversity

To overcome the battle internal and external a realization of having won it must be present within the eye of the mind. Allow yourself to believe that the process is molding, and shaping you into something formidable rather than something mundane.

Protection & Pride

Protect that which you hold dear in life with all you have. Take pride in the way you carry yourself, how you live life, and the environment you create by being present. It takes courage to stand up and pride to have the strength to do so.

Patience; The Hunt

Patience is the virtue and the hunt is the breeding ground for it. What is it that you seek? What are the sensations that go along with having accomplished capturing it? Does that fulfill you? Questions that patience aims to eliminate as you draw near to your destiny.


The Golden light of Endowment. Glory is the moment when personification, actualization, and personal power are realized and accessed by the being. At that moment all things are possible through divine alignment.


Keep pushing, striving, and climbing higher. Never tire on your path to victory!

Peace is a Destination

Peace isn't an attainable state, yet an inevitable return.

Effort Ensures Generation Not Production

Effort doesn't ensure you any outcomes in life. Only that the energy has been amassed for something to happen. Production comes from intention.

Character is Being

The foudation of your being is charater. What is yours and who are you when you're in character.

Oppotunity Is Now

Oppotunity is present within you at all times. Trust in the oppotunities that you are given and what they are able to do for you.

Do Noting

Learn to just be, the actions will be carried out when yout let go of control.