Local Point with Andrew Day

5 Episodes

By: Local Point with Andrew Day

Local news and views on developments in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Whitnash and surrounding rural parishes. Candid "kitchen table" conversations with the people who are helping shape our communities. Questions or suggestions for future discussion topics are welcome to localpoint@icloud.com.

Fostering community life in surprising places

Topics covered in this episode:
• A surprising insight into building community life.
• Action 21, much more than an environmental charity.
• Helping Hands, much more than a soup kitchen.
• Revealing opportunities to foster an inclusive community.
• Inspirational leadership that is changing lives, and redefining what a healthy community looks like.

Putting the sparkle into Leamington Spa

Topics covered in this episode:
• Creating the right environment for new businesses to flourish
• 1 Mill Street leads the way for further innovative spaces
• Co-operating across all levels of local government
• The new Leamington Transformation Board - building a fresh vision
• Making Good Grow - unlocking the power of ESG to power our community

Leading the way to Net Zero

Topics covered in this episode:
• Lessons from Covid, reimagining our urban open spaces
• Making positive choices to reduce plastic use
• Actions to boost levels of recycling
• Details of new Materials Recycling Facility
• Historic Net Zero Carbon Development Planning Document, next steps
• Local opportunities for net zero carbon businesses
• Plans for a local Hydrogen Hub
• Swimming in the River Leam?

Reflections on an action-packed 'summer of fun'.

Topics covered in this episode: Commonwealth Games wash-up, thoughts for the future. 123+ waste service roll out, teething problems and recycling benefits. Plans for new regeneration projects, publicly owned spaces.  Public art? Upgrading play areas? Free public BBQ's? What next for Riverside House and the Town Hall.    Shaping the new Council budget. Dealing with inflation and rising fuel costs.

Behind the thinking on key initiatives

Topics covered in this episode:
• Where are we at with homelessness and rough sleeping, post pandemic
• How can local people get into more affordable local housing
• The new 123+ waste service, Green waste charges and helpful App
• Commonwealth Games preparations
• Financial help with our fuel bills
• Updates on new local projects