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By: Kelly Wendlandt

Kelly Wendlandt's podcast is focused on meeting interesting guests on different journeys, who have lead, followed, and are working on always getting better, learning and working to inspire themselves and those around them. Business Leaders. Musicians. Parents. Advocates. And the occasional free spirit.

Nashville Music Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor and International Man of Mystery, Mark Montgomery
Yesterday at 8:00 PM

Mark Anthony Montgomery (born June 16, 1967) is an American entrepreneur best known for co-founding echomusic, which was sold to Ticketmaster/IAC in March of 2007 for $25MM.

After selling echomusic, Montgomery went on to serve as Entrepreneur in Residence at Claritas Capital, sat on the Founding Board of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, founded flo{thinkery}, launched Blue Chair Bay Rum.

Currently Montgomery resides just outside Nashville with his daughter and fiancé.[1][2][3]
In 1999, Montgomery and Neil Einstman, one of his partners in ChelseaMusic, formed echomusic, LLC, a digital marketing and distribution company w...

Dave Carl, Mental Health, Leadership, John Denver and Octoberfest in Germany

In this week's podcast we talk with Dave Carl, long-time leader in Mental Health Services about the state of insurance for mental health services, leadership in his day to day, and then we veer off into some music talk about #JohnDenver and the connection between John and Octoberfest in Germany.

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Management Consulting in 2022. Does it still exist? Stephen Clark & Phil Almeroth

Do you remember the IBM commercial where they make fun of management consultants that tell people what they need to do, but they can't do it for them?  There was a time where consultants got away with that.  In todays world, customers expect a consultant or consulting company to be able to implement the solution.  Hear from two long term industry Management Consultants on the state of the market.  #managementconsulting #podcast #strategy

Is Music Better Today than 30 years ago: Technology and Music Feat. Lance W, songwriter

In todays episode we discussion the impact technology has made on songwriting, recording, and music distribution.  Our guest, LanceW (my brother) gives an unvarnished, slightly crude, and at times inappropriate take on bitcoin, music, and sensorship  #music #technology #vintage #podcast

From Teacher to Technology. Changing Careers; a conversation with Amanda Zais

From Teacher to Technology.  Changing Careers; a conversation with Amanda Zeis.  In this week's podcast we explore how one person left her career as a teacher and moved into technology consulting.  If you have ever considered making a change this is a must listen podcast.

#podcast #careerchange #teaching #newjob # #logisolve #i4marketplace

Sean O'neil, United Health Group, Optum VP of Technology, Healthcare in Africa

On today's #podcast we talk with Sean O'neil, United Health Group/Optum's Vice President of Technology about technology and providing Healthcare in Africa

#africa #healthcare #entrepreneurship #leadership

Creating a Charity that Makes a difference. Ace-In-The-City's Tim Anderson

On today's program we have Tim Anderson:  author, speaker and executive director of Ace-In- the City, a community development organization cultivating belonging in the neighborhoods of South Minneapolis.  Tim's passion center around reimagining and repurposing underutilized church space for the flourishing of us all.  Ace in the City's first project,  the "center of belonging,"  is a collaborative effort of 8 cross- section nonprofit and for-profit organizations that acts as a blueprint for church innovation. 

Stephen Clark, High Altitude Hiking out west & Business Transformation, Program Management

Stephen Clark, High Altitude Hiking out west & Business Transformation, Program Management.  Grand Titan Wyoming talk until 14:45.  14:45 mark through the end is Business Transformation.

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HWY-66, The Eagles, and IT Recruiting. John Nilson

Self Proclaimed #gearhead and long-time IT Recruiter tells us in his ever-so-pleasant radio voice about driving old Route 66. 

Jennifer Wallace, Leadership, Success & Balance

In todays episode we talk with Jen Wallace about what it takes to be successful in business, and how she approaches leadership and life. #businessdevelopment #podcast #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #logisolve #i4marketplace #businessdevelopment #businessdevelopmentskills  #businessdevelopmentstratedgy #salesdevelopment #

SAP UPGRADES: PT 2 Mukesh Munka ane Siva Shunmagam

Mukesh and Siva talk us through considerations in an SAP upgrade of any type, and proven methods to lower costs and achieve the right outcomes.

Music Selection:  "Change"

SAP-ECC, HANA and Beyond : Mukesh Munka Siva Shanmugam

This is a discussion with SAP evangalists about SAP-ECC, HANA and Beyond :  Mukesh Munka Siva Shanmugam

Why Do SAP Implementations almost always go over budget? Eric Jones, IFM Germany

In this episode I talk with Eric Jones, IFM (Germany) about why SAP always goes over budget, and some option on how to get spend under control.

3M Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Mark Murphy

In this weeks episode we talk with Mark Murphy about leading  one of the world's iconic brands in an ever-changing international market.
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ePrescription, PBM, Pharmacy Benefit-Rob Mohr & Melissa Brown

In this weeks episode we talk to ePrescription experts Rob Mohr and Melissa Brown about the state of ePrescription, payors and how the industry is evolving.  For people in Pharmacy, Pharmacy Benefit Management and Insurance, it's a hot topic and one at the forefront of how technology can lower cost and improve outcomes in healthcare.

Chief Information Officer, West Point Grad, D1 Football, Brian Funfar: Leadership in Tech

In this week's episode I interview Chief Information Officer Brian Funfar, from World Leading Manufacturer Greenheck Fan.  Brian is a West Point Grad where he played Div 1 football.  We talk about how sports and his background at #westpoint have made him the leader he is.  #leadership #collegefootball

What is it like to be a technology recruiter? Emily Fossey #recruiting

In this episode I interview @EmilyFossey, Sr IT Recruiter.  Emily talks about what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive field, trials and tribulations as a recruiter,   the weirdest thing a candidate has said or done, and more.

Is Project Management Alive? Phil Almeroth PMP, PM Lead, Agilist

In this episode we talk with long time Program and Project Leader Phil Almeroth.

Matt Kuntz, Quality Assurance and Software Testing Expert

In this weeks' episode we interview Matt Kuntz, Quality Assurance and Software testing leader,  and talk about the state of Quality Assurance, what makes a good tester, and more!

Tim Wenner: Revenue Cycle and Cash Reconciliation Automation Software in Hospitals and Clinics

In this episode Kelly talks with Tim Wenner, Revenue Cycle and Cash Reconciliation software automation expert.  Tim leads Beanware (and CARS) software group, a leading AI automation software that helps hospitals and clinics balance their finances to the penny each month, in an automated fashion.

Kelly Wendlandt Podcast. Songwriter and Businessman Lance Wendlandt

In this first episode of the Kelly Wendlandt podcast, Kelly interviews singer, songwriter, humorist and businessman Lance Wendlandt.  Lance has been an artist on Prince's Paisley Park records, wrote with EMI Nashville, Glen Campbell Music, has played shows at International events  side by side Japanese Saprano Yoko Watanabe, sang at Minnesota Twins games during their historic world series run,  and played stadium festivals around the US with Blackfeet and 38 Special.  Lance owns AGSConsulting, which is an IT consulting company focused on Quality Assurance.